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Publication numberUS2218396 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1940
Filing dateJul 11, 1939
Priority dateJul 11, 1939
Publication numberUS 2218396 A, US 2218396A, US-A-2218396, US2218396 A, US2218396A
InventorsOtto Hallbauer
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US 2218396 A
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` Filed' Julyll, i959 2 Sheets-Shea 1 32 INVENTOR. OTTO 649445005? 7 Mn ORA/EY'` Patented Oct. l5, 1940" amasar Y i i L iLtumAfrING mivloi': Foarooknrnooxs l Otto Hallbauer, Grantwood,` r i nnnnetien Jnly `1,1, 1939, serial ne, 283,743,

` invention relatesftoMiniprovenients "in illuminatin'g'idevicethereforLj t "Anobject ofthe invention is topr` vide an im- I proved illuminatingedevice olflsiiriplev and practical construction which may be readily mounted `naclosure memberof a pocketbook and so `arrangedwith respect to an` opening in said `member thattheraysiof light fromthe device will Il be directed outwardly through said openlngwhen saiciosure" member` is closed and will also inuminate theinterior ofthe pocketbook when the saldmember is opened.

The above and other objects will t appear more clearly from thefollowing detailed description when takenin connection .withfthe accompanylng drawings which illustrate preferredembodiments of the inventive idea. In the drawings? n `Figure 1 is a perspectivevlewbf a ioldable pocketixiokv snowing," ine i1iuminating device of thepresentinvention mounted upon the closure closed position.A

"ilap of the `pocketbook, "with said `rnezrlber inA t u Figure 2` n i e sinner new, fwnn the ensure memberin opened position." X N x vation partlybroken Figure 3 `is an endV ele away and shown in section.

Figure 4 is a section on the yline* 4-4 of Figlo ure`2.` i r Figure 5 is a perspective view of a frame type ofl pocketbook showing the' invention applied thereto.

Figure 6 is an end elevation of the pocketbook u of Figure `5, partly brokenrawayand shown in section, and i Figure 7 is a section on the line 1-1 of Fig-` `ure5." l,

Referring more particularly to Figures l to 4 l im of the drawings, the numeral I0 indicates the body of a pocketbookwhich includes a closure member or ailap `I I. The interior ofthe pocketbook is providedwith a lining I2 and at a convenient point, preferably adjacent the folding 45 portion of the ap II, the latter and said lining are provided gwith an opening I3 through which the rays of light `from an incandescent lamp Il may pass outwardly either when the closure flap IIV is in its closed or opened position, said lamp u being preferably mounted upon the interior suri face of the ilap I I injuxtaposition to the opening Il. The mounting for thellamp I4 comprises a rectangular plate I5 secured to the outer surface oi the `flap Il and provided with an elongated j. opening I6 which registers with the opening I3 `ketbooks and has particularreiference'tdanv in` theflapQr'Irhis plate is securedtothecloi sure flapby means of the screws I1 which extend i, throughthe plate and t said flap II and intoa pair of socket members I8 and I9l which constitute asupport for the lamp I4; The socket mern- I ber, I8 is provided therein` with a recess 20 adapted toreceive one terminal of the lamp- I4 i and within said recess there isldisposed a Vspring pressed",plunger` 2| `urged outwardly by its` spring to engagethe `adjacent `end of `the' lamp so as to form an electrical conductor therefor through which Vthe current` ,for illuminating the-xlarnp passes. `Said `lamp His surrounded by-a tubular glass inclosure 22 the lendsof,which bear against the socketmembers I8, I9 so `asto be retained u in position thereby.

L Within the socketmen'iber I9 `there is disposed i an insulated sleeve 23` Whichlsurroundsan electrlcal" contact member 24 the rear end of which i is spaced from the adjacent terminal of the lamp l' Il. l ,A switch includinga contact `25 is slidably mounted within the socket member AI9with said tentent disposed within the member 24 for movement toward and `away from the `adjacent terminal of the lampv to make `and break the elec- .l tricalconnection therewith.A A-small studb26` on the member "25 is` engageable in recesses 21 formed on the inner wall oi' the member 24 so as to frictionally retain the contact 25 in its operative and inoperative positions. switch arm 28 for ,the switch has its inner end connected to the member 25 and projects through an elongated recess 29 `formed in the insulated sleeve 23 and socket member I9, and the head 30 of said` handle is arrangedexteriorly of said u socket member so that the contact 2,5 may be adjusted. f l

A suitable source of current such as a small dry cell 3l is conveniently positioned in the body oi" the pocketbook at the bottom thereof between n lthe `lining I2` and the outer Wall of lthe pocketbook, and conductors 32 and 33 leading from said battery 3| are connected, respectively, to the terminal member 24 and the socket member I 9 so that when the contact member 25 is inr engages back to the conductor 33 through the mounting 5 V plate I5, the screws I1 acting as conductors in this circuit. 1

With the lamp I4 mounted upon the interiorv "surface of the riep Il, it wiu be apparent thatthe.

raysI of light from said lamp will pass outwardly u A handle or I0 through the openings I3 and I6 whether theiiap Il is opened or closed, and that when said iiap Il is opened as in Figure 2, the rays of light from said lamp will illuminate the interior of the pocketbook.

Theinvention is shown in Figures 5 to 7 lin its adaptation to a frame type of pocketbook including a body portion having the closure member 34 provided with a lining 35 and having an opening 36 therein similar to the opening I3. The apertured mounting plate 31 is secured to the closure 34 by means of screws 38 which also secure the socket members 39 and 40 to thev interior surface of the closure member 34. The lamp 4l is'removably held Within said socket members with one end of the lamp being engaged by the spring pressed plunger 42 disposed within the socket member 39.' An insulated sleeve 43 is mounted in the socket member 40 and surrounds the terminal 44 within which isslidably mounted the contact 45 adapted for adjustment into and out of vengagement with the adjacent terminal of the lamp 4I, said contact 45 being frictionally maintained in its adjusted positions by means of a stud 46 engageable in recesses 41 in the terminal 44. Said ycontact 45 is provided with a handle or arm 49 which extends 'through an elongated slot 50 with the`head'5l of said handleslidably engaged with the mounting plate 31 so that the switch may be manipulated from Ithe interior arrangement of said'switch in the first modiiication herein de- -scribed.- Conductors 52 and 53 'are`connected,

Vbe obvious that the rays of light from the lamp 4I Vwill pass outwardly'through thefopening 36 whether the'pocketbook be closed or opened, and that said rays willf also illuminate the interior of `the pocketbook'Whenvthle latter is'opened 'as in Figure 6.

W'hat is claimed is:

1. An illuminating device for pocketbooks comprising, in combination, a closure for a pocketbook having an opening therethrough, a mounting plate secured to said closure and having an aperture registering with said opening, a lamp support including socket members secured to the interior of said closure adjacent said opening, fastening means for securing said plate and socket members to said closure, an electrical contact disposed Within one of said socket members, an insulating sleeve surrounding said contact member to insulateit from saidl socket member, a lamp supported by said socket members in juxtaposition to said opening, a switch slidably mounted within and engaging said electrical contact for movement into and out of engagement with said lamp vand having a handle projecting through vand slidablel in said mounting plate, and an electrical circuit for said lamp including said socket vmember, contact and said fastening means.

an insulating sleeve surrounding said contact member to insulate it from said socket member, a lamp supported by said. socket members in juxtaposition to said opening, a switch slidably mounted within and engaging said electrical contact for movement into and out of engagement with said lamp and having a handle projecting through and slidable in said mounting plate, said switch and contact having interengaging means for releasably retaining the switch in different positions of adjustment, and an electrical circuity for said lamp including said socket member, contact and said fastening means.

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International ClassificationA45C15/06, A45C15/00
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European ClassificationA45C15/06