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Publication numberUS2219487 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1940
Filing dateOct 27, 1938
Priority dateOct 27, 1938
Publication numberUS 2219487 A, US 2219487A, US-A-2219487, US2219487 A, US2219487A
InventorsRobert Nyden
Original AssigneeRobert Nyden
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Sheet metal container
US 2219487 A
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Patented Oct. 29, 1940i PATENT oFFlcE The improved sheet metal container compris ingthe present invention Isprimarily vadapted for use in the dispensing of medicinal products in tablet or powder form.-

.Heretofore, various dispensing' containers of this type have been in general use, some consisting of a cover having a dispensing op ning in the top thereof together with a rotary edict-oil.' for the opening formed on the' body portio of the con- .m tainer. Access to the interior oi t e container for dispensing purposes is obtained by turning the cover and body portion of the container relative to each other. Other dispensing containers consist of a body portion having a dispensing v opening in the side wall thereof, together with a rotary cut-oit for the opening formed on the d epending cover fiange. Similarly, the dispensing opening is uncovered by turning the cover and body portion relative to each other. Still other dispensing containers have a. dispensing openingv in the cover or. elsewhere 'that isA covered and uncovered by an independent rotary or sliding cutoff device. In all of these types of dispensing containers it is necessary to utilize both hands to vactuate the rotary or sliding cut-off device as the case may be The principal object of the presentinvention is to provide an improved dispensing container having a dispensing opening associated therewith,I together with a sliding cut-off therefor which may be' convenientlyv actuated by manipulation of the container in one hand. In carrying out the above mentioned object, the invention brleily contemplates the provision 85 of a container body having a cover hinged there- .to for rocking movement thereon from open to closed position -and vice versa in such a manner .'that the rocking action may b conveniently ef'- fected by applying pressure to the container with one hand. A dispensing opening provided in the side wall of the container is adapted to be covered and uncovered bysuch rocking movement.

of the cover. f

' Other objects of the invention, not at this time enumerated, will become apparent hereinafter.

In the drawing: Fig. 1 is a perspective'view of a container constructed in accordance with the principles of the' vpresent invention and illustrating the manner in 4'50 which the dispensing opening therein is opened.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the closed container, certain parts being4 broken away to reveal the nature of thev invention;

Fig. 3v is a sectional view taken substantially i alongtheline 3-3ofFlg.2;

Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken substantially (along the line 4 4 of IFig. 2;

Fig'. 5 is a sectional view taken substantially along the line 5-5 of Fig. 2; and

Y Fig. 46 is a fragmentary sidel' elevationaly view vI5 of the container showing the pivotal support for the cover on the .body portion thereof. v

In the drawing, a. container body III of shallow and generally rectangular form and having rounded corners is provided with a bottom II l0 havingcontinuous upstanding side and end walls I2 and I3 respectively, One front corner of the' body I0 is cut away to an extent less than the full height ofthe container bodv to provide a dispensing opening Il. l5

A cover I5 conforming generally in configuration to that of the body I0, and including a top I5 and depending side and end flanges I I and I8 is pivoted for rocking movement to the body III,

the pivotal connection between the two parts con- 20 sisting of registering protuberances I9 and 20 formed in alignment in the side Walls and side 'anges of the body I0 and cover I5 respectively. The protuberances I9 and 20 are spaced inwardly from the rear end wall I3 and end ilange yI8 25 a short distance. Outwardly pressed guides 2| are formed at the lower .edge of the cover side 'flanges I'I in the immediate vicinity of the prolIs'uberances 20 to facilitate guiding the protuberances I5 into register with the protuberances 20 80 in the assembly of the cover I5 on thebody I0. The overall height of the side and end anges l1 and I8 is less than that of the side and end walls I2 andv I3 so that no sharp edgesare pre- `sented at the bottom of the container when the latter is closed. Cut-away portions 22 at the upper edges of the side walls I2 and similar cutaway portions 23 at the lower edges of the side ilangesll at the rear of th'e container provide clearancesl in order that the ,cover may be rocked 40 from closed toopen position on the body III.

Locking protuberances 2l and 25vformed onv the front cover end flange I8 and front end wall I 3 respectively'serve to yieldingiy maintainthe cover closed on the body. The height of the container is somewhat greater than the thickness of the tablets T adapted to be contained therein. 'I'he tablets T are insulatedfrom the bottom II by a sheet of paper 25 or other lining material. Similarly, a second I0 sheet of lining material 21 insulates the tablets T from the top I6 and is held in contact with the upper surfaces of the tablets by inwardly pressed'retaining lugs 28 formed at the upper edge of the side walls I2.

It is to be noted that in the closed positionv of the container the opening I4 is covered by one corner where the side and end iianges I1 and I8 meet. In the open position of the container as shown in Fig. 1, the opening Il is uncovered and a slot is formed of suilioient Width to permit the tablets to be poured from the container. Opening of the container is effected by applying pressure to the container as shown in Fig. 1 at the rear thereof.

Modifications may be resorted to within the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

I claim:!

1. In a sheet metal box, a body of angular form arranged with a vertical side wall having a cutout corner portion at one side of the transverse center of the body, and a correspondingly shaped cover having a depending flange to embrace the Side wall of the body pivotally supported at op- `posite portions of the flange by the side wall of the body .tohave rocking movement on an axis extending transversely of the body, said cover flange and the side Wall of the body intermediate and at the side of the pivot support of the cover opposite the vcut-out corner portion of the side Wall of the body being cut away, and the cover ange adapted to cover the cut-out portion of the body Wall in the normal position of the cover on the body and uncover said cut-out portion of the body by a rocking movement of the cover imparted thereto by a pressure applied to the cover at the side of the pivotal support thereof arranged laterally offset portions adapted to be interengaged to support the cover to have pivotal rocking movement on the side wall of the body, the marginalv portions of the cover ange and the side Wall of the body nearer and intermediate the pivot support of the cover being cut away andthe side Wall of the body opposite the cut-away portion having a cut-out portion of predetermined width, Asaid cover flange in the normal position of the cover on the box body covering the cutout portion of the body Wall and adapted to uncover said cut-outportion of the-body wall by a rocking movement impartedto the cover by pressure applied to the portion of the cover with the cut-away iiange portion, and said cut-away portions of the cover ange and side wall of the body arranged to limit said rocking movement of the cover to uncover the cut-out portion in the side wall of the body and maintain the box opening covered in al1 positions of the cover.


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