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Publication numberUS2200395 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1940
Filing dateNov 19, 1937
Priority dateNov 19, 1937
Publication numberUS 2200395 A, US 2200395A, US-A-2200395, US2200395 A, US2200395A
InventorsLobl Frederick
Original AssigneeLobl Frederick
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US 2200395 A
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F. LOBL I 2.200.395

CONTAINER Filed Nov. 19, 19:57


Patented May 14, 1940 7 UNITED: STATES 2,200,395 CONTAINER Frederick Lobl, Middleboro, Mass. Application November 19, 1937, Serial No. 175,445

bottle and adapted to enter the opening to seal it.

, It is an object of. the present invention'to providea container withsealing means constructed generally along the line disclosed in said appli-' cation but with the sealing means disposed externally ofthe bottle and integrally therewith and so arranged as to-beremovably positioned in sealing relation with the opening.

A further object ofthe invention is to provide the container with an opening in a flexible side wall thereof near one end of the container and to provide the container with an integral broad flexible or resilient tab which outstands from.

said end in line with the opening, the tab having an upstanding sealing rib or member which conforms with the configuration of. the openingand is adapted to fit snugly and removably thereinto to seal the opening, thetab being flexed to permit this disposition ofthe sealing member.

A yet further object is to provide a hot water bottle with a reduced extension at one end having an opening in a flexible wall thereof and having a tab outstanding beyond the neck in the line of the opening and provided with a sealing member adapted to be releasably retained in the opening to seal it.

A yet further object of the invention is the provision of a container having an internal rib which projects from one walltoward the opposite wall in the vicinity of the opening to support the flexible walls in the body of the container against flexing when the walls in the vicinity of the opening are flexed to insert the sealing member in the opening and to remove it therefrom.

Another object-of the invention is the provision of a container as described having an upstanding projection rising from the inner face of that wall opposite the opening which can be pressed against the sealing member to force it out of .the opening.

A further object is generally to improve the construction of containers and sealing members for the openings thereof.

Fig. 1 is a plan view of a hot water bottle embodying the present invention.

X Fig. 2 is a prespective sectional detail taken along the longitudinal axis of the bottle of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a sectional detail taken alongthe me- PATENT OFFiCE dian line of the bottle and illustrating the sealed condition of the bottle. I

Fig.4is a section taken'along line 4-4 of Fig.1.

The hot water bottle ofthe present invention is a unitary'one-piece molded flexible rubber construction having the top andloottom broad walls In and 12, the end walls Hand 16, and a neck l8 projecting from the end wall l6 andhaving its end wall 20 and side walls-22 and 24 and top and bottom walls 26 and 28 formed as cone tinuations of the top and-bottom Walls 18-. and 12 of. the body portion of the bottle. The to'p;w all 26 of the neck is provided with a circular entrance aperture 30 through which the contents of the" bottle are adapted to be passed. On the inner face of the top -wall2 6 of the aperture 30 issur rounded by a downwardly projecting peripherally continuous lip orflange 32 which preferably is substantially thicker than the thickness of the top wall and is terminated in a flat bottom face 34.- The lip is resilient and can,be stretched. The end wall 20 of the neck is also preferably thicker than the top and bottom walls Iii and I2, asillustrated in Figs. 2 and 3. I

The bottle is provided with an outwardly projecting flexible and resilient tab 36 which outstands from the end wall 20 of. the neck substantially in line with the top wall 26 thereof. The tab is disposed in the median line of the bottle opening 30 and is preferably about as wide as i the diameter of said opening. The-tab at or near its-outer end isprovided with a closure member the lip 32 of the opening to snugly engage the rib entirely. about its periphery, thereby to seal or plug the opening.

The rib at the top thereof is provided with a spheroidal head 40 having an outstanding flat faced annular flange 42 which outstands beyond sealing member may be removed from the opening by pressing the bottom wall 28 upwardly against the head 48 and at the same time stretching the neck in the direction of the length of the opening 38, thereby to press the head and flange out of the opening. The tab 36 can also be provided at its end with a projecting finger grip 43, see Fig. 3, by which the sealing member can be pulled out of the opening.

The bottom wall preferably is provided with a projection M which upstands from the inner face thereof under the opening 36 into a position close under the head it of the closure member when it is in the opening so that the bottomlwall can. be pressed against the head to force it outofthe opening without excessive compression of the neck 18. The bottom wall 28 preferably has a concavity 5.6 under the projection adapted to receive the fingers in pressing the projection against the sealing member and also in stretching, the neck to enlarge the opening and facilitate the removal of the sealing member.

The top wall of the bottle is also provided with an integral rib 48 which dependsfrom its inner face at or near the junctionof the neck !8 with the" body of the bottle and is terminated close to but away from the inner face of the bottom .wall l2 to provide a passage 56 thereunder toadmit flow of liquid or other material between thebody and neck. Said rib 38 preferably is arcuate and concentric with the opening and is relatively stiff against endwise pressure and serves to hold; the body of the container against undue collapseas the neck and sealing member is manipulated.

I claim: 1.,A molded rubber hot water bottle having topand bottom flat walls, the top wall having an opening through which the contents of the bottle are adapted to pass, a flexible tab integral with opening and to overlie and be seated upon said lip, all parts being integrally molded in one piece and all composed of the same material.

2. .A molded one-piece rubber container having a wall provided with afilling opening, a flexible tab integrally' molded with said wall having an upstanding sealing plug insertible in said opening, and a second wall having a flexible part provided with a plug-removing projection rising from the inner face of said part under said opening and terminated close under the plug inthe opening.

3. A molded one-piece rubber container having a flexible wall provided with a filling opening, a. flexible tab integrally molded with said wall hav ing an upstanding sealing plug insertible in said opening, and a second flexible wall having a plug removing projection rising from the inner face of said wall under said opening and terminated close under the plug in the (opening, the outer face of said" wall' having a depression under said projection.

4.. A container having a flexible walled body, one wall of which has a filling opening, a sealing plug adapted to be forced into and out of said opening, and a stiff wall-supporting rib projected from one wall toward and terminated adjacent to the opposite Wall near said opening.


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