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Publication numberUS2226396 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 24, 1940
Filing dateFeb 19, 1938
Priority dateFeb 19, 1938
Publication numberUS 2226396 A, US 2226396A, US-A-2226396, US2226396 A, US2226396A
InventorsLouis B Wackman
Original AssigneeLouis B Wackman
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Means for removably securing the heads of metal containers
US 2226396 A
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Dec. 24,- 1940. L. B. WACKM'AN MEANS FOR REMOVABLY SECURING THE HEADS OF METAL CONTAINERS Filed Feb. 19. "1938 Patented Dec. 24, 1940 UNITED STATES MEANS FOR REMOVABLY SECURING THE HEADS F METAL CONTAINERS Louis B. Wackman, St. Louis, Mo. Application February 19, 1938, Serial No. 191,395

1 Claim.

Another object is to provide the clampingmeans with features for retaining it on the ring whether or notthe ring is assembled or disassembled.

A further object is to provide the clamping means for the ring with means for improved wire sealing cooperation with the ring,

Other objects and advantages will appear as this description progresses and by reference to the drawing, in which:--

Figure 1 is a plan view of an embodiment of the invention showing its application to the head of a container for securing and locking, the head to the chime or rim. Y

Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary elevation taken in the direction of the arrow 2.

Figure 3 is an enlarged vertical fragmentary sectional elevation taken approximately on the line 3-4 of Fig. 2.

Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary side elevation of one of the ring ends.

Referring by numerals to the accompanying drawing, 5 designatesa locking ring which is split,

as shown at 6, to provide adjacent ends I and 8,

the ring end I having an enlarged portion 9 and the ring end 8 having an enlarged portion III. Depending from the portion 9 is a strap-like part II having a cylindrical bearing block I2 formed by curling the part I I on its extending end and in which a horizontally extending bore or opening I3 is formed as a result of the curling. Mounted'in the opening I3 is the bearing portion I4 of a'horizontally turnable member I5, and formed or mounted on one end of the bearing portion I4 is a head or shoulder I6 having a slot I'I for turning tool engagement, said head adapted to bear against the end I8 of the bearing block I2. For engagement against the end I9 of the bearing block I2, is a shoulder or collar 20, and 0 formed in the head I6 and the shoulder 20 are respective right angularly disposed openings ii for sealing wire engagement.

The turnable member I5 outwardly of the shoulder 20 is threaded, as designated at 22, for 5 cooperation with the threaded opening 23 in the bearing block 24 which is depended from the portion 8 on the end 8 of the ring 5.

The metal container or barrel to which this improved locking ring 5 is applicable, is formed at, the open end to which the removable head 25 is 6 applied, with an outwardly projecting bead 26, the head 25 having a rim 21 of concave-convex form, fitting over the bead 26 on a gasket 28 which is carried on the underside of the rim 21.

For securing the locking ring 5 over the rim 21 10 of the head 25 to provide a fluid tight relation with thebead 26 of the container, the ring 5 which is of a. channel shape in cross section is expanded, and is positioned and mounted in a manner so that the top side 29 of the ring will en- 15 gage the rim 21 of the head 25, and the bottom side 30 of the ring is engaged against a lower portion of the bead 28 and the ends 'i and 8 of the ring 5 are positioned to aline the threaded portion22 of the member I5 with the threads 23 of 20 the bearing block 24, and a turning tool is then engaged in the slot I1 of the head I6 of the member I5, and said member when turned, will draw the ends I and 8.01 the ring 5 towards each other for contracting the ring in drawing the rim 25 21 of the head 25 in compressing engagement with the gasket 28.

When the ring 5 has been sumciently contracted to provide a fluid tight relation between the head and the container, a sealing wire 3i is 30 passed through respective openings 2i of the head I6 and shoulder 20 of the turnable member I5 and looped and secured by the seal 32. Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to the container by reverse turning of the member I5, will 65 cause the seal wire 2i to be broken, thus indicating tampering.

Upon expanding the locking ring 5 for its removal, it is to be noted that after the ends I and 8 of the ring have been disconnected from one an- 40' other, the tumable member I5 will'be retained by the ring end I as shown in Fig. 4, so that it cannot become separated and mislaid, thus providing a self-contained and complete locking ring.

Due tothe circular shape of the locking ring 5 and to assist alining the turnable member I5 for threaded engagement with the threaded bear.- ing block 24, the bore or opening I3- in thebearing block I2 is enlarged, to allow lateral movement to be given to the member I5.

While a preferred embodiment of the invention is shown, it is to be understood that various changes, size, shape and arrangements of parts, may be resorted to without departing from the threaded, and a turnable member having one end journaled in the other sleeve and having its other end threaded for cooperation with the threaded sleeve to draw the ends ot the locking ring together, said turnable member having a pair of spaced shoulders positioned at opposite ends of the sleeve in which it is journaled for abutment with respective ends or the sleeve to retain said turnable member 'in said sleeve.


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