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Publication numberUS2219974 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1940
Filing dateSep 14, 1938
Priority dateNov 18, 1937
Publication numberUS 2219974 A, US 2219974A, US-A-2219974, US2219974 A, US2219974A
InventorsBellow Edward Armstrong
Original AssigneeBellow Edward Armstrong
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Smoker's ash tray and other articles adapted to rest on chair arms or other supports
US 2219974 A
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. 29, 1940- E. .BELLOW 2,219,974


Patented Oct. 29,1940. g 2,219,974

UNITED STATES-PATENT OFFICE SMOKERS ASH TRAY AND OTHER ARTICLES ADAPTED T REST 0N CHAIR ARMS OR OTHER SUPPORTS Edward Armstrong Bellow, St. Inonards-on-Sea, England Application September 14. 1938, Serial No. 229,901

In Great Britain November 18, 1937 q Claims. (Cl. 220-89) This invention relates to ash trays, glass holda chair, the shot 4 can shift and adapt itself and ers, match holders, cigarette stands, wool holdwith it the bag 2 to the shape of the arm A, the ers, sewing compacts, and other articles which it weight of the shot 4 holding the tray in position, may be desired to stand or rest on the arm of an and the leather of the bag 2 clinging to the 5 easy chair, or other supporting surface, especialmaterlal of the arm A. 6 ly curved or uneven surfaces, and has for its ob- The bag 2 and shot 4 will adapt themselves ject to provide an improved and simple method to any shape of support on which the tray is of construction whereby the base of the article laid, and in Figure 3 is shown an example of a or holder can adapt itself to the shape or conflat slop surface. v

10 tour of the supporting surface, and whereby the The bag} may be constructed in any suitable 10 article or holder can rest on said surface without manner, and from any suitable soft or flexible fear of slipping. material, such as a soft non-shiny leather, india- According to this invention, the base of the rubber, or textile material, and is preferably article or holder is provided with a loose cover formed in sections sewn or secured together, but

or bag of flexible material, and such cover or bag a single piece of material can be employed. is is partially filled with loose small weights, such Various other arrangements can be employed as small lead shots, whereby when the base is for securing the bag 2 to the article or to a placed upon say a curved surface such as the holder, and various other articles can be fitted arm of an easy chair, the cover or bag and shot with the bag and shifting or loose weights, and

shift or move and adapt themselves to the shape in some cases the bag could be divided intopockgo of the support, the weight of the shot tending to ets or compartments with loose weights in each cause the cover or bag to, so to speak, cling to pocket or compartment. the surface and for the article to return to its 941- What I do claim as my invention and desire to proximate original position if accidentally moved. obtain by Letters Patent is:

The cover or bag may be made of any suitable 1. An ash tray comprising a bowl, a. flexible 25 flexible material, such as soft leather, or textile open envelope extending loosely beneath and material having a non-slip surface. about the bowl to form a receptacle therefor,

The invention will be clearly understood from means securing the edges of said envelope to the following description aided by the accomthe upper edge of the bowl to form a compartpanying drawing in which: ment about said bowl, and a mobile body com- 30 Figure 1 is a side view partly in section showing posed of loose small weights partially filling the one example of the invention applied to a compartment in said envelope and movable freesmokers ash tray. 1y therein to shape the envelope to that of the Figure 2 is a similar view to Figure 1 showing surface on which the tray is placed.

the ash tray on a-rounded surface such as the 2. A smoker's ash tray comprising a bowl, a 35 arm of an arm chair, and loose bag of soft material having a non-slip outer Figure 3 is a similar view showing the ash surface positioned loosely about the outer side of tray on a sloping flat surface. the bowl and having the marginal edge thereof The invention can be carried into effect in secured to the rim of the bowl, and a plurality of m various ways as to detail construction,-and as one small lead shot partly filling the bag andfreely 40 simple example for an arm chair ash tray, and movable therein to accommodate the shape of as shown on the accompanying drawing, the tray the bag to that of a supporting surface on which is formed in the shape of a somewhat shallow the tray is placed. bowl I with an outwardly curled rim or annular 3. An ash tray comprising in combination a flange I "around its periphery. Bowl I has side rigid thin-walled ash receptacle having an open- 45 walls l extending in substantially upright relaing at the top, the dimension across the top of tion. These side walls merge into a substantially said receptacle being greater than its depth, said horizontal bottom portion Is. Over the underreceptacle having side walls extending in subside or the bowl i is provided a bag 2, the edge of stantially upright relation and merging into a which is passed over a ring I and secured in the bottom portion Joining said side walls and ex- 50 curled rim I by closing the edge of the rim totending in substantially horizontal relation, anwards the bowl I. The bag is of such a size that other receptacle enclosing at least the bottom it forms a loose bag over the bottom of the bowl portion of said ash receptacle and attached to I, and is partially filled with small lead shot 4, the outer side thereof, said other receptacle be- 5 whereby when the tray is placed on'the arm A of ing formed of flexible sheet material having a horizontal dimension at least as great in two angular horizontal directions as said ash receptacle and forming a compartment beneath said ash receptacle, and discrete weight elements in said compartment filling only a portion thereof for free independent movement therein for flexing said outer receptacle to fit the contour of uneven objects on which said ash tray is placed for supporting the ash receptacle in substantially upright position. I

4. An ash tray comprising an inner receptacle of rigid sheet material having an open upper end adapted to receive ashes therein, an outer receptacle of flexible sheet material having an open upper end receiving said inner receptacle therein,

. the periphery of said outer receptacle extending into coincident relation with and being attached to the periphery of said inner receptacle to form a closed compartment therebetween with said outer receptacle enclosing said inner receptacle up to said open upper end, and a plurality of loose weights only partially filling said closed compartment and freely movable therein for deforming said outer receptacle to fit the shape of an object on which said ash tray porting said inner tray position.

5. An ash tray comprising an inner receptacle of rigid material having an open upper end adapted to receive ashes therein, an-outer receptacle of flexible sheet material larger than said inner receptacle and having an open upper end receiving said inner receptacle in the upper end thereof for partially filling said outer receptacle, said inner receptacle having an outwardly projecting annular flange, the periphery of said outer receptacle extending in coincident relation with and being attached to said annular flange about said inner receptacle, said outer and inner receptacles cooperating in assembled relation to form a closed compartment therebetween, and a plurality of small weights only partially filling said closed compartment and freely movable therein for flexing said outer receptacle to fit the contour of an object on which said ash tray is placed for supporting the inner receptacle in substantially upright position.


is placed for supin substantially upright

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