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Publication numberUS2197673 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1940
Filing dateOct 19, 1937
Priority dateOct 19, 1937
Publication numberUS 2197673 A, US 2197673A, US-A-2197673, US2197673 A, US2197673A
InventorsRicardo Albertz
Original AssigneeRicardo Albertz
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US 2197673 A
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1940 l RALBERTZ KEY lFiled OCT.. 19. 1937 fig. Z

Fig. 1

Patented `pr. n 161,

- This invention relatesto improvements in keys six, three or two and locks and consists in providingar .key with blades which can operate six, three or two locks or one lock and .incorporating in' a single lock two. or more combinations of pins which .can be` operated with the multiple .blade v'I'he various features 'and objects of theinvenexemplary 'embodim rality-of blades. 1

-`lvided with a number tion will bezapp'arent'to those ,skilled inthe art upon a considerationv of the appended. drawing and the I following description Vw erem several nts of the inventionare dise` closedv f. In the drawing'.' l

i1 Figure lis a longitudinalpsectional viewwoffthe lockr showing i .a key having multiple Ablades posi- Figure 2 isa vided inthe key cylinder,v -V Figure 3 'is aside viewof akey having aplu-v i Figure 4 is a cross sectional view through the stem of a key having six blades.y i

f Figure 5 is a. `cross-sectional view` of a key having three blades.

Figure 6 is a cross s tional of fthe ystern Figure 'l' is a side view 'partly in section of a key with'a finger grip and reversible stem.

. Figure 8 is a cross sectional view of a modied form of lock provided with a plurality of pin boxes. Y

Referring to in Figures 1 and`2 `a cylinder 5 which is adapted to be fixed inthe lock mechanism .and is hereinafter referred to as the xed cylinder. inder 5 isprovided with an` opening for receiving the key cylinder 6 which is arranged to be rotated within the fixed cylinder 5; A collar 3 secured to the front end oi the cylinder 8 is so arranged as ,to limit the inward movement thereof and a y lock actuating arm lll-is rigidly fixed to the opposite end of the key cylinder. is provided with a number of receiving a series of tumblers 1. f

yA pin box r8` is carried by the fixed cylinder 5 andthe pin box may be formed from an integral part' of the fixed cylinder. The pin box` 8 is pro of openings corresponding to thosev of the key cylinder B and a series of pins are arranged to be movedvlongitudinally in the openings of the pin box by'means oi the springs `9. The pins 4 urge the tumblers 1 downwardly so that the ends ofthe pins pass intoxthe open- Vinserted therein.

v l view through the stern of a keyk having two blades.

the drawing there is represented vThe cyl-v :Vertical slot y a key having six blades The key cylinder six different locks each having a single row of radial openings for seal No. massi 1 der5. The iront end of the cylinder 5 and thev pin box disk 2 as shownn Figsal and 2. n

' The present invention-relates particularly to the key which Ais to; be used for the operation of such a pin and tumbler lock as briefly described above` .The axiallygextending openingprovided 8 are preferably-covered by means of a circularv y inthe keycylinder 6 Idiiers however from the known type of lock; by being provided with la plurality-oi radially extending grooves soas tov permit *akey having multiple One form of such an .opening is illustrated in blades to be f Fig. 2 wherein the key .cylinder-v 6 vis provided with .six symmetricallyarr-angedgroo-ves so as'to receivev a key havingl six blades arranged along the stem thereof vas shown in Figs.v 3 and '4. Each of thevblades is provided along the outer edgethereof with a' number of notches Il which are cutt'o such va depth and arranged in such apatter fas to cause the ends of the tumblers "l to be aligned' with the periphery .ofi the key cylinder Swhena particular blade of the `sixbladed` key is inserted in the Vertical groove of `a key cylinder. For lexample the blade I2 key shown in Figures 3 and 4 may be inserted in the groovev I4 of the'key cylinder notches provided in the outer edge of the blade l2 will cause the pins 4 'to be moved upwardly against the action of the'springs 9 to such'an amount .as to vpermit the ends of the tumblers 1 to be aligned with the circumference of the keycylinder 6.

The six-bladed key may carry a different arrangement oi notches on the outer edge of each blade so thatwhen a blade is and .arrangement from that shown be unlocked. In other Words may be used to operate ferent length in Figure l it will `which vary w1th respect to each other lock. A key t' n 4 portion thereo provided with three blades is shown in Figure 5 land the outer edge of these blades may be provided with notches to operate three locks having pin and tumbler combinations which diiier from each other each having only one row of pins.

which may be similarly cut separate locks.

to unlock two such The invention further includes a key having a inserted in the I4 oi a lock having tumblers of diff,

They `key shown in Fig, 6 is provided with two blades of the portion i1 maybe removed from the finger grip I8 and the stem 'portion thereafter be inserted in the casing I9 so as tor be in radial alignmenty Wththe grooves ,f

provided in the key cylinder 6. Each pin box is 'provided with a series of' pins and tumblers.

on the stem thereof and it Will be appreciated that the security provided by such turned inthe xed cylinder 5a. Any numberof increased. For example vofy the invention as set forth claims. 1

pin boxes can be provided skilled in l' e ffartl made without departing from the spirit andscope f Y I Claim:

having a ,series'of `spring-actuated pins and tum# blers comprising; ai key in 'the appended body consisting of stem Y and la llinger-.grip memberr having?? a casing ad'aptedito t.- 'over eitherstem portion.; fr t 2l A keyf adapted for use; inwlocks'of: the .type having a series blers comprising;y a keyblade di'iering in depth and' Aarra'ngement Y' with respect t0 the depth and arrangement of fthe" n notches ofleach' otherf--biade,*'andIv alnger-grip membei` having a casingH forl'receiving therein'- as top-provide nieansfor gripping and turning the key,

of spring-actuatedfpins and tum-v,

. .e '15rv l. A keyladapted for use in'locks'of thetype

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