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Publication numberUS2198138 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1940
Filing dateMay 14, 1938
Priority dateMay 14, 1938
Publication numberUS 2198138 A, US 2198138A, US-A-2198138, US2198138 A, US2198138A
InventorsSimon M Sutton
Original AssigneeSimon M Sutton
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Holder for medicinal charts
US 2198138 A
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April 23, 1940. s, M, SUTTQN 2,198,138 HOLDER FOB MEDICTNAL CHARTS l Filed May 14, 1958 Haymesvrlle, La.. E ,iL

fr medicinal c7zrls JOHN D056 PHARMACY J2 Haynesyllle, Lat. Prescrzplzon A our .specahy a 0 r a o /r medicinal cima/'As JOHN DOES PHARM/lcv 772072 LIZE/071A Patented Apr. 23, 1940 UNITED STATES PATENT oFFlcEV Simon M. Sutton, Haynesville, La.

Application May 14, 1938, Serial No. 208,087

1 Claim.

My invention relates to the general class of foldable containers for articles of merchandise, and has particular reference to a foldable card or sheet of material having means for detachably connecting the articles thereto.

In lling prescriptions, particularly those medicinal preparations which are in powdered form, it is customary to wrap the powders in papers, commonly known as charts, and these charts are usually dispensed by the pharmacist `in small envelopes or boxes for the use of those for whom they are intended. In using powders dispensed in this manner the removal of a chart from the container sometimes results in disturbing the others even to the extent of spilling t the contents thereof, and owing to the manner of folding the papers constituting the charts it is not so easy to remove one at a time from the container.

The main purpose of my invention, therefore, is to provide means for more conveniently dis pensing charts of this character by the pharmacist, as well as facilitate removal of the charts from the container or holder.

My invention also contemplates the production of a container or holder for medicinal charts that will maintain the separate charts in compact form to insure the freshness of the contents, and the arrangement of the charts in pairs is of especial utility where two different kinds of powders are to be mixed together in providing the dose of medicine.

With these principal objects in view my in-` vention consists in the provision of a medicinal `the chart holder.

Fig. 3 is a similar View with two of the sections of the holder turned back to show the application of charts to the back thereof, and

Fig. 4 is a view illustrating the manner of folding the holder after the application ofthe medicinal charts thereto.

I In` carrying out my invention the holder consists of a long strip of paper, I0, preferably heavy paper,` which is divided into sections II (Cl. 20G- 79) dened by transverse lines of perforations I2, which latter also serve to facilitate the separation of the sections individually or in series of three or more, and to provide for attaching the charts, I3, to the holder each section is provided with tWo spaced apart groups of vertical slits a, b, and c. In each instance the slit at the inner end of the group is designated by the letter a, the intermediate slit by b, and the outer slit by c, and as will be obvious these slits separate the sheet of material into narrow bands or loops I4 and I5 beneath which the ends of the charts are held, as hereinafter explained.

In making up the holder in the manner described the groups of slits to form the retaining bands or loops are so located as to leave a space, preferably at the upper portion of each section, so that an ad of the pharmacy may be printed thereon, and of course spaces for advertising matter may be provided at both the top and bottom of each section. Furthermore, in addition to advertising matter directions as to using the powders may be printed on the paper forming the chart holder.

The pharmacist in using the holder for dispensing medicinal charts slips the ends of a chart through the slits a and b near opposite sides of the holder section, from the front of the holder, so they will be conned beneath `the opposite bands or loops I4, I4, and then slips the ends of another chart through the slits b` and c, from the back of the holder, to hold this chart in like manner against the back of the holder beneath the bands I5, I5; thus the major portions of the charts are separated by the paper forming the holder and the ends of both charts, or portions including the folds, are interlocked in the slits and loops by which they are heldsecurely in place. Of course the number of sections filled in this manner will depend upon the number of charts being dispensed, and after being iilled the sections of the holder are folded back and forth for compactness, as illustrated in Fig. 4. The holder so folded can be placed in a small box or envelope, and in using the charts each successive section can be vtorn o? after the charts on this section have been removed. The manner of attaching the charts to the holder provides for easily removing them as needed, and the folded ends being securely held in closed position result in maintaining freshness of the powders.

It will be understood that my improved holder is especially designed to receive and contain medicinal charts of the usual form, that is, in which the powder'is Wrapped in a strip of paper with the ends of the Wrapping turned back, as illustrated in the drawing, this being also the usual Way of wrapping Seidlitz powders, and when used for charts containing Seidlitz powders the arrangement of a pair of charts on each section will facilitate theuse of said powders.

In supplying the holders to the trade I prefer that the long strip of paper having the sections defined by perforations be supported on a roller, I6, carried by brackets, I1, for convenience in removing the required number of sections form-` ing the individual holders.

I claim: A holder for medicinal charts comprising a sheet of paper having two series of three parallel slits forming loops or bands integrally connected at their ends to the sheet of paper and adapted to be pressed outwardly from the front and back of said sheet, said series of slits and loops being spaced apart a distance to receive the ends of charts and have the major portion of said charts bear vagainst the paper or holder between the opposite seriesy of loops at both Vthe front and back of the holder. SIMON M. SUTTON.

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U.S. Classification206/482, 206/820
International ClassificationG09F5/04, B65D73/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F5/04, B65D73/0021, Y10S206/82
European ClassificationG09F5/04, B65D73/00B2