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Publication numberUS221455 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 11, 1879
Publication numberUS 221455 A, US 221455A, US-A-221455, US221455 A, US221455A
InventorsWilliam J. Gooihn
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Improvement in meat-preserving apparatus
US 221455 A
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w. I. GO ODIN. Meat-Preserving Apparatus.

No. 22l,455. Patented- Nov. 1:, 1879.


f; \viLLiAri- L- oo'onix, or omoixxn'ri,


I Specification forming part of Let-tors Patent No. 221,455, sarcasminii, 1919 1 "application into rim-en 10,4879. I

To all :iclmm it may concern Be it knownthat I,"W1LL1A1\I I. Goonia, of Cincinnati, Hamilton enmity, Ohio, have in vented certain new and useful Improvement-s iii h'leat-lreserving' Apparatus, of which the following is a specificatioin I r The object of this invention is to render more eflicicn t the form of meat-preserving apparatus seen in Letters Patent No. 207,268, issued tome August 20, 1878; andmy present apparatus is'constructed as follows: I make use of from wood or other substances, as seen in said patent; but instead of passing this t'umigatiug smoke through a cooler I reverse the operation and compel the smoke to traverse-a heater De 1 fore being utilized; This heater consists, preferably,- ot a drum or jacket, throng'lrwhich passes the discharge-pipe of the closed retort, and said drumis adapted to be filled with steam of an 5 suitable temperature -sa-y, from'200 to 500. Furthermore, this heater is traversed with a pipe proceeding-from a blower ofany approved construction, the objectof this blower being to force a current of warm air into the smoke-house, and cause said air to mingle with the-smoke discharged from the closed retort.

The advantage of this arrangement is that the smoke becomes highly rarefiedfand there- -forc itiascends more freely within the house and smhkes the meat without condensing on the same.

lnothe annexed drawing, Figure 1 is a verv ,tieal section of my imprhvcd meat-preserving 5 apparatus, and Fig. 2 is an axial-section of a modified formofthc heatert Th'e fnrnaee A, closed'retort B, and discharge-pipefl, being thesamc as seen in the patent previously alluded to, need no further description.

The: last section of pipe 0 traverses ajacket or drum, 1), which drum is filled with steam b i' menirsot' pipe E, having a valve, F, itbe ing designed to maintain the steam in this drum at a temperature of about 30m. For; 'tliei-inore, this drum is traversed witha pipe, (i, proceeding-lrom any approved forni of blower, Il, which blower-may be driven w-ith-- 'nn v convenient power.

The outlets of pipes C G are located in the eellarl oi siiioke-hoase'J, suitable openings'K being made to permit the ascent of the fnmi- I construction is modified as follows: A branch pipe, N, iscoi nected to. pipe 0, so as to disehargethe wood smoke directli into house J,- dampers 0' B being provided wherewith'to regulate the direction in which-,this current shall flow. V i v {She operation of my apparatus is as follows House J having been properly filled with meat, steam is admitted into the drum l), and blower Histhcn set in rhotiom-so as to force a current-of air through pipe G, which air is thereby heated bet'ore'esea pin g into the cellar I. As soon as this hot air has warmed up the meat and taken the chill oft of the walls of house J furnace A is fired up, and the smoke produced by the destructivedistillation of -wood in closed retort B is discharged through pipe G into house J, considerable warmth being imparted to said smokeas it traverses the heater 1). Now, as the currents of smoke and warm air are with each other, it is evident they at once mingle in the most intimate'manner, and the smoke, being thereby thoroughly rarefied by the air, ascends freely and soon fills the entire house. As aresnlt of this raret'aetion oi the wood smoke, the meat in the upper part of the house is cured in as thorough a manner as is the meat in .the lower tiers, \\'lli('ll is a ga-eat,

advantage over the process described in my old patent.

With the old apparatus the smoke produced was very rich and dense, and ascended quite slowly within the house; consequently the lower tiers of meat'were Another objection to the old process was the discoloration of the meat h the cooled smoke conde 'ising on the same, which serious ditiieulty is entirely obviated by using my new apparatus.

discharged in close proximity thoroughly smokedhefore the meat ii the upper stories had bep When theu'enther is quite warm steam may be shut off from drum D and the use of blower 'II-'discontin'licd, the dampers 0 P being then.

set to discharge the smoke from retort B directly through pipes O N intohouse J. ,It is evident the invention may be modified y-coiling the pipes G and G within the drum D, soas to impart a greater degree of heat both to' the wood smoke and air. Finally, these pipes 0 and G may discharge into an annular drum, R, surrounding a steam-cham- -bcr, S, a passage, ,T, being formed at one end-- of said drum .to allow the smoke and: hot air to escape through 1 common discharge-pipe,

U, which pipe may be bent upwardly to give the proper direction to the currents of vapor;

orrthe pipe 0 may enter at one side of the house, while the heater D and pipe G may-be locatcdat the opposite side of the same, orat any other. part of said house, as the feature of warm air to enter the receptacle I and mingle with the fumigating-vapors discharged from a elosed retort.

I claim as my.inventiol1-.-

An improved meat preser-ving npparntus,

consisting of a closedretort; B, aml'discharge pipe 0, combined with heater D, pipe G, and

blower-H, substantially as herein described,

and for the purpose set forth.

-. In :testimonyof which invention hereunto set my hand. i

WILLIAM I, 'eoonm'.

' Witnesses: v p p ams H. tum,- mnxm D.-Jo1ms.-

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