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Publication numberUS2219597 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1940
Filing dateApr 17, 1939
Priority dateApr 17, 1939
Publication numberUS 2219597 A, US 2219597A, US-A-2219597, US2219597 A, US2219597A
InventorsLutz Andrew
Original AssigneeF H Noble & Co
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Box for holding cosmetic preparations and tools and the like
US 2219597 A
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A. Lu'rz 2,219,597

OOLS AND` THE LIKE Oct. 29, 1940.

BOX FOR HOLDING COSMETIC FREPARATIONS AND T Filed April 17, 1939 Lili (Il all! I Y E m O n A Patented Oct. 29, 1940 PATENT OFFICE 2,219,597 Box rou HOLDING CosME'rrc PREPARA- Y TIONS AND TOOLS ANDTHELIKE Andrew Lutz, Chicago, Ill., assigner to F. H. Noble & Co., Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Illinois Application April 17, 1939, Serial No. 268,252

Claims. (CI. 20G-42) My invention relates to a novel container which I have devised, consisting of a body member and a cover hinged thereto, and a tray within the box body which is arranged to be automatically 5 erected to inclined position for convenient use or display of articles' contained .therein when the lid of the box is raised, and to be automatically restored to its seat within the box when the lid is closed. The general object of my invention is the production of a box of this character, and the provision of suitable and eflicient mechanical elements and members through which the box' parts are connected and the desired movement of the tray brought about. My invention resides in the novel organization and arrangement of the box members and associated connectingelements, cooperating to eect the results desired, the essential elements of my invention be-w ing more particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In .the accompanying drawing I have illustrated my invention embodied in a small case suitable for conveniently holding a set of bottles or boxesand an assortment 4of Itools and implements such as used by manicurists or chiropodists, though obviously my invention is adapted to various other uses. In the drawing, Figure 1 is a perspective view of the case, with the cover member raised and the tray in erect position;

Fig. 2 is a vertical cross-section of the sam Fig. 3 is a cross-section with the cover closed; Fig. 4 is a fragmentary detail on a larger scale through one of the spring hinges by which the box members are pivotally connected; and Fig.

a5 5 is a fragmentary plan view of the rear portion of the box with the cover member raised.

Like reference characters indicate like parts in all the gures of the drawing.

While the specific construction of the box member may vary widely, the body member may conveniently be formed of a flanged sheet metal member I having its bottom and side and end portions covered with a sheet of leather or cloth 2 providing an ornamental finish. The cover member 3 may be similarly formed, and, as shown, a rounded pad 4 may be employed between the top section and the ilnishing sheet 5 to enhance the ornamental appearance ofthe box.

The box body and cover are hinged together.

` in the present instance, by a pair of spring hinges 6, of well known construction, one near each end Y of the box, and provided with C-shaped springs 1 arranged to stress the cover alternatively either 55 to closed position when the cover is closed, or to open position when the cover dead center line of stress.

If desired, the body member may be lined with an inside ply of lining material 8 and an ornamental lining strip 9 extending aroundthe in- 5 side faces of the end and front side walls of the body member, as shown on the drawing.

Secured to the inside of the cover of the box is a cloth finished cardboard panel III, .which is held in place by any suitable fastening means, 10` as by means of tongues struck up from the metal cover member and clinched over the edges of the panel member beneath its finishing fabric. To

is open beyond a Lthe panel I0 is secured a sheet metal rack II formed with clasps I2 struck up from the body lo of the plate and suitably formed to engage and clasp the various tools and implements suitable for the purposes of the operator for whose use the case is designed. This rack in 'the present instance is secured in place by means of marginal 20 tongues I3 extending through the panel Il! and a sheet metal member I4 disposed between said panel and the inner face of the cover member which is provided to afford additional stin'ess and rigidity to .the structure.

The collapsible, tray structure which constitutes an important part of my invention will next be described. The tray proper is in the present instance fo ed of a single piece of sheet metal having -a back panel I5 and a bottom I6, 30 and connected with said bottom end ilanges AI`I and a front retaining flange I8 which may be bent as shown to provide a plurality of seats conforming to the shape of the bases o! the bottles- A, which the tray is formed to receive. The back 35 I5 of the tray is preferably formed with a plurality of spring tongues which provide for a yielding grip upon the bottles seated in the sections of the tray.

The top of the tray member I5 is hinged to a 40 bracket member I9 of the somewhat irregular outline in cross section shown best in Fig. 2, which extends forwardly,i. e., towards the front side of the box,and which is rigidly secured to 'the rear side of the cover member of the box in 45 suitable manner, as by soldering or riveting. In the present instance, to provide for securing the bracket to the cover member, the bracket is formed with an outer attaching section 20 conforming in contour to the portion of the cover member next to it; an intermediate section 2l ex- .tending substantially at right angles to such attaching section and conforming generally to the shape of the rear walls of the. cover and box body. and an end section 22 extending at right 55 be covered with angles to such intermediate section and connected by the hinge joint mentioned with the 'top Forwardly of the tray within the box body an additional stationary tray or support 2l may be provided for additional tools, or other supplies. if desired. Y

As illustrated, the exposed portions of the hinges and parts of the rear flanges of the box body and cover members adjacent thereto may an ornamental strip oi' fabric 24, to provide a better finish.

By modification of proportions and dimensions of the parts, it is possible to vary the specific construction above described to adapt my invention to various other uses and purposes. and I, therefore, desire my claims construed to include such variations to adapt my invention to other uses to which it may be applicable.

I claim:

1. In a container, a box body, a cover member hinged to said box body, a rigid bracket member back portion to the forward edge of said bracket member, the forward edge oi' said tray being arranged to ride slidingly over the bottom oi' the box body when said cover member is raised and the tray shifted to inclined position.

2. A container according to claim 1 in which the bracket member is formed with an intermediate section arranged when the cover is in closed position to extend adjacent to the rear wall of the box body-and with an angularly connected end section arranged to extend adjacent the prox- 4 imate rear portion of the bottom of the box body.

3. In a container, a box body formed with a 5. A container according to claim 3 in which said tray is formed oi' sheet metal and comprises a rear panel and a bottom and end and front flanges adjacent said bottom forming bottle seats metal material oi' said tray is ANDREW LUTZ.

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International ClassificationA45D29/20
Cooperative ClassificationY10S206/823, A45D29/20
European ClassificationA45D29/20