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Publication numberUS2207836 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1940
Filing dateApr 28, 1939
Priority dateApr 28, 1939
Publication numberUS 2207836 A, US 2207836A, US-A-2207836, US2207836 A, US2207836A
InventorsSundell Godfrey E
Original AssigneeSundell Godfrey E
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Spring hinge
US 2207836 A
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July 16, 1940. SUNDELL 2,207,836

SPRING HINGE Filed April 28, 1939 L LRTIZ ZI T1 1 F751 -2 F/ g -3 f 5-4 INVENTOR. GODFREY ESUNDELL BY am a ATTORNEY 45 one edge of each leaf l6 and I1 respectively While Patented July 16, 1940 v t UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1, ;2,2'o7,sss

SPRING HINGE Godfrey E. Sundell, Ri dg way, Pa. Application April 28, 1939, Serial No. 270,533 I 3 Claims. (01. 16-149) This invention relates to spring hinges and is The ends 24 of each of the lugs is then bent j directed particularly to detachable locking hinges towards the body of the leaves to conveniently for screen doors, storm windows and the like received in the recesses II and I5. In securing which are ordinarily removed during different the door l4 to its frame In the ends 24 f the seasons of the year. lugs on the leaf I! are inserted in the slots 5 Detachable locking hinges for a similar purpose I 3 of theframe keeper, plate at an angle thereto 'are old in the art but to the best of my knowledge, and the leaf is urged toward the frame until these hinges as ordinarily constructed require an parallel therewith which forces the shoulders 2| additional element to secure or look the hinge to and 22 in substantial engagement with the edges 1 a door or window frame. The principal object formed by the slots I3 thus providing a locking of my invention is to overcome the necessity for connection. Similarly the ends 24 of the lugs l9 additional locking elements and provide a hinge on leaf I6 are inserted in the slots of the door having a minimum number of parts constructed keeper plate and the shoulders 2| and 22 forced in a manner to be readily attached to a securing to engage the edges formed by the slots l3 to lock frame or removed therefrom without necessitatthis leaf to the keeper plate. ing the use of screws, or other securing devices. To remove the hinge or to detach one or both Another object of the invention is to preform one leaves from the keeper plates it is only necessary or both hinge leaves in a manner to provide lockto pull the hinge leaves from the keeper plates ing elements therein. Still another object is to and break the locking connections which may be 20 provide a novel spring and pintle connection for readily accomplished by inserting a wedge be- 20 the hinge leaves. tween the leaf bodies and forcing the door l4 In the accompanying drawing, Fig. l is a fragtoward the frame. This is readily done by partly mentary sectional view showing a door secured to opening the door I4 and spreading the hinge its frame with the hinge locked to each member. leaves l6 and I1 and then inserting a screw driver Fig. 2 is aplan view of ahinge keeper plate. Fig. or some suitable tool between the leaves at a 25 l 3 is a plan view of a butt or strap hinge in open point adjace the hinge S V 7 y urging the position. Fig. 4 is a sectional View onthe line 1001 to s fra fte the Wedge is ns ted 44 of Fig. 3 showing the spring and pintle the lugs I!) or 20 may be easily pulled out of the arrangement. apertures l3 in the keeper plates. When it is I Referring to the drawing wherein similar parts desired to attach the door to its frame, theleaves 30 will be indicated by like numerals, in shows a t a d a similarly spr d and held apart door frame having a recessed portion H which is y a Wedge in Order to Permit e s 24 0f the covered by a keeper plate l2 permanently secured leaves to be inserted in the slots l3 of the keeper tothe frame by suitable screws. The keeper plate plates and the shoulders 2| and 22 forced to I2 is provided with apertures I3 giving access to abut and form a locking connection with the the recess 1 l. A door I4 is likewise provided with slots H! of the keeper plates. a recessed portion l5 which is similarly covered In Fig. 4 is shown a ,novel spring connection y a keeper p a e 0f e -d s n a that for the hinge leaves which is inexpensive, efficient used on the door frame which is Permanently and easily assembled. The end pintle sleeves 6 Secured thereto and. provided apertures giV' and 1 of the leaves ar together means mg acces s to t recess of pins 30 which are securely held by the sleeves The P 15 formfgd of the lea'ves and 6 and rotatable in the sleeves 1. coil springs Shown m y are pvoted together by 3| and 32 are disposed between the pins 30 and means of mterloc mg 8 eaves and 1 formed on have their outer ends 25 and 26 respectively held by suitable slots in the sleeves I and their inner f g i g s g g gz gi ggg g ends 2! and 28 respectively held by suitable slots the leaf bodies. As shown clearly in Fig. l the in the central f lugs l9 and 20 are bent outwardly substantially Cooperatmg pmtles or Sprmg retalmhg at right angles from the leaf body providin bers 33 and 34 extend centrally of the springs and 50 shoulders 2| and then are bent again in the same are Provided with heads 35 and 35 respectively direction substantially at right angles to provide which act as Steps for e Outer ends of the shoulders 22 and connecting portions 23 between Springs to prevent binding against e p s 30- the shoulders which are approximately as wide as e inner ends of the pintles When assembled 65 the slotted'portions 3 and adapted to fit therein. abut in order to give rigidity and greater strength to the assembly and provide for simplicity in assembling the device.

It will be apparent from the foregoing description taken in connection with the single embodiment of the invention shown in the drawing that I have provided a spring hinge which is simple in construction and adapted to a variety of uses.

I claim:

1. A hinge comprising a pair of pivoted leaves,

a locking lug on at least one of said leaves, said lug having a connecting portion extending from the leaf body substantially at a right angle thereto, a central portion extending from the connecting portion to form a right angled shoulder therewith, said central portion lying substantially parallel to and out of the plane of theleaf body,

an upwardly extending portion forminga right angled shoulder with the central portion, and a free end portion extending at an angle away from the upwardly extending portion and lying out of the plane of the-leaf body and central portion, in combination with a plate having a slot therein for receiving the central portion of the lug inlocking engagement with said right angled v a, shoulders.

2 A hinge comprising a pair of hinge leaves having cooperating aligned sleeves, pintle means extending through said sleeves providing a pivotal connection, lugs on said leaves, each lug having I receiving the central portion of the lugs and locking'the hinge leaves in fixed position.

3. A'hinge comprising a pair of hinge leaves 1 having cooperating aligned sleeves, pintle means extending through said sleeves providing a pivotal connection, lugs on said leaves, .each lug having a connecting portion extending substantially at a right angle from each leaf body, a central portion extending at a rightangle from-the connecting portion and substantiallyparallel to and out of the plane of the leaf, an upwardly extending portion forming a right angle lockingshoulder with the central portion and a free endpor tion extending at an angle away-from the upwardly extending portion to be disposed out of,

the plane of said central portion and leaf body. GODFREY E, SUNDELL.

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