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Publication numberUS2202246 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1940
Filing dateNov 15, 1937
Priority dateNov 15, 1937
Publication numberUS 2202246 A, US 2202246A, US-A-2202246, US2202246 A, US2202246A
InventorsCharles W Dake
Original AssigneeCharles W Dake
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Cylinder cover structure
US 2202246 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

May 28, 1940.-

c. w. DAKE CYLINDER COVER STRUCTURE 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Nov. 15, 1937 2 Shecs-Sheet 2 Filed NOV. 15, 19.57

a aw."

f///////////fi/ WMHDQA Patented May 28, 1940 i I. i

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CYLINDER COVER STRUCTURE Charles W. Dake, Grand Haven, Mich. Application November 15, 1937, Serial No. 174,589

3 Claims. (Cl. 123-173) My present invention relates to cylinder covers combustion chamber wall, spark plug depression and particularly to an improved cylinder cover 5, boss 6 extending into the cooling fluid chamber structure adapted to be applied to cylinder blocks below said spark plug depression and having of internal combustion engines for closing the axially thereof bore 1, drilled holes 8 through end of the piston excursion bore thereof and to which studs or screws for securing the cover provide a combustion chamber pocket for such structure to the cylinder block of the engine engines; and the objects of improvements are, extend and cooling fluid circulating holes 9. Nufirst, to provide a cylinder cover of such structure meral Ill designates the combined pressure sealthat will permit an extremely high rate of fuel ing gasket, combustion chamber formin" and 10 charge compression and resultant combustion heat transfer member formed preferably from 10 pressure to be utilized; second, to provide a cylcopper plate and has depressed therein combusinder cover structure in which the high temperation chamber ll comprising a dome-like portion ture produced by combustion of a highly coml3 and extending into the said opening 3, with pressed charge of gaseous fuel within the coma portion extending into the bore 1 of the boss 6;

bustion spaces of the engine will be transferred internally screw-threaded bushing I4 and in- 15 to the cooling medium of the engine with a clined sloping portion I5 over the piston excurminimum of resistance; third, to provide a cylinsion bore N5 of the engines cylinder block I! der structure that can be readily adaptable to inwhich has therein cooling fluid chambers l8; fuel ternal combustion engines of widely different deinlet port I9 with inlet valve closing the top 20 signs and construction; and, fourth, to provide a thereof during the time period the piston is on 20 cylinder cover structure having the above named its compression and working excursions. Nuobjects that will be simple, cheap to manufacmeral 2| designates pressure sealing fins, ribs ture and readily understood. or ridges at each fiat side of the combined pres- I attain the above named objects as well as sure sealing gasket, combustion chamber forming other objects that will be apparent from a perusand heat transfer member, which fins or ridges 25 a] of the herewith description when taken in conextend annularly around the stud or screw holes nection with the accompanying drawings, of 22, cooling fluid holes 23 and around the com- Which! bustion chamber H in close proximity to the u e 1 iS a under P View Of a portion border edge thereof and also to the edge of the of the combined leak sealing gasket, combustion opening 3, and by their deformation, when the 30 chamber forming and heat transfer member of cover structure is applied to the cylinder block my cylinder cover structure. and drawn thereagainst by the holding studs or Figure 2 is an under P View Of a DO 0f screws, are deformed and. thereby compelled to y Cast metal y o Said cy der co er stru conform to any irregularities of the top surface ture with the gasket removed. of the cylinder block and the machined face 35 Fig.- 3 is a vertical cross-sectional view taken around opening 3 of the cast metal body member through Fig. l of the assembly of the cylinder of the cylinder cover structure. cover and sealing gasket. In producing my present cylinder cover struc- Figure 4 is a cross sectional view of the comture, to produce the bodyportion I thereof, I cast billed Pressure Sealing s e Combustion chamthe said body portion by the usual foundry meth- 40 e! forming and heat transfer member as taken 0d of casting hollow members. Having produced n l e of e emoved from the the said body casting, I machine the casting at cove yone of its broader sides to provide the machined Figure 5 is'a cross-sectional view of my cylinsurface 4, drill and ream the several stud or der cover structure taken on line II of Figure 2. screw holes 8 and bore I and counter ream around 45 Referring to the several views of the drawthe bore 1 within the spark plug depression 5. ings, similar numerals refer to similar parts as In producing the combined pressure leak sealing follows: Y gasket, combustion chamber forming the heat Numeral I designates a fragmentary portion transfer member, I utilize a metal plate of uni- 0 of the cast ferrous metal body member of my form and desired thickness, preferably of soft improved cylinder cover structure having therein copper, from which I cut a blank corresponding cooling fluid chamber 2 with opening 3 extending to the outer edge shape required and place the therefrom to the machined face 4 thereof and said blank between dies in a suitable press by conforming substantially to the outer form of the the operation of which the several holes there- 55 through are punched and the combustion chamber drawn or pressed therein and thereafter undercut or roll the pressure sealing flns or ridges open side of the combustion chamber facing the said cylinder block, then place against said member III the cylinder cover body I in such manner that the internally threaded bushing I4 is situated in the bore 1 of the boss 6 and then secure .the said structure to the cylinder block as by suitable studs or screws and thereafter apply the spark plug by screwing it into the internally threaded bushing l4 and draw the said bushing tightly into the bore 1 with the top -wall of the combustion chamber resting against the boss 6.

In my improved cylinder cover structure, I obtain a maximum transfer of heat generated by combustion of the fuel in the combustion spaces of the engine, as the copper, from which the combustion chamber is preferably made, having a very lowresistance to the flow of heat through it and being directly in contact withthe cooling fluid within the cooling fluid chamber oflers only slight resistance to the transfer of heat to said cooling fluid. Therefore, a much higher rate of compression and consequent high temperature of combustion can be employed, which results in a minimum of fuel consumption by the engine without undue ignition detonation therein and permits a low grade of fuel to be utilized.

Having described my present invention, the rights which I desire to secure are set forth in the following claims, as follows:

1. A cylinder cover structure comprising a cast ferrous metal body having a plane face, and a cooling fluid chamber therein and having an opening extending to said face and a combined pressure sealing gasket, combustion chamber forming and heat transfer member of non-ferrous metal located against the said face of the said metal body and having a combustion chamber formed therein with the walls thereof extending through said opening into the said cooling fluid chamber.

2. A cylinder cover structure comprising a cast ferrous metal body having a plane face, a cooling fluid chamber having an opening extending to said face, a combined pressure sealing gasket, combustion cham and heat transfer member of non-ferrous met located against the face of the said cast metal body and having a combustion chamber formed therein.

. 3. In a cylinder cover structure, the combination comprising a cast ferrous metal body having integral side, top, and bottom walls, with a cooling fluid chamber therebetween, the said bottom wall having an opening extending therethrough with a combined pressure sealing gasket, heat transfer and combustion chamber forming member of non-ferrous metal extending through said opening into the said cooling. fluid chamber and against the said face of the cast ferrous metal body.


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