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Publication numberUS2204599 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 18, 1940
Filing dateJan 9, 1936
Priority dateJan 9, 1936
Publication numberUS 2204599 A, US 2204599A, US-A-2204599, US2204599 A, US2204599A
InventorsFrederick Jenkins Alexander
Original AssigneeFrederick Jenkins Alexander
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Spray gun
US 2204599 A
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June 18, 1940. A. F. JENKINS SPRAY Gun x-ild Jan. 9. 193e 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 June 18 1940 A. F'. JENKINS H 2,204,599

SPRAY GUN Filed Jan. 9, 1956 2 Sheets-She?? 2 ggf-4f Z Patented June 18, 1940 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE SPRAY GUN y Alexander Frederick Jenkins,` Baltimore, Md. Applicatin January 9, 193s, seriarNo. 58,399 5, claims. i (cl. a99-149.1)

rThis invention relates to spray guns for coating material or the like, and has to do more particularly with the nozzles of such guns.

The present application is a continuation in x5 `part of my copending application Serial `No.

714,766, filed March 9, 1934.`

`The general object of the invention is to1 provide a novel and improved nozzle construction for devices of the class described,` which exhibits in certain advantages in eiiicient operation and ease of manipulation which will be `readily apparent as `the detailed description proceeds. f

In the utilization of the `ordinary spray gun for applying coating materials, especially when :l suchfmaterials are of a viscous nature, there occurs `an` ccumulation of the liquid material on the face Iices.;` Considerable inconvenience has been eX- `perienced with the dripping of the liquid from the nozzle of the gun and also the building up of deposits of hardened coating material about the nozzle orice deleteriously affects `the spraying operation.

` Another object of the invention, therefore, is

the provision of a self-cleaning and non-dripping nozzle, which embodies means for preventing the i building up of an accumulation of paint, enamel,

or other coating material on the face of the nozzle adjacent the spray orifices. The means which l I have provided forthis purpose preserve the sharp clean edges of these oriiices and improve the accuracy of the spray as well as attaining the `objects already described. I

Another object of the invention is to provide in `3.3 connection With a nozzle `of this type, novel air `baiiling means for reducing the velocity ofthe air supplied to certain of the nozzle jets and for obtaining better distribution and equalizationof ow between certain of the spaced oriiicesof the 4U nozzle.

A further object of the invention is the provi- I sion of an improved connection between the nozzle end of the spray gun and the main body portion thereof `which carries the controlling and 5 actuating mechanisms.

L, away and shown in vertical longitudinal section;

f the nozzle around the spraying ori- Other objects and features of novelty will be the example shown being of the same type as that illustrated and described in detail in my copending application t which reference has been made; i I

` Figure 2` is an enlarged longitudinal sectional i; view through the nozzle of the `gun shown` in Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a View in front elevation of the noz- I zle illustrated in Figures land 2; v i f Figure 4 `is a View `partlyin side elevationand l; partly in vertical` longitudinal section illustrating a modied formof ozzle and nozzle attaching structure; f I

Figure 5 is a fragmentary View in front elevation of the central portion of the nozzle shown in `l5 Figure 4;

Figure 6 is a fragmentaryl viewin vertical longitudinal section of afront modication in my improved nozzle; and

Figure 7 is` a fragmentary front elevational 20 view of the sameV nozzle.

In the illustrative exampleof my invention in Figure 1 the spray gun. to `which the nozzle is applied is the same as thatillustrated in my copending application referred to above and only 25 as mucho'f the actuating and controlling mechanism as is necessary to an understanding of the features` constituting the present invention the trigger D andthe air andliquid flow regulating devices denoted generally by the reference letter E. I In the forward portion of the gun there is inserted the nipple II through `which communica- `tion may be had from a suitable supply of coating material or the like.` The coating material enters the passageways I I2 and from thence 40 passes into the central jet portion thereof Where the emission of the liquidmaterial is controlled by a needle valve I5 having a stem I6 passing longitudinally of `the gun `through the stumng box I'l and urged forwardly to valve closing position by means of the spring I4. The stem I5 carries upon itsintermediate portion the longil tudinally` movable abutment member I8 which by rotation of the stem IBmay be positioned at selected points along thestem in order to control the point of engagement thereof by the yokey I9 carried by the trigger D. This positioning is attained by means of the cooperation of the pin 2i! carried by the member I8 with the spiral slot!! formedin the valve steml I 8. The member I8 55 "provided `withithektip |1013 whichicontains` the liquid` orificei |08` controlledrby the `needle valve 'the stufling `box` andis extended rearwardly of the outer nozzle `|26` y The inneri flange* |28f`of the member `|20"is f `provided, `with theannularseries of passageways as atil l2 tobe 'controlled'in any suitable manner. *Theinner nozzle `memb`eim|lis `providedwith the polygonal portionI I I5 `to which 'a 'suitable tool "may be applied ini assembling anddismantling NthenozzlesiThe element 1 |105isalso provided with |29 leading to theannularichamber formed between the rearwardly' directed flange |3`| ef the to `theiintermediatefportin of i Exteriorly i the aspirating air member |20 `and the inner nozzle member |05. ofthe flange |3f| the outer member "20 `is provided-withcpassageways |33 leading to the i supplemental attening jets 35 carried i by i "the :horns |36 disposed in th'eu'sualdiametrically opposed positions.

A radially' outwardly directed `ilangejl38 is formed'bn the "outermember |20 and Icooperates;withthe spun-overange |39 on i portionfmoanlil. A compressedair passageway |45 is provided in the gun member |00ffor supplying the air `to both the aspirating andmodifying jets;` *Albranch passageway" |46 leads `from the passageway W45 th l'lOZZle" and `'|30 from which i passesf to" the central portion vof the'face of the nozzleffA needle `i/'alve |40 `cooperateswith the`seat|49 inthe passageway`|45 `communicates with the chamber to control the `air supplied touthejmodied or i wall of the flattened jets.` Beyond thisvalve arrangement, the' air flows into the annular groove |50 formed in the face of the member |00 and from there it `passes around a 'baling device and thence to the` |33 `leading to the horns of the passageways nozzle.

This baflling member, which may be considered an element of the member |00, comprises a sleeve |52 which is disposed within the annular groove |50 `in the member |00 and ts snugly `around theinner wall of this groove as at |53.` The outer end of the sleeve |52 `abuts an inwardly directed ange |3| of the outer nozzle member, when assembledas at |54. A crimped spring washer |55 is disposed between the inner end of the sleeve |52 and the shoulder |56 `formed on the annular groove |50. This insures the effective sealing off of the inner aspirating air passageways and the outer modifying air pas- A radially directed annular flange |60` is formed on the sleeve member |52 so as to project into the modifying air chamber IGI enclosed by the retaining ring member |40. Since the modifying or flattening air is supplied through the` tbe noted that the baling and partitioning sleeve jecting annular flange `is provided of the inserted disc |11 adapted to project e the controls.I

|52 isv applied to the body portion of the gun andis not carriedby the nozzle elements. This is ease in assembling the device.`

an important feature making for convenience and In Figures and 7 an important modification 1.

of mylimproved nozzle is shown. In this embodiment a portion of the outer nozzle member is shown having the usual iiat forward face |1I, of relatively limited extent as compared with the whole front of the nozzle. The nozzle is drilled centrally as at |12 to provide a circular opening "and upon the inner side `of the face |1| the surface is cut away or countersunk in two stages, one lever providing the surface |13 and the other the shouldered outer recess |14. Thecorner between the surface |13 and the margin of the opening |12 is preferably bevelledsuch` as at |15. Into the `larger recess |14 there is forced an annular insert |111which is provided with the `forwardly prothe opening |19 and connected with the main disc-like portion of the insert by the frusto conical web |80.` `Between this disc-like insert and the wall ofthe nozzle portion 10 the space |8| the annular jet |85. An annular series of openings |86 is formed in the flat rearward portion which supplies the air to the space 18|; It will beunderstood that an inner nozzle member such `as disclosed for example in `Figures 2 and 4 of the drawings is through the opening |19 in thisconstruction` to form the concentric liquid and aspirating air jets.` The supplemental cleanup air j et is projected through the annular orificei |85 in thepresent construction.` In this embodiment the air passing through the small openings |055 ifmpinges upon the front wall of the space lillA and is effectively bailed so as to retard the lflow somewhat. The wall or tubular ring `of air provided by thissupplemental jet is more com pletely annular in form than if the series of passageways |86 were provided adjacent the orice.` Furthermore, this construction enables the making of the proper thickness of the wall after inserting the disc |11.

In Figure 4 of the drawings there is also shown a novel attaching means for securing the nozzle supporting member 00 of the gun to the `main rearwardly disposed body portion which carries member 200 `is provided on the rear portion ofl the member |00, the bore 20| of which communicates with the air passageway |45. This member is provided with the flange 202 and the narrowed rearwardcylindricalportion 203 which is adapted to `be received within the interior of the forwardly projecting end 205 of the main body portion of the gun. A clamping ring 206 is provided `forwardly with an inwardly spun vflange 201 surrounding the shoulder of the flange 202 of the member 200. The clamping ring is threaded |18 formed centrally with:

which is directed forwardly to form at the face of the nozzle i A tubular rearwardly projecting as at 200 upon the body portion 205. In orderv to prevent rotation of the forward nozzle supporting member |00 with relation to the body portion, the member 205 is notched as at 2|0 to receive the correspondingly shaped projection 2|| formed on the member 200 and merging with the flange 202. The two members are thus effectively locked together in the proper alignment and they may be readily disconnected for cleaning or other purposes. i

Various changes and modifications may be made in; the device as disclosed herein without vdepartingirom the scope oftheinvention-as'dea ",iined' in the following'claims. f

rHaving thus describedA the invention, hwhat is claimed as new andrdesired tobesecured by Letly-adacent tc'said voriicef-andr connected `to said t air chamber by anfannular' series ofr smallclosely #paced Vperioration'spassing Ythrough the Wall .115er ucpeninginto-the bottomof said groove.

A.2 Ina nozzle forspray guns or the like, in fcombination, an outer nozzle member having a ,i forward wall enclosing fa compressed air chamber andV providedwit'h-a centrallyY disposed openligging, va circular depression-formed in the yinner -wall of saidmemberand aledgeformed laround .tlaeper-iphery 'of saiddepressioma'disc-like inf-sert" disposed "upon saidledge and spacedfrom 'the-bottom ofsaidfdepressiom said inserthav- .,325 ing-1an annular nippleY centrally thereof and pro- .jectingthrough :said central opening in said outerinozzle member and @spacedfrom the Vmargin -thereof,and openings inthe-disc memberfcommunicatingwithithespace between said discfand 5,30 thebottorn of saiddepression,

3. In anozzle-for sprayfguns or the like, in combination, -an fouter f nozzle member having a ffonward vwall-*enclosing VafcompressedV air charnberend-provided with-fa centrally disposed open-- g55-inge circular,depression-formedin the vinner walloi said memberand a ledge formed.4 around the periphery of-said depression,ta,disclike in- .f sert disposed upon-said. ledge and spaced l from the-.bottonr of said depression,l saidf insert having n Van'annular nipple centrally thereof` -andY projectingthroughsaidcentral opening'infsa-id-outer nozzle .member i and A-, spaced from the margin thereof, an annular .seriesofopenings in the disc fagaoLnao fmember: communicating withv the space between I said disc and y:the bottom of said depression, the

f diameter .ofrsaid-I series oopenings being-'greater :than the diameterof lsaid central' openingiin said outer member, ywhereby'an` indirect or somewhat ft'ortuouszpassageway is zprovided for bafngjthe hair supplied .toi-the; supplemental orifice. v

:1 --4. In a sprayygun forfcoating materials or y-tbe like,` iny combination, anozzle providedwith acentrallyv disposed valve controlled liquid ori-` "ve,:an annular. orice'closely surroundinglandl .concentric with saidcentrally disposed orifice for the projection ofa'jetof air for aspiratng said fliquid during thef'spraying operation,an annular series of neorices concentric vwith and dis- ;posed exteriorly ofvsaid annular orice, means .tforgplacing4 saidlast named orifices in communication with a source of compressed air, and '-a pair of `diarnetricallyf-oppositely disposed orifices forprojectingv converging spray flattening jetsr =of,v air upon the main central spray jet'as modified byxthejets from said :annular series of orices.

'5. A spraygun nozzle of-the 4class .comprising in combination, an inner liquid noz-y zle-member having a valve `controlled liquid ori-v ce in the'tipthereoLfan outeriair -cap member -1 provided axially withgan Yopening surrounding vthe tip of `said liquid nozzle'portion with sufcientclearance to. provide anannular orice for, vthe projection of ajet of aspirating and atomizing airfanfannular rseriesfof ne,passageways ,tral orice,and concentric therewith-and -communicating with la source- .of compressed air, di-

yarnetrically oppositely disposed convergingpas- .sageways t provided in `said air "cap vfor projecting-spray'modifying jets ofzainagainstthe main central spray Ajet formedy by the ,liquidv passing `ALEXANDER FREDERICK JENKINS.,


f passing through-said air capfadjacent said cen-

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