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Publication numberUS2199107 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1940
Filing dateApr 26, 1938
Priority dateApr 26, 1938
Publication numberUS 2199107 A, US 2199107A, US-A-2199107, US2199107 A, US2199107A
InventorsKibbe Clinton H
Original AssigneeKibbe Clinton H
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Work assisting magnifying and illuminating device
US 2199107 A
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l nuumm y ,INVENTOR Gun/r0 f a955- ATTORNEY OFFICE WORK ASSISTING' MAGNIFYING AND 'ILLUMINATING DEVICE Clinton 11. Kibbe, New York, N. Y. Application April 26, 1938, Serial No. 204,281


The invention relates to improvements in lighting devices and has particular reference to a table or work-bench, or floor type of lighting unit having associated with the reflector means of said unit a battery or series of magnifying lenses through which objects, or varying forms of work, are observed and enlarged for divers purposes.

The object of the invention resides in the providing of a light unit having disposed in the reflector means thereof one or more, or a series of gauged lenses arranged with high powers of magnification and enlargement without distortion, for increasing the discernability of objects and work thereunder, to enhance the emciency of work thereon, to detect fiaws'and incorrection in such objects, for relieving eye strain by such observer or artisan thereof, and for permitting the use of both eyes of a person utilizing same to the end that greater efiiciency for all purposes is attained. i In the following there is described the general embodiment of the invention, the features thereof being more clearly defined hereinafter in the claim.

In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the lighting teller, the reflector hood carrying the lighting means therefore and the magnifying means being shown in horizontal section; and

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the lighting magnifying lamp structure.

Similar numerals of reference indicate similar parts throughout the views of the drawing forming part hereof.

In the drawing l designates a base of any 'desirable contour having formed therewith at the rear portion thereof a housing 2, enclosing a current transformer 3 and a control switch 4 therefore. Said base I has formed therein a depresm sion 5 arranged to serve as a collector means for the table portion of said base, and an aperture 6 into which a revolving table I may be placed and upon which work such as engravings, watches, etc. may be placed or disposed.

4,5 8 indicates a tubular standard which may consist of several telescoping sections thereof and a set screw 9 to control the extension of the sections of said standard so that such supporting structure may be .employed as a floor type form of lighting unit, and I0 is a supporting arm having ball and socket connections II to which the floor standard may be attached.

I 2 is a reflector hood made of metal in any design or shape, and has formed therewith an attaching boss l3 for attachment to am I0 through ball joint ll, so that said arm and lamp reflector may be fulcrumed to any point or position within its moving cycle. Said reflector hood I2 is of cylindrical saucer like formation and has formed therewith and centrally located therein, a barrel l4, into which is mounted a supporting ring l5 arranged to receive and support primary lens IS, the latter being held in place therein by means of locking ring ll of the structure. The lower end of barrel I4 is threaded at l8 and has mounted therein an adjustable ring I9 carrying and supporting therein a secondary lens 20.

Lenses l6 and 20 are of a special formula and matched for greater magnifying emciency and may vary in diameter from 3 to 6 or more inches in order that both eyes of a user may beemployed at all times.

The chamber 2| formed within the hood of member l2 and'between the walls thereof and said barrel It comprises the light chamber and there is disposed on said hood l2 one or more sockets 22 into which special electric light bulbs 23 are mounted for the lighting source, said sockets being wired and connected with suitable conduit running to said transformer 3 where any form of house current is rectified to produce the desired lighting effects by the lighting units employed.

The light unit as described may be used as a table lamp with suitable ornamentation, or it may be employed as a floor type of structure, so that any desired working height may be obtained, for its useful purposes are manifold since it may be utilized as a means of permitting readin easier, it provides a positive means of detecting counterfeit or spuriousness of any nature, it may be used by doctors, surgeons, dentists, chiropodists, engravers, watch repairmen and makers, jewelers, hospitals, banks etc., and in a 40 great many other and more varying fields of en-- deavor.

It is obvious that the structure may be varied in design and contour formation, that various set-ups of lenses may be used, that diversified forms of lighting eifects may be obtained, without departing from the spirit of theinvention, and I accordingly do not limit myself to the structure as is herein shown, described and claimed.

What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States,- is:

A device of the character described comprising a supporting base member provided with means arranged to receive an auxiliary work table, a movable disk mounted therein, a vertical

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U.S. Classification359/801, 362/421, 362/413, 362/248, D16/135, 359/802, D26/64
International ClassificationG02B25/00, G02B25/02
Cooperative ClassificationG02B25/02
European ClassificationG02B25/02