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Publication numberUS2217863 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1940
Filing dateDec 22, 1937
Priority dateDec 22, 1937
Publication numberUS 2217863 A, US 2217863A, US-A-2217863, US2217863 A, US2217863A
InventorsGerber Jr William L
Original AssigneeVerbury Inc
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Sewing machine lighting attachment
US 2217863 A
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Oct. 15, 1940. w. GERBER, JR I 2,217,863


A TORNEY Patented Oct. 15, 1940 SEWING MACHINE LIGHTING'ATTACHMENT William L. Gerber, Jr, Kansas City, Mo., assignor tion of Missouri to Verbury, Inc., Kansas City, Mo., a corpora- Application December 22, 1937, Serial No. 181,132

1 Claim. (01. 240-2.14)

My invention relates to sewing machines and more particularly to a novel combination of a sewing machine provided with means for illuminating the needle bar and work.

It has been suggested to illuminate the needle bar and work area of a sewing machine by the provision of lighting means attached to one side, the back or within the face of the sewing machine head. These suggestions, while facilitating the handling of the work, have had a disadvantage of casting shadows.

One object of my invention is to provide, in combination with a sewing machine, means for illuminating the needle bar and work area with a concentrated, substantially shadowless light.

Another object of my invention is to provide means for providing a sewing machine with illumination over the working area to facilitate the handling of the work and resulting in more accurate work.

Other and further objects of my invention will appear from the following description.

In the accompanying drawing which forms part of the instant specification and is to be read in conjunction therewith and in which like reference numerals are used to indicate like parts in the various views,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a sewingmachine head, provided with a lighting arrangement embodying one modeof carrying out my invention.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the lighting arrangement removed from the sewing machine head.

Figure 3 is a sectional view through the reflectors, and support therefor.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary detail view showing another type of reflector embodying my invention.

In general, my invention contemplates the provision of light sources on both sides of the head of the sewing machine head in order to eliminate shadows which would otherwise be created by the use of a single light source. While I have shown the light arrangement removably supported from the arm of the head, it is to be understood that the support may be made integral with the head, if desired, the salient feature of the invention being the positioning of light sources on both sides of the head.

More particularly referring now to the drawing, secured to the arm I of the sewing machine is a bracket 2. This bracket may be of any suitable design and is shown to comprise a member 3 adapted to embrace the arm I and is. secured I Figure 1.

thereto by means of a bolt 4. Telescoped within the bracket 2 is a member 5 which is secured against relative rotation by means of a clamp 6 which is tightened by bolt I. The member 5 is provided with a bifurcated end and supports a tube I by means of member 8. The conducting cable 9 passes through the tube I which is bent, as clearly shown in the drawing, and acts as a support for a member III to which a pair of reflectors II and cause the source of light is two-fold and disposed on opposite sides of the needle bar, any

.shadows cast by the head I5 or the needle bar I8 will be substantially eliminated. In other words, the shadows cast bythe lamp I! under reflector II will be to the right, as viewed in These shadows will be illuminated by the rays from incandescent lamp I6.

Referring'now to Figure 4, it will be seen that the reflector I9 is U-shaped. This reflector may contain a U-shaped neon tube or a plurality of incandescent lamps and is adapted to carry out my invention in that it may embrace the head I5 of the sewing machine head and provide light from opposite sides of the head, furnishing a concentrated, substantially shadowless light in the working area.

By means of my invention, sewing machine operatorsare enabled to-do more accurate work. They are able to work for longer intervals without the undue strain heretofore experienced due to the poor illumination existing. This reduces fatigue usually accompanyingclose work such as sewing.

It has been a difficult matter to properly light the working area around the needle bar of a sewing machine. It will be observed that my invention positions the sources of light where they are enabled to accomplish the objects of my invention without interfering with the working parts of the sewing machine.

It will be understood thatcert'ain features and I2 are adjustably secured bymeans of bolts I3. The member ID is provided sub-combinations are of utility and may be em- 5 candescent lamps.

means, means for securing said supporting means to said arm, an elongated hollow member and a cross piece carried by said supporting means, means for adjustably positioning a pair of reflectors on said cross piece, a pair of incandescent lamps mounted within said reflectors, said reflectors being disposed on opposite sides of said head and below the arm thereby providing shadowlessillumination adjacent the needle bar, and electric conductors positioned within said elongated member for supplying energy to said in- WILLIAM L. GERBER, J R.

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U.S. Classification362/90, 362/275
International ClassificationD05B79/00
Cooperative ClassificationD05B79/00
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