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Publication numberUS2202358 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1940
Filing dateSep 26, 1938
Priority dateSep 26, 1938
Publication numberUS 2202358 A, US 2202358A, US-A-2202358, US2202358 A, US2202358A
InventorsSol Stone
Original AssigneeSol Stone
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US 2202358 A
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Patented May 2s, 1940.

2,202,358 ooNTAiNER v y, g sol smnarooklyng'my.; j l ,Y lApplication september zaissa'serial No; 231,706 10mm. (craie- 190i I 'I'hisin'vention relatesto containers and while -not limited thereto, the same' has particular` ref- .erence to a container which serves `asawa'rdrobe for ther storage of clothing to protect the same against attacksof moths and'other-insects.

The "invention primarily comprehends a container having guide means at opposite edges of the mouth opening and a closure panel slidably engaging the guide means and which is.collapsib1e from an extended condition to a compactly folded Acondition when moved from closed to -ropened relation and expansible from a compactly folded condition to an extended condition when moved from opened to closed relation.

`The invention furtherv embodies a container having guide channels at opposite edges of the' mouth openingwith parallel guide elements ex tending longitudinally of the guide channels and a plaited closure panel slidable on the guide elef ments and in the guide channels for collapsing the same from extended condition to a compactly folded condition when the closure is moved from closed relation to opened relation and yfor vexpanding the closure from acollapsed folded con-` dition to extended condition when the closure `is moved from opened to closed relation.

The invention further comprehends, in a container of the indicated character, ak plaited closure panel which is collapsible in the plane of the mouth opening fro-m extended closedrelationto a compactly folded opened relation so as to occupy a minimum amo-unt of space adjacent' one end of the mouth openingandwhichwhen opened [does not interfere with the contents of the con-f tainer While affording a mouth opening of maximum size for admitting to or removing articlesl therefrom.

With the foregoing and other objects inview, reference is now made to the following specification and the accompanying drawing in whichv the preferred embodiment tional View taken approximatelyon the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is an enlargedhorizontal sectional `View taken approximately on the line 3`-'3 of Fig. 1.'

Referring to the drawing by characters of ref-,-

erence, the container includes a body section comtical ledgesof the side wallsI I.

rtending guide `channels confronting edges thereof and longitudinally ex- ,tending groovesIS opening through the outer o ,y longitudinal edges thereof in Which-'grooves' are' opposite' ends anchored ,adjacent thelbottom edges thereof.v

'channels I5 to enclose the pactly folded condition when prising integralffoldably connected rear and side wallsy I v"and II, and' koppositely f disposed A,front wall portions I2` connected vto the forward fver- The body :section `also 'includes a rectangular J`closure framefpre'ferably constructed offwood-and which is composed of `vertical side stiles I3 and side stiles I3 are formed with longitudinally exreceived theinnerlongitudinal ledges of the front wall portions I2.v

The closure frame further includes parallel guide elements such as rods I1 gitudinally of andare disposed substantially centrally Within the guide channels I5 and have their in transverse cleats vI8 and I9 secured at their ends to the sidevstiles I3 and which cleats are located and secured inA contact with the rear 4surface of the end strips' I4 ,transversely vextendingen'd strips I II secured ktoA l the side stiles at the o-ppositeends thereof. The 10f I5 opening throughfthe l which extend loni The, bodylsection alsofincludes a closure con, 1

structedV of ay flexible material such as paperf board, fabric and thelike and which consists of a transversely plaitedaccordion foldable panel 20 anchored .along its bottom edge to the Vtransverse ledge to al cross bar' 2l.y The cross bar 2I and theplaits of the panel registeringapertures 22 adjacent their opposite ends through which apertures the rods I'I extend thereon. The cross bar 2I side edges thereof lare disposed withinY the guide same and seal the vertical edgesof the mouth opening when the k.closure panel is disposed in closed relation.l The means for Y guide channels I5 also serve asY guide Vverse cleat I9 and secured along'its upper trans- 2t are provided withA for slidingmovement of the panel 2t and bar 2I katthe opposite ends thereof and the closure panel 20 at the opposite the cross bar 2| and prevent inward and outwardv y buckling of the closure panel 20 when closed or being moved to or from closed relation.

The closure" panel 20 is slidable downwardlyv on T the'rods I'I from an extended condition to a comto opened relation and when in compactly folded condition is located at theV rear of the bottom `end strip IIL When the closure is tobe moved from vfolded condition to an extended condition,

the same is'slidable upwardly on` the rods I'I vand ireleasably secured `in closed relation by interenmoved from closedv 'l gageable latch and keeper means 23 and 24 carried respectively by the cross bar 2l and the upper end. strip I4.

The container also includes top and bottom sections comprising end panels 26 having inwardly directed reenforced flanged edges 21 which telescopically fit over the opposite ends of the body section with the forward flanged edge engaging over the end strips I,4 and with the inner edges thereof abutting against the end edges of the side stiles '13.

What is claimed is:

In a wardrobe container having a walled hollow body structure with an opening through one wall for introduction and removal of articles of clothing, a unitary rectangular closure frame surrounding said opening provided with vertical side stiles and transversely extending top and bottom Stiles, said side Stiles being provided with longitudinally extending guide channels in the confronting faces thereof, guide rods disposed substantially centrally within the guide channels and consequently located laterally outwardly from the access opening into the container, a transversely pleated longitudinallyk extensible closure panel connected at its lower end Within the closure frame and behind the transversely extending bottom stile, a rigid cross bar secured to the upper end of the pleated closure panel and movable therewith, the pleated edges of said panel and the ends of said cross bar being received at each side within the longitudinally extending guide channels of the vertical side stiles and being provided with registering openings adjacent to their opposite ends through which the guide rods are received, said cross bar and the pleated closure panel being slidable on said guide rods and within the guide channels whereby the cross bar normally exerts weight to collapse to pleated extensible closure panel in the lower part of the container opening and behind the transverse bottom stile and the guide rods being entirely Within the guide channel whereby when the closure panel is opened the opening through the rectangular frame into the container is entirely free and unobstructed and the pleated closure is protected by the bottom stile and the cross bar While the guide rods are protected by the vertical side Stiles of the frame, and releasable means engageable with said cross bar to hold the pleated panel in raised and closed position.


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