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Publication numberUS2201266 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1940
Filing dateNov 29, 1938
Priority dateNov 29, 1938
Publication numberUS 2201266 A, US 2201266A, US-A-2201266, US2201266 A, US2201266A
InventorsRobert H Hutchinson
Original AssigneeRobert H Hutchinson
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US 2201266 A
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rM513' 21, 19407 l Rf H. HUTcHlNsoN 2,201,266

GRILLE Filed Nov. 29, 1938 Patented May 21, 1940 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE GRILLE Robert H. Hutchinson, Dallas, Tex.

Application November 29, 1938, Serial No. 242,954

2 Claims.` (Cl. 2li- 71) This invention relates to new and useful improvements in adjustable grilles for screen doors.

One object of the invention is toprovide a grille for screen doors, said grille being adjustable both horizontally and vertically.

Another object of the invention is to provide an adjustable grille which not only protects the screen wire within a door frame but covers the complete screened area thus serving as a protection against entrance of undesirable persons.

Still another object of the invention is to. provide an adjustable grille constructed of flat iron strips and turned to form a number of scroll designs whereby an ornamental as well as a protective grille is had.

Another object of the invention is to provide a grille for doors or windows wherein all scrolls of said grille are completed in three-fourths to one full turn of each scroll. Thus the cost of manu facture is reduced without interference to the design or strength of said scrolls of said grille. Ihat is, each scroll is completed in three-fourths to one full turn as compared to the majority of scrolls which include one and one-half to two full turns. Obviously, three-fourths to one full turn requires a lesser amount of material of equal strength.

The invention will be more readily understood from a reading of the following specication and by reference to the accompanying drawing wherein means for carrying out the invention are disclosed and wherein:

Figure 1 is a front elevation of a device constructed in accordance with the invention and applied to a screen door.

Figure 2 is a transverse vertical sectional View taken on the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a horizontal cross-sectional View taken on the line 3--3 of Figure l, and

Figure 4 is an enlarged isometric detail View showing the pivoted connections.

In the drawing, the numeral IIJ designates the usual door jamb having the usual door I I suitably mounted therein.

A screen door I2 of any suitable construction is also mounted within the jamb I0, having a grille I3 mounted in the screened-in area of said door I2.

'I'he grille I3 is preferably constructed of ilat' For vertical adjustment two suitably scrolled upper members I6 are pivoted to the members I5 at A, while similar members l1 are disposed at the bottom of the grille and pivoted to the members I5 at B.

A plurality of scrolled members I8 are dis- 5 posed at desirable points on the members I5 to form an ornamental design and also to further brace the structure. Members I9 are tted to the members I5 to further design and strengthen said grille I3.

The members I5, I6, II and I8 are secured to the screen door I2 at each point of contact therewith, by any suitable means such as screws 20.

While any suitable pivotal connection may be used at contact points of any of the above men- 15 tioned members with each other, it is preferred to use the type disclosed in Figure 4.

A portion C of the members I5 is bent at 2| whereby said portion is at right angles to the rest of the member I5. 'I'he member I6 is sim- 20 ilarly bent to form a right-angular portion D. Thus it may be seen that broad sides of the portions C and D may lie contiguous to each other, whereby holes may be drilled vin said portions to receive rivets 22, whereby a pivoted connection is had. All connections in the grille are formed in the above described manner.

From the foregoing it may be seen that a grille both vertically and horizontally adjustable is had. Also said grille is so constructed as to withstand a maximum amount of rough usage for a maximum amount of time. Said grille is also cheap in manufacture, simple in construction and ornamental in design.

Manifestly, the construction as shown and described is capable of some modication and such modification as may be construed within the scope and meaning of the appended claims is also considered to be within the spirit and intent of the invention.

What is claimed is:

1. A latticed grille comprising two sets of major bars pivotally intercrossing each other, minor bars pivotally connected to the longitudinal ends of said major bars by only a single pivot to eiect Vvertical adjustment of said grille independent

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U.S. Classification160/162, 160/104, 52/664, 52/645, D25/48.8
International ClassificationE06B9/01
Cooperative ClassificationE06B9/01
European ClassificationE06B9/01