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Publication numberUS2215348 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1940
Filing dateMar 31, 1938
Priority dateSep 7, 1936
Publication numberUS 2215348 A, US 2215348A, US-A-2215348, US2215348 A, US2215348A
InventorsFraser Cowan Alan
Original AssigneeFraser Cowan Alan
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Carton for biscuits
US 2215348 A
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Se t. 17, l940- A. F. coWAN cARTON FOR BScUITs Fed March 31 1938 Pafenfed Sepf, 17, 1940 UNITED STATES oABToN f'oB BISooITs A1an fasef covvan, south ofoydon, Soffoy, Eng1ad AppHootio1111ofoh 31, 1938, sefia1 To 199,164

In Great Bfn septombof '7, 1936 5 olaims.

ThiS invention felateS to caftons for bisouitS of the 1ike.

The o1ain objeot of the invention is to pfoduce a sin1ple. cheap and effective cafton which can be easily opened, and anothef objeot is to pfovide a construction of oafton whioh gives figidfty, and vvhen required, air-tight attfibutes, and vVhich Wi11 pfovide a stefile paok.

A cafton fof biscujts of the like aocofding to the invention oon1priseS in con1bination a body poftion the Wa11s of vv11ioh have longitudina1 edges pfotruding as apS to the body, Said edgeS being Seoured together to con1plete the body poftion and inset ends having f1ange poftions engaging ovef be torn back to provide an opening to the body poftion The caTton ITlay be of circular of olygonal o cfosS section, though aS hereafter explained a pfe feffed efnbodin1ent of the invention consists in the fofInation of a cafton of feotangulaf ofosS soction pfefefably a oafton vvith Seoufing ends.

The body poftion and endS Inay be lTlade in one piece and eaoh end inset of the ends I11ay be Sepa fate and nlade fof exanlple ffon1 Sheet fneta1 so aS to enhance the Tigidity of the cafton.

The f1ange portions of the inset end Inay be seoured to the ends of the body poftion and/of the f1alps Inay be Secufed togethef by ofin1ping of grooving.

1n ofdeI' that the invention fnay be n1ofe o1eaf 1y undefstood a pfefeffed eInbodiInent Wi11 now be desofibed by vvay of exan1ple vvith fefefenoe to the accon1panying dfang.

In the dfaWing= gufe 1 inustfates the pfefeffed foffn of blank fof 1T1aking the oafton;

igufe 2 is a section on the line 1111 of 1 ,igufe 1;

1 igufe 3 is a pefSpective view shovving the nlanipulotion of the blank to fo1'm aJ cafton as hefeaftef descfibed, and

Figufe iS a ffagInentofy piotofia1 view ShoW ing the cafton asSenlbled ready for fi11ing, part of the flap on the ffont of the oafton being bfoken away at the end to Inofe clearly Show the joint betvveen the end and the Wans of the cafton;

'ig11fe 5 is al seotion on 1ine vv, ffgure 3.

In the dravving like feferences designate the Same of siInilaf pafts.

Befefring now to the drawing it win be seen that the blank conlpfises a Inafn poftion Scored tfansvefSely along the line l to fofIn poftionS 11, B C and D. The portions B and C afe of equa1 afea but the poftions 11 and D afe gfeatef by vvidth of the sealing flaps 2 foI' the cafton ao oording to the invention. 111eportion 11 of the blank pfovides the 1id fof the carton and the pof tion 1) the front, So that if the blank is folded up along the vveakening lines l a tube of fectangulaf seotion is foTIned which includes o longitudina1 joint where the flaps 2 on the lid and on the ffont of the cafton overlalp each other.

The poftions of the blank providing the napS 2 afe n1ade sepafablo froIn the oontiguous portions 11 D of the blank by perfofating of S1itting at intefvalS the portions A, 1) to fofIn teafing lines 3.

The ends E1 for the cafton Inay be nlade sepaJ- fate but in the exaInple Shovvn afe integfa1 With the body of the carton, beif1g staInped out ffofn the Same blank. ocofding1y aS shown in F igllfe 1 the blalnk inolndes latefa1 extensions to the poftion c, Which fofms the bottoIn of the blank. T11eSe end portions 1= each has a pefiphefa1 ex tenSion ffoIn each of the thfee ffee sides. 111e extensions afe identied by the refefenoe e and each extension is Scofed of ofeaSed along a Inedia1 1ine indicated at 4 so that each pefiphefa1 portion of the blank paftS 1 oan be folded on itself as clearly Shown in 1 'igure 5 to pfovide a usha ed channe1 IneInbef along each ffee side and in ofdef that these chonne1s nlay be dispoSed With fegard to the bottoIn of the cafton so alS to fe oeive the juxtaposed edges of the back and ffont of the oarton, the end poftions E1 afe ofeaSed along the lines 5 to provide hinge1ines para11e1 With the jointing 1if1e betWeeff tho botton1 and end poftions c and B So that each end can be folded on ftself inWafdly alS indfcated in gufe 3 on to the pof tion C of the blank.

The channels at the side of oach end portion tefn1inate at the hinge line5 so that When the end is dispoSed at fight aogles to the bottom it Will be inSet vvith fegard to the back and front wa11s of the cafton to an extent equal to the Width of the stfip between the hinge line 5 and the jointing line oonnecting the poftion With the poftion c.

vVith the poftion folded up as indicated in 1 igu e 3 the aofual fold of the channe1 at each side of the end B Win be diSposed so that the juxtaposed edge of the baok B and ffont D of the

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