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Publication numberUS2206726 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 2, 1940
Filing dateMar 18, 1938
Priority dateMar 18, 1938
Publication numberUS 2206726 A, US 2206726A, US-A-2206726, US2206726 A, US2206726A
InventorsLasater Robert L
Original AssigneeLasater Robert L
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Rubber toothbrush
US 2206726 A
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Patented July 2, 1944i 2,206,726 aimera 'roo'rmsausn Robert L. Lasater, Evanston. Ill. Appueauon Maren 1s, 193s, serial No. 196,589

" ,roman (ci. 11sfram This'invention relates to improvements in rub- 'ber toothbrushes `particularly adapted lfor use `capable of manual use. s

The principal 'object oi. the invention is to provide a simple. durable and sanitary device of the characterdescribed, that is especially eificient in simultaneouslycieaning the teeth and massaging the surrounding gums and tissues A further object of the invention is to include a with vibrating massage machines', although alsoy reservoir as a part of the device to retain during ence to the accompanying drawing, in which the cleaning and massaging process a quantity of antiseptic or medicament including tooth paste or powder.

The invention may best be understood by refer- Fig. 1 is a side view of an embodiment of the rubber applicatoras applied to an electric vibrator. ,l s

Fig. 2 is an enlarged top view of the rubber applicator head removed from its support or handle. ,l

Fig. 3 is a side view of the applicator head. Fig. 4 is a section taken on line 4 4 of Figi 2. y Fig. 5 is a rear end view of the applicator head. Referring to details of the embodiment of my invention illustrated in` the drawing, the applicator or brush includes a head l0 as appliedto a vibratory mechanism The applicator is made oi flexible rubber preferably molded in a single piece andincluding a base I2, and a shank Il for attachment-.either to the vibrator mechanism, or to a rigidsupport or handle when the device is to be operated by hand as an. ordinary toothbrush. 'In "the form' shown, the applicator is provided with a pocket i4 opening at the end of the shank and extending into the base I2 of the headA for detachably receiving the metal vibrating element IB of the vibratcry mechanism or other supporting means. The supporting element is preferably inserted substantially the full length of the headto reinforce the latter when the brush is in operation, butto permit theapplicator to be ilexed for cleaning when the reinforcing support is removed therefrom. The head includes an elongated recess formed of upright side walls I6 and end'walls l1 surrounding its base, together with a plurality oi.'

integrally formed, upstanding fingers Il, I8

spaced at close intervals along `said walls, and varying alternately in height, as shown. Said walls and rfingers Il form in enact a trough or reservoir IS adapted to receive tooth paste, powder or suitable medicaments for application to a single vibrator.

the teeth. A plurality of conical shaped projec-y tions are also provided, extending upwardly from the base 2 from within the trough I8, in the two end cones 2|. The arrangement is such that the center cones 2| project substantially above the fingers i8, I8 on walls |6 ancl-y |1, while the cones 22 are slightly higher than said lingers. In the preferred form shown, however, the cones. particularly the larger cones 2|, arel somewhat more substantial, and therefore stiffer than the fingers I8. A bead 25 is also provided around the end of the shank |3to guard the vibrating mechanism against flow of liquid from the shank. The use and advantages of my improved rubber brush above described will now be manifest.

Tooth paste, tooth powder or any suitable medicament can be readily placed in the trough I2, thus eliminating spillage and waste which is so common with ordinary toothbrushes or applica tors. When applied to a vibrat'ur, as shown in Fig. l ofthe drawing, Vthe brush can be applied to the teeth and gums in various positions as desired, but it is particularly designed so that the between adjacent teeth, for both cleaning and massaging the interdental gum tissues. The smaller cones 22 also-assist in such 4cleaning and massage, while the fingers I8, and indeed the` side walls I6 and serve to massage the gums or sub-gingival tissues, whereby the teeth can be larger cones 2| can be iitted in the

cleaned and the surrounding tissues thoroughly l escape o1' the medicament from the brush. After use, the brush can be readily cleaned, preferably by removing it from the vibrator element and ilexing the head to assist in removing accumulations within the trough. With this form of device, several members of a family may, of course, each have their individual brushes applicable to Although I have shown and described one particular embodiment oi' my invention, it will be understood that I do not wish to be limited to the exact construction shown and described, but

that various changes and modiiications may be made without departing from the spirit and scope 5 of my invention as defined in the appended claim.

I claim as my invention: l

A molded rubber toothbrush including a head having upright walls forming an elongated trough for receiving a quantity ot "medicament, a plural- 10 ity ofintegral message fingers in spaced relation along said walls, a plurality of integral tapered massage members extending upwardly from the bottom of said trough and projecting'substantially above said massage iingers, said tapered members being-substantially stiffer than said massage fingers, and being spaced apart substantially the width of human teeth, so as to fit in the embrasures between the latter for massage of the interdental gum tissues, and restrict the massaging effect of the massage fingers to a limited area.


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International ClassificationA46B1/00, A61C17/16, A61C17/22
Cooperative ClassificationA61C17/222, A46B3/005
European ClassificationA46B3/00A, A61C17/22D