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Publication numberUS2213071 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1940
Filing dateNov 27, 1937
Priority dateNov 27, 1937
Publication numberUS 2213071 A, US 2213071A, US-A-2213071, US2213071 A, US2213071A
InventorsFrank Keller
Original AssigneeFrank Keller
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Putty knife
US 2213071 A
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ug. 27, 1940. F KELLER" 2,213,071

P-UTTY KNIFE Filed Nov. 27, 1937 man W (H125: il, \30


Patented Aug. 27, 1940 PATENT OFFICEA 2,213,071 PUTTY KNIFE Frank Keller, Pasadena, Calif.

Application November 27, 1937, serial No. 176,874

This invention relates to putty knives.

The general object of the invention is to provide a novel putty knife which has other implements combined therewith.

A more specific object of the invention is to provide a knife including a handle having a putty knife blade thereon and having pivoted operating blades also mounted thereon.

Another object of my invention is to provide a y novel means for holding a blade in a putty knife.

Other objects and the advantages of my invention will be apparent from the following descrip-` tion taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Fig. 1 is a top plan view, with the upper side plate removed, showing my invention;

Fig. 2 is a side elevation showing the invention;

Fig. 3 is a section taken on line 3 3 Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a section taken on line 4 4 Fig. 1;

Fig. 5 is a section taken on line 5 5 Fig. 2;

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary perspective View showing the putty knife blade; and

Fig. 7 is a section taken on line 1 1 Fig. 2.

Referring to the drawing 'byreference charac- 25 ters I have shown my invention as embodied in a putty Iknife .which is indicated generally at IIJ. Although my invention is referred to herein as a putty knife it will be understood that it may be used for other purposes without departing from 30 the spirit of the invention.

In the accompanying embodiment I employ a knife which includes a handle portion compcseo'( o'f side plates I2. These side plates are spaced apart and at one end near the upper edge y 35 thereof are provided with a transversely extending pivot in the form of arivet indicated at I3 which servesto unite the side plates together and to pivot-ally support a blade I4 which includes a screw driver I5 and a bottle opener I6.

Below the pivot I3 is a second pivot |'I which pivotally supports a. knife blade I3. Mounted between the side plates I2 I show a spring member I9 which is held in place by suitable rivets 20 and includes a bifurcated end providing arms 2| and 22. The arm 2| resiliently engages in a notch 23 in the blade I4 to hold the blade I4 open while the arm 22 resiliently engages in a notch 24 in the blade I3 to hold the blade I8 open. It will be understood that the arms 2| and 22 also serve to hold the blades closed in the dotted line position shown in Fig. 1.

Near the other end of the side plates I provide a stabilizer member 25 which is held in place by 5 rivets 26 and which includes a tongue 27 provided by converging edges 28 on the stabilizer. This tongue engages in a recess 29 in the end of a putty knife blade 30. This blade 30 is provided with spaced apertures 3| which are aligned with ap- 10 ertures 32 in the side plates and through which removable bolts 33 extend. By removing the bolts a new knife' blade 30 may be readily inserted.

In use the knife is assembled as shown and the 15 knife blade, bottle opener and screw driver may be employed by.the operator in his work. Also he will employ the blade 3l! for its purpose. Should this blade 30 become broken or wear out the bolts 33 are removed and a fresh blade insert- 20 ed. The tongue on the stabilizer coacting with the notch in the knife blade forms a wedging action and thus prevents a loose mounting of the blade 30.

From the foregoing description'it will be ap- 25 parent that I have invented a novel putty knife which can be economically manufactured and which is highly eiicient for its intended purpose.

Having thus described my invention I claim:

In a putty knife, a handle comprising a pair of 30 spaced side plates, said side plates having plane inner faces, a stabilizer member having parallel plane faces and disposed between said handle plates, mea-ns passing through said handle plates and said stabilizer member to hold said member in-place, said stabilizer member including an outwardly directed tongue having outwardly converging edges and a putty knife including a blade and an end portion having parallel plane faces andof the same thickness as that of the said two 40 members, said end portion having a notch therein, said notch having diverging sides parallel to the converging sides of said stabilizer, said stabilizer being spaced from one end of said knife and removable fastening means passing through said handle plates and through said putty knife blade.


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International ClassificationE04F21/00, E04F21/32, B44D3/10, B44D3/06
Cooperative ClassificationE04F21/32, B44D3/105
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