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Publication numberUS2203494 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1940
Filing dateSep 30, 1937
Priority dateSep 30, 1937
Publication numberUS 2203494 A, US 2203494A, US-A-2203494, US2203494 A, US2203494A
InventorsHarold Greenhill
Original AssigneeHarold Greenhill
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Cup holder and dispenser
US 2203494 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

`Iune 4, 1940. H. GREENHILL CUP HOLDER AND DISPENSER Filed Sept. 30, 1957 @HHH Patented June 4, 1940 i UNIT-.ED STATE-s PATENT oil-FICE CUP HOLDER, AND DISPENSER` I Harold Greenhill, Chicago, =`Ill.` Application septembereo, lsszlserialfivolf 166,631

1 claim;` (o1. 31a-43) *e This I invention` relates I to dispensing holders', and particularly to a device fors` holdingwlpaper cups orcthelike,l from` which'they cups may be withdrawn oneat atimeasrequired.

One object1"`of `thepresent invention is to provide a novel construction and arrangement for supporting a stack of cups in the holder, and from which the lowermost cup, only, may be Withdrawn.

Another object of the'invention is to provide a sanitary holder wherein the cups contained therein are protected against foreign matter, such as dust or the like.

Another object of the invention is to provide means for preventing insertion of cups into the holder except in the manner intended.

A further object of the invention is to provide a cup holder of simple construction, efficient in its operation and economical to manufacture.

A still further object of theinventicn is to improve devices vof the character described in sundry details hereinafter referred to and particularly pointed out in the appended claim.

One embodiment of the present invention is shown for illustrative purposes in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. l is an elevational View of a cup magazine and supporting ring therefor forming part of the present invention;

Fig. 2` is an elevational view partly in section illustrating the manner of positioning the magazine and ring therefor, shown in Fig. 1, in operative position on the supporting base of the device, the sectioned portion` of Fig. 2 being taken substantially as indicated by the line 2--2 of Fig. 3;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional elevational view of the structures illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2, shown in assembled relation, and taken substantiallyas indicated by the lines 3 3 thereof; and

Fig. 4 is a transverse plan sectional view taken substantially as indicated yby the line 4-4 of Fig. 3.

The illustrative embodiment of the present invention, as shown in the drawing, comprises a base member indicated, as a. whole, by the numeral 5 and shown, in the present instance, as of circular form and having inwardly extending ilanged edge portions 6 and 'I formed thereon i adjacent the upper and lower ends thereof, respectively, the upper flange t being provided, in the present instan-ce, with an inwardly extending projection 8 adapted to enter a correspondingly shaped aperture 9 formed in a cylindrical member II mounted in the circular base 5 for securing the base and cylindrical member in relatively iixedpositionr with respect to each other, the member! I being provided with a plurality of inwardly extending radially disposed cup sup# porting `prongs I IZ formed integrally with the member II', preferably, by portions `of theimaiterial of the member I I being struck up and bent inwardly from the body portion thereof.

To facilitate assembling the base 5 and member I I, the base is split adjacent one side thereof as indicated at I3 in Fig. 4 and a supporting bracket It is secured to one end of the base member adjacent said split and adapted to overlie the portion I5 of the base member opposite the split I3, the base member being of sufcient resiliency to permit expansion thereof in a manner to permit insertion of the projection 8 of the member 5 into the aperture 9 of the member II, after which the free end portion I5 of the base member 5 may be` spot-welded or otherwise secured to the adjacent portion of the supporting bracket It, there being provided in the cylindrical member II a plurality of openings It through which the` welding process may be performed.

Mounted adjacent the upper edge portion of the cylindrical member II 'in a manner to be supported thereon is a supporting ring indicated, as a whole, by the numeral Il and having an overhanging flange or hook-like edge portion i8 adapted to engage the upper edge portion of the member II, the ring i'i being provided with a pair of oppositely disposed outwardly extending pins or studs I9. adapted to engage angular notches or recesses 2i formed in the member II for removably securing the ring thereto.

Secured to the ring I1, preferably, within the ring in a manner to rest upon an inwardly extending lange 22 formed on the lower edge portion of the ring is an elongated magazine' 23 having a cover member 24 secured adjacent its upper end., and adapted to receive a stack of nested paper cups in a manner to position the lowermost cup of the stack in supporting position on the cup supporting prongs I2 in such a manner that the lower-most cup, only, may be Withdrawn from the holder through the open lower portion of the member II, while the prongs serve to engage the next succeeding cup for supporting the remainder of the stack thereon.

It will be noted by reference to Figs. 2 and 3 that the upper sides or edge portions of the prongs I2 are inclined downwardly and inwardly to facilitate the ease and convenience in removing a cup from the holder, while the under side or lower edge portions of the prongs I2 are substantally straight, and positioned in substantially a common horizontal plane in a manner to provide abutments to prevent replacing of cups within the holder from adjacent the lower side thereof, thereby'preventing the replacing of used cups Within the holder. For convenience in ascertaining the supply of cups within the holder, a Window indicated at 25 may be positioned adjacent an aperture 26 formed in the magazine 23 as clearly illustrated in Figs. 1 and 3.

It will be observed from the foregoing description that vthe present invention provides a novel construction and arrangement for retaining paper drinking cups, for example, in a sanitary ycondition and in position to be Withdrawn from the holder one at a time as required, and that to replenish the supply of cups in the magazinev23, it is necessary, only, to rotate the ring IIand magazine 23 secured thereto a slight distance to position thepins I9 in alignment with the vertically disposed position of the angular notches or recesses 2|, after which, the ring and magazine may be removed from the cylindrical member I I, and as conveniently replaced after a fresh supply of cups have been placed in the magazine.

It will be observed also that by reason of the particular shape of the prongs I2, cups may be readily withdrawn from the holder, but that the insertion of used cups from adjacent the bottom side thereof is prevented.

Obviously, the present invention is not limited to the precise construction and arrangement shown and described, as the same may be variously modied without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as set forth in the appended claim. l, .Y f

What I claim as; new and desireto secure by Letters Patent is:

A dispensing holder for paper cups comprising a tubular base having a supporting bracket thereon, a cylindrical member mounted in said base and secured thereto, a plurality of inwardly eXtending'rad-ially disposed prongs formed integrally along a vertically disposed connection with andfrom the material of said member, said prongs having substantially straight lower edge portions positioned in substantially a common horizontal plane and having upper edge portions inclined inwardly and downwardly with respect to the interior of said cylindrical member.


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