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Publication numberUS2216299 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 1, 1940
Filing dateOct 15, 1938
Priority dateOct 15, 1938
Publication numberUS 2216299 A, US 2216299A, US-A-2216299, US2216299 A, US2216299A
InventorsSchilling Paul A
Original AssigneeWaldorf Paper Prod Co
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US 2216299 A
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0d. l,V 1940.

P. Ay SCHILLING BOX Filed Oct. 15, 1938 I 1 I I I I I I I I I n ,I I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I a n u I. I I I :bwa/wko@ 'Paul A'. Schlli I Patented oct. 1, 1940 2,216,299


`Paul A. Schilling, St:` Paul, Minn., assigner to Waldorf Paper Products Company, St. Paul, Minn.,acorporation of Minnesota Application October 15, 1988, Serial No. 235,189 v,4 claims. (ci. 22e-rb My inventionrelates-to boxes and has for an .lin the drawing; object to provide a box capable of sustaining Fig. l is a perspective view oi the box illustratrelatively great weight. ing an embodiment oil my invention.

An object oi the invention resides in construct- Fig. 2 is a sectional detail view taken on line4 ing the box with hand holes through which the 2 2 oi Fig. l and drawn to a larger scale. n

Fingers may be inserted in handling the box and Fig. 3 is an elevational sectional detail view in providing reinforcing means associated with taken online d-t oi' Fig. 2. the box above the hand holes vlor transmitting Fig. 'i is a developed view of the blank from the load of the box to the hands. y n which the box in Fig. l is construtced. V

lo Another object ofthe invention resides incon- In the handling oi rather heavy articles, such ld structing the box with lateral walls and with one as beer bottles and the like, considerable strain or more flaps issuing from the upper edges ,oi is exerted upon the portions oi the box gripped the lateral walls vand adapted to be folded into by the person handling the same. The present overlying position to provide a closure for the invention provides a box which can be readily lo box and in forming one or more of the flaps with handled and in which the load is so distributed l5 flanges depending therefIOm and. adapted to lie as to reduce the strains and stresses on the varialong the inner surfaces of the walls from which ous parts oi the box. the flaps issue. For the production or my invention i use a Another object of the invention resides in problank Ill constructed of paper board of suitable vidng hand holes in the walls along which the characteristics and thickness. This board may 20 flanges lie and in arranging said hand holes imbe what is yordinarily termed fibre board or a mediately below said nanges so asto permit of corrugated o'r any other suitable paper product the grasping of the flanges in the handling of may be fused. The blank I0 is rectangular in the box. form 'and is provided with two spaced longiy Another object of the invention resides in contudinally extending scores II and I2 which ex- 25 structing the box of paper and in forming the tend throughout the length of the blank. In flanges by doubling back portions of the blank addition, a number of transverse scores I3, I4 from which the box is constructed adjacent the and I5 are provided which extend between the lateral walls of the box to' form flanges of doublev scores II and l2. The various scores divide the thickness adapted to lie along the inner surfaces blank into lateral Walls including side walls `II 30 of the walls from which the flaps issue. and I1 and end walls I8 and I9. The marginal A still further object of the invention resides portions of the blank, outwardly of the scores in forming the hand hOles by Striking tabs out II and I2, are sheared along lines 2I which diof the Walls of the box, said tabs being hingedly vide the said marginal portions of the blank into '35 connected to the Walls from which the same are extensions 22, 23, 24 and 25 extending from the 36 formed, said tabs being adapted to be bent into* upper edges of the lateral walls of the box and the interior of the box and to overlle the' anges with similar cxtensionsl, 21, 28 and 29 extendv issuing from the flaps COIlleCted t0 Said Walls ing from the lower edges of the lateral walls.

A feature of the invention resides in construct- The extenswm 12 and 24 are further foi-med with 4o ing the blank from which the box yis formed With spaced parallel scores 3l and 32 which divide the 40 extensions extending from the upper ends ofthe extensions 22 and 24 into aps 33 and narrow Walls @o be.remford and m constructing each elongated portions 34 and 35 between the scores extension with spaced parallel scoresforming two 3| 32 and H and disposed adjacent the upper elongated portions adapted to be folded in over' edges of the walls I8 and I9 Shortly below the t lying positiln tt) form a flange of double thickscore II the two end walls. I8 and I9 are cut 45 ness on eac ex ens1on. Y Y

Another object of the invention resides 11111 m12- olglemslrgs lndggor'aar'llgn lle corl ing each tab at its uni'omwith the wa m which it is constructed along a line' parallel with Scores tabs 42. are Struck out 0f -the Said Walls the ange connected to said wall and immedigllortsgagoofgllflav 13H0 atel below the same. A

otner objects of the invention reside in the tabs 42 arof suph dimensions and the position novel combination and arrangementof parts and of the score 4I 1s such that the upper edge of in the details of construction hereinafter illusthe tab 42 when folded upon the 1nter1or of tlfe rated and/or described. box, extends to within a .distance of the score 55 it less than the width oi the elongated portions 3d and S5.

In the construction of the box, the two edges and tl of the blank l@ are joined together with a suitable strip of fabric or some other suitable material indicated at d. When the box is to be erected, the box is shifted into rectangular form and the extensions 2t, 2l, 23 and 29, which serve as flaps, are folded inwardly and glued together, -forming a bottom for the box. Thereafter the extensions Z and Ztl are folded along the scores ll, 32 and 3i to cause the portions 3d and 35 to lie adjacent one another and to extend inwardly into the box from the fiap'33. The two portions 34% and 35 form a flange which,l I have indicated by the reference numeral 38 in Figs. 2 and 3 and which issues inwardly into the box and lies along the inner surface of the walls iii and i9. After the box has been lled, the flaps 22 and 265 and the extensions 23 andd, which also serve as aps, are folded inwardly and the parts glued together. If desired, glue may be placed between the two elongated portions til and 3E and the portion 315 also glued to the inner surface of the wall from which it issues. Score 3l forms a hinge for the ap 33 and the particular wall with which it is connected when the flange 38 is glued to wall i3, while either score 3i or ii may serve as a hinge when flange 3S is free from said wall. The various flaps, upon being folded into overlying position, are glued together andthe box becomes closed. In the handling of the box, the tabs t2 are forced inwardly by the fingers and the fingers directed upwardly to swing the tabs into position to overlie the flanges 3B. This forms hand holds b y means of which the box may be lifted. The box may then be handled in the customary manner and the fingers held against the said tabs to cause the same to occupy the desired positions. While so disposed,l the flanges 38 are held adjacent the walls from which they issue and serve to reinforce the said walls Aand to transmit the stresses from the load to the fingers of the user.

My invention is highly advantageous in that an extremely simple and practical construction is provided whereby boxes for use in holding relatively heavy articles mayfbe constructed entirely from paper. With my invention, suitable reinforcing means are provided at the hand holes so that breakage of the box is prevented and the stresses at the weaker portion of the box greatly reduced. My invention can be constructed with ordinary machinery now available for the construction of the boxes and without appreciable additional expense.

Changes in the specific form of my invention, as herein disclosed, may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of my. invention.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protectl by Letters Patent is:

l. A box comprising lateral walls and a bottom connected therewith, a closure ap extending outwardly from the upper end of one of said lateral walls, said flap having a fiange projecting therefrom and when the closure ap is in closing position being adapted to extend downwardly into the box in juxtaposition with respect to the lateral wall from which said flap issues, and a tab on said denoted lateral wall adapted to overlie said flange.

2. A box comprising lateral walls and a bottom connected therewith, closure naps extending from two opposite walls of the box, said closure naps having flanges projecting therefrom and adapted tooverlie the inner surface of said walls when the fiaps are in closing position, and tabs issuing inwardly from said Walls and overlying said flanges.`

3. A box constructed of paper and comprising lateral walls and a, bottom connected therewith, a closure flap having a hinge connection to one of saidlateral walls the material from` which said nap is constructed being doubled back to form a. flange of double thickness at said hinge connection adapted to overlie said denoted wall upon the interior thereof, and a tab struck out of said denoted wall and adapted to overlie said flange and to form a hand hold, said flange aiding in distributing the load from the bottom to said hand hold. I

4. A box constructed of paper and comprising lateral walls and a bottom connected therewith, an extension formed on the upper end of one of said walls, said extension being formed with a score extending along the upper edge of said wall and with two other scores parallel therewith and spaced apart to form two transversely extending elongated portions of equal width and a flap therebeyond, said extension being folded along said scores to cause said elongated portions of the extension to lie in juxtaposition and form a flange of double thickness issuing from said flap at the first-named score and adapted to overlie the inner surface of said wall, and a tab struck out of said denoted wall ata locality below said flange and connected to said wall by a score parallel with the upper edge of said wall, and situated immediately below said flange, said tab being adapted to be folded inwardly into the box in a position overlying said flange.


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