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Publication numberUS2211809 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1940
Filing dateJun 2, 1939
Priority dateJun 2, 1939
Publication numberUS 2211809 A, US 2211809A, US-A-2211809, US2211809 A, US2211809A
InventorsArthur Brewer James
Original AssigneeArthur Brewer James
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US 2211809 A
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J. A. BREWER Aug. 20, 1940.

PORTFOLIO Filed June 2, 1939 Patented Aug. 20, 1940 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2 Claims.

This invention relates to portfolios, particularly those intended for advertising purposes, and contemplates improved easel-type portfolios.

Portfolios usually have a cover comprising a pair of boards or cover elements hinged respectively to the edges of a back. A number of leaves are attached to the back and disposed between the boards to form a book.

In accordance with my invention, the above described structure is supplemented by a second cover, having two boards and back corresponding in widthto those of the first, but shorter. The covers are hinged to each other at their upper edges. Disposed between the two covers, so as to be concealed when the portfolio is closed, is a collapsible spacer which permits the lower edges of the two covers to be moved away from each other to a fixed degree when the portfolio is opened.

When the portfolio is closed, its structure is such that the two covers cannot be separated. In other words, my invention contemplates a portfolio having an inner cover comprising a first back member and two inner cover members hinged respectively to opposite edges of the first back member and an outer cover comprising a second back member of substantially the same Width as the first back member but shorter and disposed in aligmnent therewith, and two outer cover members hinged to opposite edges of the second back member and of substantially the same length, said covers being hinged to each other at their upper edges, and a collapsible spacer being disposed between and fastened to the two covers. Preferably the first or inner back member is an elongated rectangle with the inner covers hinged to its long parallel edges. The second or outer back member preferably is also rectangular. In preferred form the cover members are also rectangular and correspond to each other both in size and in shape.

For a further understanding of my invention, reference should be had to the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. 1 illustrates a form of the portfolio of my invention in which the second or outside cover is shorter than the inside cover so that the opened portfolio lies in a flatter position; and

Fig. 2 illustrates a detail of preferred type of spacer employed in the structures of Fig. 1.

Referring to Fig. l, the portfolio, in this instance of the loose-leaf type, comprises a pair of rectangular boards or inner cover members III, I I, corresponding to each other in size and shape, hinged respectively to the long edges of an elongated rectangular back piece I 2 of the same length as the boards but disposed between them. The back piece is provided With split rings, !3, l4, l5, or other conventional means for holding leaves (not shown). Hinged to the upper edge of an inner cover I6 formed by the boards II], II, and the back piece [2 is an outer cover 11, of the same width as the inner cover, but shorter. The outer cover comprises a second pair of rectangular boards or cover members l8, 19 which correspond in width to the boards of the inner cover. The boards of the outer cover are hinged at their inside edges to a second back piece 20 that is of substantially the same width as theba-ck piece I 2, but shorter.

When the portfolio is open, as in Fig. 1, the lower edge of the outer cover may be moved outward from the lower edge of the inside cover, but this movement is limited'by a pair of spacers 2!, 22. The spacer 2| comprises a pair of rectangular pieces 23, 24 of the same size. These pieces are hinged respectively at their outer edges to a point on the inner board Ill and to the lower edge of the outer board [8, and at their inner edges they are fastened together by a hinge 25, preferably so constructed that it will not permit the pieces to bend downward beyond the position at which they are parallel. (A simple means of preventing such downward movement is illustrated in Fig. 2, in which the pieces 23, 24 are of substantial thickness and are butted together with the hinge 25 on their lower abutting corners so that the pieces may bend upwardly quite freely but are prevented from bending downwardly by the abutting edges.) The remaining inside board and outside board are likewise held together by the spacer 22 formed of identical rectangular pieces 26, 2'! fastened respectively at their outside edges to the boards and together at their inside edges by a hinge 28. It is important that the pieces be of equal dimension from their inside edges to their outside edges; otherwise the outer cover will not close completely on the inside cover.

The members of the portfolio may be made of any sheet material, such as paste board or the various compositions employed by book binders. The spacers should be made of thin material to minimize obstruction in closing the outer cover against the inner cover, but the other members may be relatively thick.

When the portfolio is closed the outer cover hugs the inner cover and is held in this position so that the portfolio appears like one of the conventional type. However, when the portfolio is opened, the outer cover may be folded away from the inner and thus act as an easel. If the portfolio be set upon a level surface, paging through its leaves is facilitated.

The leaves may be bound in the portfolio either permanently or temporarily by any conventional means.

With portfolios of large size, such as those used for displaying fashion drawings, etc., it may be convenient to have the portfolio in a relatively flat position when open. With this object in View, the outer cover is made shorter than the inner cover.

Instead of the spacers illustrated, simple flexible members such as tape or string may be employed and the ends of the spacers may be fastened at any point on the adjacent cover surfaces instead of at their lower edges. Other modifications of the structures described herein will occur readily to those skilled in the art without, however, departing from the concepts of my invention.

I claim:

1. In a portfolio, the combination which comprises an elongated substantially rectangular inner back member, a pair of inner cover members corresponding in length to the inner back member and hinged respectively to the long edges of the inner back member, an outer substantially rectangular back member of substantially the same width as the inner back member but shorter than the inner back member and disposed in alinement therewith, a pair of outer cover members hinged respectively to the edges of the outer back member and corresponding in length to the outer back member, the inner pair of cover members being hinged at their upper edges to the upper edges of the corresponding outer cover members, and a collapsible spacer disposed between the inner cover members and the outer cover members and connected respectively to one of the inner cover members and the corresponding outer cover member, said collapsible spacer being substantially thinner in cross section than the cover members.

2. Apparatus according to claim 1 in which the collapsible spacer is fastened substantially to the lower edge of one of the outer cover members.


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