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Publication numberUS2201045 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1940
Filing dateSep 21, 1938
Priority dateSep 21, 1938
Publication numberUS 2201045 A, US 2201045A, US-A-2201045, US2201045 A, US2201045A
InventorsErnest R Lundstrom
Original AssigneeErnest R Lundstrom
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Lighting device
US 2201045 A
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May 14, 1940. E. R. LUNDSTROM LIGHTING DEVICE Filed Sept. 21, 1938 zmesm .Lundsfrum azj /amif z @ntenten tit-flay Mi nrcnrnrs an arms a. Landon-om, Worcester, application September or, rese s are. earner 2 Claims. lei. ide -it) device oi the character described so constructed and arranged as to provide a safe, efllcient and reliable extension connected to an input source of electric power whereby various groups of electric lamps may be easily connected and disconnected thereto as de.

A further object of 'my invention is to provide a device oi the character described which is simple in construction, durable in use, and economical in manufacture.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent from the following description, appended claims and annexed we:

Referring to the drawing wherein like reierence characters designate like parts-throughout the save views;

Fie i is a side elevation of my invention,

illustrat the latter as applied to the trunls ciwa trnas tree or the like.

Figure 2 is a fragmentary front elevation of my invention on an enlarged scale.

Figure 3 is a detailed sectional view on the line 3-8 of Figure 2.

Figure i is a detailed sectional view on an enlarged scale taken on the line 4-4 of Figure 1.

In practicing my invention I provide a flexible electric power supply extension I arranged spirally about the trunk 6 of a Christmas tree and comprising a pair of 'coextending independently insulated electric conductors 1 fashioned with upper and lowerend sections 8 and 9 respectively.

Said conductors, between said end sections, are fashioned with a plurality of spaced pairs of socket members it, the members of each pair being embedded in a body ii of insulating material fashioned about said conductors and said conductors engage said members and are connected thereto by soldering or the like. The members of each pair are isolated relative to each other and each of said members are of 'a split wall type and yieldably receive therein the headed prongs it of a connector plugl3 electricallyconnected to the wiring of a group oi electric lamps II, it being understood that various groups of said lamps are connected to the extension I through the medi oi the socket members it and'the, resmctive plugs it. r

The upper end section a is provided with an extended portion it equipped with spaced snap fastener elements it for-locking engagement with each other when the portion it is disposed'about the upper end of the 8 whereby to maintain the upper end of said extension secured to the t as clearlyillustrated in Figure 1 of the t .39 e lower end section b is provided with a plug l'i equipped with outwardly extending prongs i8 electricallyconnected to the conductor 5 and adapted for insertion within a receptacle (not shown) or an electric power plug it is formed with a flexible portion lepro- -vided wlthan opening it for receiving therethrough a nail it or the like whereby to secure said plug and lower end oi said i fixed to the lower end oi the trunk.

The members is together withthe prongs I2 are of the well mown snap fastener type and said members are provided on their outer endswith circumierentially extending flanges overlying the outer iaces oi the am es it as clearly illustrated in e 4i.

From the foregoing it will be apparent that I have provided a simple and efiicient device adapt ed to be entwined about the oi a Christmas tree or. the like whereby groups of electric lamps may be easily connected thereto or disconnected therefrom. It is to be understood that various changes and modifications may be'resorted to in the arrangement and construction of the various parts of the invention without departing from pp y line. The 35 the spirit oi the invention or scope oi the appended claims.

. What I cl is:

1. A flexible electric power supply extension adapted for spiral disposal about a body and comprising coextending insulated conductors rashioned with end sections and a plurality of spaced pairs of socket members between said sections,

said socket members of each pair isolated relative to each other and arranged to yieldablyreceive spaced headed prongs of a connector for a group of electric lamps, one of said end sections provided" with a portion equipped with spaced tastener elements for locking engagement with each other when said portion is disposed about said body whereby to maintain said last mentioned end section connected to the latter, and means secured to said other end section for securing the latter to said body.

2. A flexible electric power supply extension spaced fastener elements for locking engagement with each other when said portion is disposed about said body whereby to maintain said last mentioned end section connected to the latter, and a plug connected to said other end'sectlon and equipped with means adapted to secure 'said plug to said body, said plug adapted to eflect connection with a source of electric power,


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European ClassificationF21S4/00E