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Publication numberUS222680 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1879
Filing dateNov 1, 1879
Publication numberUS 222680 A, US 222680A, US-A-222680, US222680 A, US222680A
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Improvement in d raft-cog ks for soba-fountains
US 222680 A
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G D DOWS Draft-Cock for Soda-Fountains.

No. 222,680. Patented Dec. 16, 1879.


by afllorney.

r, R I I a a .3 .1 null! 1; A d flff Wi nesses. i%.@w.


"FM-PROMEM E'NT LIN DRAFT-CO CKS FOR SO-DA-FOEU NTAINS Specificationiforming part of'Letters Patent No. 2-22.;680. dated December 16, 1879; applicationfiled November 1,1879.

To all'whom itonay concern: i

Be it known that I, GUSTAVUS D. Dows,of Boston, inthe eountyof Sui-folk andState of; Massachusetts, have invented certain new and 1 useful Improvements in Draft-Cocks forsoda-i Fountains, of which the following, taken rill connection with'the accompanying (lrawings ,j is a specification.

My present invention relates to the con-l struction of sodadrat't cocks, and has for itsi object the production of cooks for that pur-i pose which, whilecomparatively simple in construction, shall be most effective in thoroughly E mixing the sirups with the soda, when sirupsfi are used, and at thesame time shallbe capa-E ble of beingichangedin its manner of discharg ing the soda by a simple movement of the: tumbler into which it is'being drawn, so asto adapt it to ,producethe best result in drawing;

plain soda; and it consists, first in the com bination, in a soda-draft cock, of an inlet-1 passageclosed by a valve or diaphragm, a central discharge-pipe of a length adapted to reach the bottom of the tumblerand discharge a small stream of the soda under pressure directly into the-center of themass of sirup contained therein, a second discharge-pipe surrounding the upper-portion of saidcentral discharge-pipe and extending "downward to a point relative to said central pipe, that shall bring the lower endot' said outerpipeor sleeve into, or nearlyiinto, .themouth of the tumbler when said central pipe reaches its bottom,

with a considerable space between said sleeve and the central pipe, and .one or more radial holes through the sides of saidcentral pipe,

adapted to discharge a portion of the sodainto the outer sleex e and against its walls, thus breaking the force of the pressure and allowing it to fall in a comparatively quiet state into the tumbler. v

It further consists in constructing said central pipe in two parts telescopically connected",

and provided with a "alve and valve seat,

in such a manner that the lower portion may be readily moved upward upon the upper portion bypressing the bottom of the tumbler against its .lower end, and thereby cause its valve'and seat to be brought into contact, and

thus shut off the flow of soda through said lower section of the central pipe, and cause thedischargevot'the entire supplythrough-the lateral or radial holes into the outer pipeor sleeve, 'rom wvhence it .is discharged into the tumbler, the details of which device will be more fully explained in connection with the descriplion'of the drawing accompanying this specification, which is ,a central vertical section of so much of .a soda-draft cock as is necessary to illustrate my invention.

A is the main body of the cock, designed to be screwed toithe bracket orarm B, connected to thesoda-foun tain, a portion of which bracket or arm is shown indotted lines. In the upper side oi'A is formed a chamber, 0, closed by the cover D,i-pro vided with a female screwthread, in which works the threaded spindle E, provided witha hand-wheel at its upper end, by which it maybeopera-ted.

A leather diaphragm, va,iis placedon .the seat b, so as to cover the inlet-passage c and the outlet-passaged, theouteredge of said diaphragm being clamped between the annular rim of the cover D and the outer portion of the bottom of the chamber 0, and has resting upon its-upper side the metal vdisk e, against which .the end of the screw-spindle E impinges to force said diaphragm upon iitsrseat,allconstructed and arranged in a well-known manas a valve, and provided with the side opening, 0, near its lower end, for the passage of the direct stream of soda under pressure, and the radial holes f and f, the purpose of which will presently appear.

G is a sleeve fitted to and adapted to be movedup and down upon the pipe F, its down ward movement being limited by the inwardlyprojecting collar g, secured thereon, coming in contact with the shoulder h, formed upon the pipe F, as shown.

H is an open-ended pipe screwed into the lower end of the pipe G, and having formed in its upper end a conical seat, 11, corresponding to and adapted to co-operate withthe valve on the lower end of the pipe F, to shut oft the flow of the soda through the pipe H whenever it may be desired to do so by moving the pipes G and H upward till said valve and seat are brought into contact.

The pipe H extends sui'ficiently far below the lower end of the larger discharge-pipe L to reach the bottom of the tumbler into which the soda is to be drawn when the lower end of the pipe L is just within or near the top of the tumbler, and may be moved upward by raising the tumbler so as to press the bottom of the tumbler against its lower end in an obvious manner.

The pipe G is prevented from turning around the. pipe F by the pin j, set therein, and the spline-groove 70, formed in the side of the pipe F, said spline-groove also serving as a passage through which the soda escaping from the pipe F through the orifice e finds its way beneath the pipe F and into the pipe H. The pipe G is also provided with a series of, radial holes, Z, so arranged as to coincide with the holesf in the pipe F. when the pipe H is in: its lowest position, and with the holes f in saidpipe F when the pipe H is moved upward into a position with the valve-seatt' in contact with the valve on the lower end of the pipe F.

The operation of my improved draft-cock is as follows: When it is desired to draw soda with a sirup, the sirup is first drawn into the tumbler, and the tumbler is then held under the cock with the lower end of the pipeH in close proximity to the bottom of the glass, when, the hand-wheel being turned so as to raise the screw-spindle E, the pressure of the gases in the soda-fountain causes the diaphragm a to be raised, and the soda-water is forced through the passages 0 and 61 into the pipe F, a portion being forced through the orifice e and the contracted passage of the pipe H under great pressure, and is discharged directly into the sirup, thoroughly mixing the sirup with the soda, while another portion is discharged through the radial holes f and 1' into the pipe L, against the vertical walls of which it is projected with considerable force, and then falls in a quiet state into the glass to make up the hull; of the beverage. If, however, it is desired to draw plain soda, the glass is placed under the cock and raised upward till the bottom of the glass comes in contact with the lower end of the pipe H and moves it upward till the seat 6 is brought into contact with the conical lower end of the pipe F, effectually closing the passage through the pipe H, when, if the hand-wheel be turned, the soda will all be discharged through the radial holes f and Z into the pipe L, impinging against its vertical walls, and then falls in a quiet state into the glass ready for use.

In case heavy sirups are used the whole of the soda inay be made to flow through the discharge-pipe H with a corresponding increase of force by moving the pipe G H upward only so far as will bring the opening I in pipe G between the openingsf and f in the pipe F.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-

1. In a soda-draft cook, the combination of a valve to close the inlet-passage .and two discharge-pipes connected with the same source of supply, and made of such different lengths that the smaller pipe shall reach the bottom of the tumbler or glass when the lower end of the larger pipe is just within or near the upper end or the brim of said glass, substantially as and for the'purposes described.

2. In a soda-draft cook, the combination of two discharge-pipes, arranged one within the other, when the inner pipe is provided with radial apertures to supply the outer pipe, and said pipes an e made of' such different lengths that the central pipe shall reach the bottom of the glass when the lower end of the outer pipe is just within or near the mouth of the glass, substantially as and for the purposes described.

3. In a soda-draft cook, the combination of the short outer discharge-pipe, L, and the long central discharge-pipe, G H, provided with the radial orifices Z l and telescopically attached to and adapted to be moved endwise upon the pipe F, provided with radial orifices to match those in the pipe G H, substantially as and for the purposes described.

Executed at Boston, Massachusetts, this 23d day of October, A. D. 1879.


Witnesses: N. (J. LOMBARD,

O. H. Donn.

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