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Publication numberUS2207269 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1940
Filing dateNov 16, 1938
Priority dateNov 16, 1938
Publication numberUS 2207269 A, US 2207269A, US-A-2207269, US2207269 A, US2207269A
InventorsHenry T Schiff
Original AssigneeHenry T Schiff
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Nonslip shaving implement
US 2207269 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

July 9, 1940. H. T. sci-UFF NONSLIP SHAVING IMPLEMENT Filed Nov. 16, 1958 Patented July 9, 1940 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

My invention relatesV to a shaving implement which has al nonslip handle or gripping portion.

Among the objects of my invention is to proy vide an electricdry shaver with means to prevent it from slipping out of the hand of the user, particularly during the shaving operation, said means taking the form of a handle having a nonslip portion or member at the gripping position, and such other objects, advantages and capabilities as will l0 later more fully appear and which are inherently possessed by my invention.

While I have shown in the accompanying drawing a preferred embodiment of my invention, yet I wish it understood that the same is susceptible of modification and change without departing from the spirit of my invention.

Referring to the drawing Fig. l is a perspective view of my shaving implement with a nonslip member in position ready for use; Fig. 2 is a detail perspective view of the preferred form of my detachable nonslip member; Fig. 3 is a perspective view broken away in part to show the cooperation between the ribs on the handle and the ribs on the lring, and Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a slightly diierent embodiment of my nonslip shaving implement.

Referring more particularly to the preferred embodiment selected to illustrate my invention, it comprises a shaving implement III having a handle or body portion I I ordinarily constructed of smooth plastic material such as Bakelite. (A substantially ring shaped member I2 made of rubber or desirable nonslip composition is positioned laterally around the handle Il and is u formed so as to fit thereagainst by friction grip. The member I2 has elastic properties so that it may be stretched for position and removal.

The outer surface of the nonslip member I2 has raised portions I8 to provide a nonslip surface for the hand of the user.

A slightly dierent embodiment is to provide the nonslip member with inwardly extending portions such as spaced longitudinally extending 45 ribs I3. These will rest in longitudinal grooves I4 between longitudinal ribs I5 on the outer surface of the handle Il. These members I3 and I I will tend to prevent any lateral movement of the member I2 with respect to the handle II.

Another embodiment is to provide the handle II with a recess I6 in which is positioned and permanently attached by adhesive or any suitable l means a nonslip portion I1 of nonslip material. The recess may be annular and extend around said handle, or I may provide recesses on the front and back of the handle to receive nonslip portions. v

In use my shaving implement is more efcient than those having a smooth outer surface on the handle. My nonslip shaving implement prevents the hand of the user from slipping during the shaving operation. The user is more certain, and 1I with added coniidence and no slipping of the shaving implement may shave better and more quickly. Whenever the user puts the shaving implement down on a table or the like with the motor running the raised portions I8 will prevent 20 the implement from sliding oil the table.

Having thus described my invention, I claim:

In combination with an electric dry shaver having a body portion adapted to be held by the hand of the user during the shaving operation, 26 said body portion being of smooth plastic material and having a plurality of spaced longitudinal ribs and grooves, a substantially ring shaped member of nonslip material removably and laterally positioned around that portion of the 30 body portion of the shaving implement gripped by the user while shaving, said substantially ring shaped member having elastic properties so that the same may t against the body portion by friction grip to prevent accidental displacement and also be stretched for position and removal, a plurality of spaced longitudinally extending ribs on the inner portion of said substantially ring shaped member, said ribs lying within the grooves on the outer surface of the body member to prevent any lateral movement of the substantially lring shaped member with respect to the body portion, and raised portions on the exterior of said substantially ring shaped member to further aid in preventing the hand of the user from slipping during the shaving operation.


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