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Publication numberUS2226900 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1940
Filing dateMar 20, 1939
Priority dateMar 20, 1939
Publication numberUS 2226900 A, US 2226900A, US-A-2226900, US2226900 A, US2226900A
InventorsDickerson Delbert J
Original AssigneeDickerson Delbert J
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Combination carrying case and sound amplifier for stringed electrical instruments
US 2226900 A
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Dec 31, 9 D. J. DICKERSON 2,226,900


Application March 20, 1939, Serial No. 263,006

3 (llaims. (Cl. 179-146) My invention relates to electrical guitars and carrying cases therefor, and has for its object to provide a new and efilcient carrying case and sound reproducing box with the electrical amplifier mounted in the carrying case eliminating an extra unit for the user to carry and making it possible for one person to have the guitar case and sound reproducing amplifier in one case.

A further object is to provide a case for a sound amplifier and electrical guitar having louvre openings in one end thereof one set to release the sound from the front of the loud speaker and another for release of the sound from the back of the loud speaker, the first set being to transmit sound of high notes and the other set for base notes and also for ventilators for the reproducing amplifier.

A still further object is to provide louvre openings for the sound amplifier and speaker, which louvres are cut through one side of the case on a slanting angle in relation to the side of the case so that rain or other moisture will not enter the case while carrying it, thereby eliminating an extra cover which is necessary with other amplifiers in wet weather.

A still further object is to provide an elongated sound box for the amplifier which greatly improves the base notes of the units, and which when not being used for reproducing, may be utilized as the carrying case for the electrical guitar.

In the drawing in which I have shown my invention,

Figure 1 is an outside view of the front of the guitar case showing the louvre openings for the sound to pass through.

Figure 2 is a view of the case open, part of the closure lid cut away, showing the placing of the sound amplifier device and dotted lines indfeating the position of the guitar.

Figure 3 is a section through the case. taken at the point where the louvre openings are formed, showing the side wall of the case, show- 45 ing the slanting relation of the louvres to the case.

Figure 4 is a section transversely of the case, looking toward the reproducing unit.

In the drawing I have shown the case as A;

having the cover shown as B, and hingedly connected thereto by hinges 5, snaps or toggle clips I provide for locking the case closed and a handie 8 provides for carrying the case.

In one end of. the case A mounted on a chassis 9, I provide a sound amplifier D of the usual type connected to a loud speaker E to reproduce the sounds of an electrical guitar G shown in Figure 2 as dotted lines b. Suitable wires are 5 connected from the amplifier to the electrical guitar and from a source of electrical energy. The tubes of the amplifier unit are set so that the head a of the guitar fits down into the case near the tubes and the body of the guitar is car- 10 ried in the open chamber l0 at the other end of the case. A cross piece H provides a bracket on which the guitar rests so that there will not be too much room in the case allowing the guitar body excessive movement.

Directly in front of the speaker unit I provide spaced apart angled louvre slots l5, to permit the sound waves to pass directly forward and out from the face of the speaker cone, and another set of spaced apart louvre slots H are 20 formed through the face of the case spaced nearer the end and utilized to permit passage of the base notes from the case.

Having thus described my invention I desire to secure by Letters Patent and claim:

1. A carrying case and sound reproducer for electrical stringed instruments comprising a case; a cover hingedly connected thereto: means to lock the cover to the case; a sound reproducing amplifier mounted in one end of said case; a loud speaker mounted adjacent said amplifier; and spaced apart sets of louvre openings through the side wall of the case one set directly in front of the amplifier and the other directly in front of the loudspeaker to direct the sounds from the speaker cone'directly out the face of the case and the sounds from the rear of the cone into the case before directing them out of the openings in front of the amplifier.

2. A combination carrying case and sound am- 40 plifier for electrical stringed instruments comprising a carrying case; a sound amplifier mounted in one end thereof; a speaker mounted adjacent the amplifier; a set of louvre openings through the race of the case directly in front 4 of the speaker; another set of like openings in front of the amplifier with the openings in both sets out through the face 01' the case on an incline to shed water and dust from the interior of the case.

3. A device as set out in claim 2 including a means to support the instrument in the-case.


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