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Publication numberUS2197667 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1940
Filing dateDec 14, 1938
Priority dateDec 14, 1938
Publication numberUS 2197667 A, US 2197667A, US-A-2197667, US2197667 A, US2197667A
InventorsShook Jacob W
Original AssigneeTitan Metal Mfg Company
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Shower bath fixture
US 2197667 A
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SHOWER BATH FIXTURE Filed Dec. 14, 1938 mmvm w.

Z2 9 wmwm .2 7-5 Ammysys.

Patented' Apr. 16, 19 40 j PATENT w:

, 'My invention relates to shower bath fixtures andmore particularly to "shower bathheads of the type disclosed in my co-pending application,

Serial No. 229,596, filed September 12, 1938. In

my said prior application a hollow perforated spherical cap or sprinkler member is mounted .inthe-body portion of the sprinkler head for swiveling movement therein to thereby permit convenient direct'ion of water flowing through the perforations at any desired angle to the axis v of the head. -'Some difficulty has been experienced with my prior construction'due to the clog ging oi the sprinkler perforations. v The object-of the present invention is to so construct the swiveling member that it will be practically self cleaning or can be quickly and conveniently cleaned without. disassembling any of the'parts thereof.

Another object of the invention is to provide a self cleaning universally movable shower bath spray head which is of economical construction and easy to assemble. 1

Other objects and advantages of theinvention will be apparent when the specification is consid- I ered withthe accompanying drawingi'in which:

head assembly; v

Figure 2 is a bottom plan view of the shower head assembly; y v

Figure 3 is ,atop plan view of-the sprayer head disassembled; l Figure 4 is a plan ing gland;

Figurel is a sec'tionalelevation of the shower ring;

Figure 6 ing ring; Figure is a plan view of the large split lock- 7 is a fragmentary perspective of the V spraying disk showing the notches or grooves therein; s Figure 8 is a fragmentary sectional elevation of the sprayer head assembly taken at right angles to Figure 1; and

Figure 9 is a detailview of the sprayer disk showing the inclination ofthe grooves therein.

Referring more particularly to the drawing I denotesin general a shower head constructed in accordance with my invention and comprising a L hollow bell shaped body member 2 having a reduced internally threaded upper end 3 adapted to be connected to awater supply pipe, not

shown. The open mouth 4 of the body 2 is suf ficiently large to receive and house a semi-spher ical sprayer or head member 5 through which water is sprayed in a manner ,presently underview of the gasket or pack- Figure 5 is a plan-view of the small split lockstood. An annular groove or recessBfl is formed in the inner walloi body 2, adjacent the lower" edge thereof in which is seated a suitable gasket or" packing gland or the like 3|. The inner face of the gasket engages with the curvedside wall of the sprayer head member 5 and forms a-fiuid tight seal between the head and body 2, thereby.

permitting free angular or swivel movement of the head without any danger of leakage between thesepartsfl The lower or outer end 6 of the spray head a or member 5, pr'ojectsfoutwardly a slight dis! tance through the mouth 4 of body .2, and is provided with a water outlet opening I. The wall 8 of this opening is beveled downwardly. and

outwardly at an angle about four degrees (4) to the axis of body member 2, for the reception of'a spraying disk 9, formed with'a correspondingly shaped periphery [0. The peripheral surface in is formed with an equal number of equally spaced alternately arranged V-shaped grooves H and I2 of uniform depth throughout their entire length, the grooves ll being inclined out wardly and downwardly at an angle of approximately two degrees (2) from the longitudinal axis of the body member 2, and the grooves ll beinginclined outwardly and downwardly at an angle of approximately six degrees (6) from the longitudinal axis of the body member 2. The

difference in relative angularity betweenthe two sets of grooves is indicated in drawing. 7 I v The spraying disk 9 is slidably mounted on a stem l3v which extends through a central opening l4 in ,thedisk and is adjustably connected Figure 9 of the "at its inner or upper threaded end to the cross-head or spider. I6 carried by. the disk, the

spider being formed with athreaded opening H for this purpose. A small split ring I8 and a shoulder I9 respectively confine the disk!) slidably on the stem, and a larger split safety ring 20, seated in an annular groove 2| formed in the inner wall of the body 2 below the groove 30, serves to prevent the head 5 from dropping out p of the body 2, should the gasket 3| become worn or otherwise damaged. The outer endof stem I3 is formed with a handle portion 22 for 'convenient manipulation of the head 5 and its disk member 9, relativelyto the body 2, when the user desires to change the angular direction of the waterflow through the discharge opening 1. r

The range of this adjustment is limited by means inner face of the body 2. and adapted to be engaged by the upper peripheral edge 24 of sprayer.

of an internal annular flange 23 formed on the i head 5 when the latter is moved in the manner indicated by the dotted lines of Figure 1. The range of movement is such that the grooves H and [2 will never be obstructed or closed by the inner face or wall of the body member 2.

By virtue of the difierence in inclination of the two sets of grooves I! and I2 the water will be discharged in the form of inner andouter spaced cones 25 and 25 respectively, the'ginner coneflow ing from the grooves H'and the outer cone from the grooves 12, as illustrated in Figure 9, wherein the line 26 represents the slope of the peripheral face H] of the disk 9 and the lines 2! and 28 indi cate the slope or inclination of the grooves I I and i2 respectively, relatively to'the longitudinal or vertical axis of the various parts of the shower .hea'd.

When the stem I3 is screwedhome in the spider l6 sufficiently far to cause the peripheralface H] 'of disk 9 to completely register with the wallof" discharge opening I, a shoulder 29 on the stem engages the spider and acts as an additional stop,

shoulder l9. If the stem is now unscrewed av distance represented by the space between the split ring I8 and the hub portion 32 of the disk '9, the periphery l!) of the latter will'clear the Wall 8 of opening I and grooves l I and 12 can be thoroughly flushed. If this flushing does'nothave the desired cleaningefifect, the disk can be manually reciprocated on the stem withinthe limits of the space previously mentioned or the grooves can be wiped off witha cloth or the like should this be necessary.

Having thus described rny invention, what I s claim is:

Ina shower bath fixture, the combination with formed with an outlet pening,:"ajs'ternextending thronghsaid outlet opening and fixed tosaid sprayer head for axial adjustment, a shoulder a hollow body member, a sprayer head mounted for pivotal movement in said hollow body andv outlet opening whensaid stem is axiallyadjusted limitingtheinward and outward slidable adjustvInent of said disk on said stemfsaidfirst mensaid shoulder, and a handle on said stem,-;said' "in one direction, spaced means on said stem for disk havingv two sets-'ofgrooves =in"it;s periphery all of said grooves being of equal jdepth throughout their entire length; the grooves of both sets extending in-thegeneral direction of,- the axis of; the body member and-being inclined at an angle to said axis and thesaidincli'nation'of thegrooves of one set being greater thangsaid inclination of the groovesof the other set and means on said body adapted to be engaged-by said sprayer head for limiting the angularmovement of said sprayer, 1

head. v I JACOB w; SHQOK,

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U.S. Classification239/460, 239/587.4, 239/428.5
International ClassificationB05B15/06, B05B1/18, B05B15/00
Cooperative ClassificationB05B1/18, B05B15/067
European ClassificationB05B1/18, B05B15/06B1A