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Publication numberUS2202266 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1940
Filing dateOct 31, 1938
Priority dateOct 31, 1938
Publication numberUS 2202266 A, US 2202266A, US-A-2202266, US2202266 A, US2202266A
InventorsThomas D Phillips
Original AssigneeLillian Montaldo
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Lighting fixture
US 2202266 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

May 28, 1940. 1-. D. PHILLIPS LIGHTING FIXTURE Filed Oct. 31, 1938 INVENT OR. 77-/0M;4$ fli H/LL/PS.

if l 'xllll Patented T 28, rate 2,202,266

LIGHTING TE Thomas D. Phillips, Denver, Colo, assignor oi fifty per cent to Lillian Montaldo, New York,

Application October 31, 1938, Serial No. 237,804

2 Claims. (Cl. 240-78) This invention relates to an interior lightir'rg are curved inwardly and downwardly on a parafixture and has for its principal object the probolic arc to a relatively sharp elongated apex.

vision of a fixture which will employ and dis- A supporting bar l3 extends outwardly from tribute all of the light emitted from the modern each extremity of the apex of the canopy to fluorescent t b s, support an open irame l4 corresponding in con- 5 Fluorescent tubes for lighting purposes are tour to the contour of the canopy ID. The frame opaque, that is, light cannot pass through the M is formed With a lower stiffening flange 23. tubes and if placed in the ordinary lighting fix- The end members of the frame it each carry a ture, they act to shadow or obstruct the light er s O ns lat n tu e terminal receptacles l5 19 being reflected h from th rear of t t for supporting the extremities of a parallel series For this reason, the usual reflector 0r fixture is Of fluorescenttubes is. The receptacles l5 rest not eiiicient with fluorescent tube lighting. upon the flange 3. T e terminals of the The principal object of this invention is to fluorescent tubes, indicated at", extend into the provide a fixture which will utilize the light from py ll to a. suitable tube transformer l8. all sides of each tube for eflicient illumination The ans ormer in turn is connected to the and which will reflect, deflect and difiuse the regular i g circuit as indicated at l9. light in directions which will uniformly illumiy d s red even number of tubes may be emnate a room from the ceiling to the floor. P y d depending p n the brilliancy desired- Another object of the invention is to provide An e number is d a e 80 t a an equal 90 a lighting fixture in which fluorescent tubes of number of tubes will positioned on each side to difierent ors may b used in t same fixture of the canopy In. As illustrated, four tubes are and if desired controlled independently so as to used, two 011 each e Of e 81 1 mix the colors to produce a light of any desired Extending outwardly and downwardly from color for use in clothing fitting rooms, etc., where t flange 23 at each side of the frame are a color matching is important, series of hooked bracket members 29 which A further object is to accomplish the above pport a.sheet of translucent glass 2!, such as in a fixture which will be neat, ornamental and frosted glass Wh flash lass. below h t bes. modernistic in appearance, easy to manufacture Theglass sheet 2I acts to diffuse and Spread the and install and easy to service after installation. light rays p ojected downward y from he ower oth r objects and advantages reside in th half of the tube is and the curved sides of the tall construction of the invention, which is decanopy l9 act to P je l t y from the P- signed for simplicity, economy, and efllciency. per half of e tu es at d fiu g angles, indi- These will become more apparent from the fol- Gated at that e e g a d Side walls lowing description of the room will be lighted from the reflected In the following detailed description of the light of the oanopy- 86 invention reference is had to thc accompanying It is preferred to e e bes E6 of difi'erent drawing whi h fg ms pan; here f Like h colors, for instance, two of the tubes red and erals refer t lik parts in 1 views of the draw. the remaining tubes green or blue so that when ing and throughout the description all tubes are on a mixture of light will be pro- In the drawing; duced closely resembling white sun light. If Fig. 1 is a perspective View of the improved desired, each set of colored tubes may be confixture as it would appear in place trolled by a separate switch 26 so that either or Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section therethrough both colors may be obtained as desired These taken on the 1m 8 Fig L switches may be controlled by means of suitable pull chains 22. While a specific form of the improvement has been described and illust h Fig. 4 is an enlarged detail section through sired to e understmd i i i gz gg g i g one of the tube receptacles, taken on the line varied, within the scope of the appended claims 4-8 Fig. 3. 50 without de arta from th 1 50 The invention comprises a hollow elongated t p ng e Sp rit of the inven invert an p Structure 1 adapted to be I-llaving thus described the invention, what is cured to the ceiling of a room by means of a claimed and desired secured by Letters Fatent fixture stud H extending from the usual 0011- is: p 1

duit box fitting 12. All sides of the canopy l0 1. A lighting fixture comprising: an elongated Fig. 3 is an enlarged 'cross section taken on the line 33, Fig. 2.

supported by said latter members below said tubes. r

2. A lighting fixture comprising: an elongated canopy; curvated sides on said canopy extending inwardly and downwardly to an elongated apex; supporting members extending outwardly from said apex; an open frame supported by said supporting member below said canopy; a series of parallel, equal-length fluorescent tubes in said frame; a horizontal, translucent glass plate; means for supporting said'plate below said tubes, said tubes differing in color; means for controlling the tubes of different colors independently; and a fixture stud for securing said canopy to the ceiling of a room,


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U.S. Classification362/223, D26/76
International ClassificationF21V7/04, F21S8/00
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European ClassificationF21V7/04