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Publication numberUS2227383 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1940
Filing dateApr 10, 1939
Priority dateApr 10, 1939
Publication numberUS 2227383 A, US 2227383A, US-A-2227383, US2227383 A, US2227383A
InventorsDonald A Snyder
Original AssigneeMarathon Paper Mills Co
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US 2227383 A
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Dec. 31, 1940. D. A. SNYDER 2,227,383

CARTON Filed April 10, 1959 2 Sheets-Sheet l 1/ J7 1 m Min I f ll u l mu? 15 h I I I] 4 10 i 4 h 0 KM M 1 20 I1 17 INVENTOR. fiDomaZdfl Sig dew ATTORNEY.

L m b. A. SNYDER CARTON i F'iledApril 10, 1959 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 I Wh m lWl f \pmzd eta der V ATTORNEY.

ellneon lllondld do llnpder, lls mentor to o nthon ll npet" ll hollow hothsed,

lllllet, eorpoentloll dd W edln filpplleotlon lll, lldl'lhdhhlnl lllo. lldldltl ll a. llUlh lltd dll This lnvention relotes to e, edrton eonstrnotlon odopted to he ldoldp set on lor nse lroln t lmoehdorvn eondltlon,

lln ohleet ol the lnventlon ls to provlde n eolton eohettneted from lll slnele hlonh so stored dnd ehoped no to provide at oorton whloheen he need-- llp set up tor use.

llther end further ohjeots ol the lnventlon Wlll he opporent from the following speeldootlone end to -.nppended drowlnes.

On drops:

l lenre l ls o plnn-tlew of the hlonh lroln Whleh the newton ls mode I theme 2 ls d l'rselnentnl plen vlew ol the hlnnlr pp showlne one stone ln lormlne the enrton lroln the .l to o llogmentel plan ldew ol the hlnnh sl'rowlne' o lnrthel" stone in mohlnn the llllltllh,

lllenre d ls o plnn new ol' the eompleted eerton tn l'lnt lmoeh-down eondltlon,

ll lente ll ls e llroementol perspeotlve View of the lllllflllllfil showlng the end wells in pnrtlollp set-up peeltlon I d ls o, lreental end ldew ol the eorton w; shown he l letn-e lt ln set-up posltlon, end

on to ponel to end slde panels ll.

W neet to the hottonr panel it alone score lines lh, heeh of the end ponels dea-provided with lnteprel -ed locking panels lhv connected thereto elone score llnes 32. Comer portions It nnd l'l ere lnteerolly eonected by score lines it w end ll to end panels M and side panels l l, respeetlllelp. Werner portions lihand ll ore integrally eonneeted along score-fines l8.

llneg panels lo are scored at each corner portlon thereol along lines 20 as 'lndlooted in the dllnwlngs. The outer edges of each of the comer portlons ll are rounded in contour, as shown to the drewlngs, for no purpose to be later described. e outer tree edge portion 25 0! corner portions till one out some at an angle inclined to the "wall portlon ll lor e. purpose which will he later deeeelhed,

in eonntl'notlne the carton from the hlank, the

pnnel poetlone l l ere lolded over on the inner face I ell elde pdnels ll no shown he Flenre h nnd sew enred thereto he at sultehle odheslven. The elde pnnels ll one then lolded over nlone score lines nest the hottom penel ll es the ln l lelne h end the sonnet portions ll one then nhrted hp the end pnnels ld, The loa hops one then lolded over do shown he l lenre lend stnpled nt n snltohle polnt, prelernhly nt the lnedlel pontlon,

hp moons ol nletol stoples W The eerton ls now he eompleted eondltlon rendp tor nee.

hr order to set up the edlton, the end panels ll nre ernsped, one in eoeh hond, end tent on nlonn' snore llnes ll so es to he positioned dt rleht dlldles to the hottonlpnnel lll, es shown in Figures ll end d. ldnrlne such operstlon the loelzlne penel lll will he posltloned npon the lnslde ol the enrton, therehp loee some firmly lnto platelet lhe leolnne operntlon ls lnellltoted hp the eonstrne tlon ol' the loelrlne panels ll. do the loehln ponels ll ore lolded lnslde the onrton the store llnen lll the corner portions thereof ore selentlp eleldlne' so es to pel'nllt the eorners to sllde I post the tree edges lh ol eorner portlon ll end lnto n loos posltlon. The rounded enter" dot net portlons ol the loehlne ponels else loellltntes slldln the lose ponel lnto set npl position.

he neeol-dnnee with the hntrentlon hereln dls I closed to eorton oonstrnetlon ls provlded trl'lleh men he red: set up he merely dole oven the loehhre ponels toherehtl theynte w} 'l mellowed tn posltlon. The present enrton oonstruetlon need he ntd elther do n tree or let one other ehlepnrseel ll deslred this eorton men he need m o. cover lor eloslne the ends ol n oerton to es lllnstreted ln l lgnre lo ln sneh ease thenlned panel portions ll serve to loot wlth eloed portlone 50 provided on the cotton dd, thereby or W so curing the cover to posltlon.

It is to he understood that numerous mo time and elmnges may he mode ln the lnventlon without departing from the eolrlt thereof end ll; to intended to cover snoh estlons in the tappended ol.

ll knocked-down eorton ln 't folded eondl tlon for quick set-up eonnorlslne n hottorn wall, slde walls, and and wells, locklne panels hevlng e. length substantially equal to the length of said end walls and a width substantially less than the width of said end walls and hlngedly connected to 7 sold end walls, sold'loeklng panels being folded upon sold end walls end lestened thereto only at o, medial region while sold eerton ls ln knoekeddown condition, hinged lntegral corner counsetlons between the said side Walls and end walls, the tree edge ol'the corner portions odlaeent the sold side walls helng lnellned toward sald'end walls, e. score line posltloned diagonally across each tree corner of the looming panels to provide yleldlngly hinged comer portlone, whereby when the locking pnnel ls lolded lnto lochlng position sold corner portions Wlll sllde ever sold inclined edee portlon end lnto engagement wlth the said slde wells.

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U.S. Classification229/181, 229/186, 229/901
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Legal Events
Jul 22, 2002ASAssignment
Effective date: 20011227