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Publication numberUS2222831 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 26, 1940
Filing dateMay 20, 1939
Priority dateMay 20, 1939
Publication numberUS 2222831 A, US 2222831A, US-A-2222831, US2222831 A, US2222831A
InventorsDewey H Bitney
Original AssigneeUnion Steel Prod Co
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Hose holder or rack
US 2222831 A
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Nov. 26, 1940. D. H( BITNEY.

HOSE HOLDER OR RACK A Filed May 20,- 1939 OIL ATTORNEYS Patented Nov. 26, 1940 2,222,831 l Hosi: HOLDER on RACK `Dewey H. Bitncy, Albion, Mich., assignor to Union i I 5 Steel Products Company, Albion, Mich., a' corporation of Michigan Application May 20, 1939, Serial N0. 274,701

3 Claims.

'I'his invention relates to improvements in hose holds or racks.

The main objects of this invention are:

First, to provide a portable holder or rack for garden hose or the like which is very compact and light in weight and at the same time is eiective in holding a substantial length of hose in coiled form.

Second, to provide a hose holder having these advantages which may be used as a hanger or supporting rack or for holding the hose in coiled form for transportation and one with which the coils of the hose may be easily engaged or disengaged as desired.

Third, to provide a hose holder having these advantages which may be very economically produced. Objects pertaining to details and economies of my invention willl definitely appear from the description to follow. The invention is dened in the claims.

A structure which embodies the features of the invention is clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. 1 is a view in vertical section of the hose holder of my invention mounted upon a support conventionally illustrated, coils or reaches of the hose also being conventionally illustrated.

Fig. 2 is a front perspective view of my improved hose holder.

Fig. 3 is a. fragmentary view in section on line 3 3 of Fig. 1.

'Ihe present invention relates to a novel holder for hose or a similar element adapted to be arranged in coils when not in use. It is especially designed with a view to easy engagement and disengagement of the coils therewith and for holding the coils for transportation. The holder is adapted to be demountably supported by a wall, post or other suitable' support.

In the accompanying drawing the reference numeral I indicates a wall or post, or like support and 2 designates in general my improved hose holder or rack. This holder comprises a base plate 3 preferably formed as a sheet metal stamping and with a view to economizing on material is elongated and generally rectangular in form. This base plate is provided with keyhole slots 4 adapted to be detachably engaged with supporting screws 5 attached to a support as l.

The base plate has a plurality of rack or holder members 6 and I formed of loops of wire or light rod mounted thereon. These members are mounted in spaced parallel relation. The arms of the top member 'l are providedwith angularly disposed extensions 8 disposed parallel to the base plate 3 and spotwelded thereto .as indicated at 9. These extensions 8 in the embodiment illustrated are disposed parallel to the edges of the base plate and quite close thereto. The arms of the rack members 6 are disposed on the inner sides of the extensions' 8 and welded thereto as indicated at I0. The outer or bight y A.

ends Il of the rack members are bent upwardly at l2 and are preferably all arranged in a rearwardly inclined relation as shown in Fig. 1. `If desired the arms of the members 6 which abut the base plate maybe welded thereto as indicated at I3 although I have not ordinarily found this necessary.

In use the holder is preferably laid upon the floor or ground and the hose coiled thereon, the

successive coils being engaged between the rackv members of the holder. 'Ihe members are preferably spaced so thaty there is a slight flattening of the hose when it is in engaged position, and this prevents the reaches of the coils from slipping in the holder. The coils of the hose are securely held land the coiled hose may be carried about without the coils becoming displaced.

The baseplate is designed to be detachably mounted on a suitable support as indicated and this provides an eifective storage. If desired the hose may be pulled out of the rack while it is on the support. Ihe upturned ends of the rack or holder members 'prevent accidental disengagement and serve as retaining means in the event the hose has lost some of its resiliency.

As illustrated, the rack members are of sufficient length to receive several coils ofv hose and, of course, this and the number of rack members may be varied to provide the capacity desired.

My improved holder is highly efficient, notwithstanding its extreme simplicity and economy,

Having thus described my invention what IV claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In a hose holder, the combination `with a base plate, of a plurality of rack members formed lbase plate, of a plurality of rack members formed of loops of wire disposed in substantially parallel relation with their bight ends forwardly, the arms of the upper raek member being provided With extensions disposed angularly thereto and welded to the front of said base plate, the ends of the other rack members being disposed in the inner sides of said extensions and welded thereto.

3. In a hose holder, the .combination with a base plate, of a plurality of rack membersl formed of loops of wire disposed in rearwardly inclined substantially parallel relation with their bight ends forwardly, ,thefraek members being bent upwardly adjacent their'forward ends, the arms of the upper rack member being provided withv extensions disposed angularly thereto and Welded to the front of said base plate, the ends of the other rack membersi being welded to said extensions.


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