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Publication numberUS2205161 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 18, 1940
Filing dateMar 30, 1938
Priority dateMar 30, 1938
Publication numberUS 2205161 A, US 2205161A, US-A-2205161, US2205161 A, US2205161A
InventorsVick Adrian D
Original AssigneeVick Adrian D
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Grip exerciser
US 2205161 A
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A. D. VICK GRIP EXERCISER June 18, 1940.

Filed March 30, 1938 bands looped thereover to increase or diminish The sides of the frame are bent outwardly to the resistance of the device to pressure of the provide stops I8 which limit movement of the is operators grip upon the device. sliding grip away from the stationary grip under A further object of the invention is to provide urge of the tensioned rubber bands. a device of this character which will be formed In operation the number of rubber bands Patented June 18, 1940 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFECE GRIP EXERCISER Adrian D. Vick, Washington, D. 0.

Application March 30, 1938, Serial No. 199,030

1 Claim. (Cl. 272-68) This invention relates to grip exercisers for A wood or other cylinder I6 is slidably mountdeveloping the muscles of the hand, and has for ed on the sides of the frame to provide a sliding an object to provide a device of this character grip. Transverse openings H are formed near having a wire frame provided with lateral extenthe ends of the sliding grip to loosely receive 5 sions, and having a sliding grip on the frame the sides of the frame. The ends of the sliding 5;; provided with extensions, the extensions of both grip project beyond the sides of the frame to the frame and the sliding grip being adapted to provide extensions over which the other ends be connected by any desired number of rubber of the rubber bands are looped.

of a few strong simple and durable parts, which which connect the extensions of both the frame will be inexpensive to manufacture, and which and the sliding grip may be increased or diminiii will not easily get out of order. ished to adjust the resistance which the device With the above and other objects in view the ofiers to closing of the operators hand when invention consists of certain novel details of both the grips l2 and I6 are held in the palm of construction and combinations of parts hereinthe hand between the thumb and fingers.

after fully described and claimed, it being un- From the above description it is thought that 20 derstood that various modifications may be rethe construction and operation of the invention sorted to within the scope of the appended claim will be fully understood without further exwithout departing from the spirit or sacrificing planation.

any of the advantages of the invention. What is claimed is: In the accompanying drawing, forming part of An exerciser for developing the gripping mus- 25 this specification, cles of the hand comprising a substantially rec- Figure 1 is a front elevation of the grip extangular frame formed of a single length of wire erciser constructed in accordance with the inband to provide parallel sides, a transverse memvention. ber connecting the sides at one end, transverse Figure 2is a longitudinal sectional view of the short members at the other end of the sides 30 exerciser taken on the line 2-2 of Figure 1. forming gudgeons, the sides being directed out- Figure 3 is a perspective view of the exerciser wardly adjacent the first named transverse memshowing the rubber bands tensioned in full lines her to provide lateral extensions, the sides being and in normal condition in dotted lines. bent outwardly intermediate their ends to pro- Figure 4 is an end elevation of the exerciser vide stops, a roller journaled on said gudgeons 5 with the rubber bands tensioned. and forming a grip, a second roller forming a Referring now to the drawing in which like grip and having an opening slidably receiving characters of reference designate similar parts said sides adjacent said first named grip, the in the various views, l0 designates a substanends of the second named roller projecting betially rectangular frame formed of stifi wire. A yond the sides, and rubber bands engaged over 40 wood or other tube i I is mounted on one of the said lateral extensions and over the ends of said transverse members l2 of the frame to provide second named roller adapted to normally hold a stationary grip. The sides of the frame adthe ends of the second named roller against said jacent to the other transverse member I3 are stop.

bent outwardly to provide lateral extensions l4 ADRIAN D. VICK. 45

over which a plurality of superposed rubber bands l5 are looped at one end.

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U.S. Classification482/49, D21/684
International ClassificationA63B23/16, A63B23/035
Cooperative ClassificationA63B23/16
European ClassificationA63B23/16