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Publication numberUS2227707 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1941
Filing dateJul 7, 1938
Priority dateJul 7, 1938
Publication numberUS 2227707 A, US 2227707A, US-A-2227707, US2227707 A, US2227707A
InventorsCooper Alfred D
Original AssigneeCooper Alfred D
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Dish-washing glove
US 2227707 A
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Jan. 7, 1941. A. D. COOPER DISHWASHING GLOVE Filed July 7, 1938 WITNESSES INVENTOR Jl lfr'ed ID Cooper B Y M M? ATTORNEYS Patented Jan. 7, 1941 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

This invention relates to an improved dishwashing glove, and has for an object to provide a construction wherein washing members are adapted to be connected to each of the digits of 5 the glove separately.

Another object of the invention is to provide a dish-washing glove of rubber or other flexible material with textile washing members connected with the palm, the thumb and the various fingers of the glove on the surface thereof.

An additional and more specific object of the invention is to provide a dish-washing glove of rubber with fabric members on the front thereof and an abrasive structure on the rear.

In the accompanying drawing- Fig. l is an elevation of a glove disclosing an embodiment of the invention, certain of the textile washing members being eliminated;

Fig. 2 is a rear view of the structure shown in Fig. 1 with the scouring or abrasive member removed;

Fig. 3 is a detail fragmentary sectional view on an enlarged scale through Fig. 2 approximately on the line 3-3 Fig. 4 is an enlarged detail fragmentary longitudinal sectional view through Fig. 2 approximately on the line 4-4;

Fig. 5 is a transverse sectional view through Fig. 2 on the line 5-5;

Fig. 6 is a transverse sectional view through Fig. 1 approximately on the line 6-6;

Fig. 7 is a plan view of the scouring or abrasive member adapted to be applied to the rear of the glove as shown in Fig. 2;

Fig. 8 is a sectional view through Fig. 7 on the line 8-8, the same being on an enlarged scale.

Referring to the accompanying drawing by numerals, l indicates a rubber glove which may be of any desired size and which is provided with the usual fingers 2, 3, 4 and 5, as well as a thumb 6. While the glove I may be made from textile fabric or a combination of fabric and waterproof material, it is preferably made from rubber.

On the palm of the hand there is provided a plate or sheet I, which is preferably rubber and preferably held in place by suitable adhesive though it could be made of other material and stitched in place. The sheet or base member I is formed with a number of perforations 8 adapted to accommodate yarns 9 which are preferably of the kind usually found in mops though much shorter. These yarns are each threaded through two apertures and form an M-shaped structure and the structures are so numerous as to make a mat H], as illustrated in Fig. 1. This mat covers the palm of the hand and extends downwardly preferably slightly below the base of the thumb 6.

The various fingers 2 to 5 inclusive are each provided with a base member or sheet I, which is made of the same material as the sheet or base member 1 and is constructed in a. similar way except that it is made to fit the fingers and to extend from one side to near the other side. Each of the base members I carries a number of yarns 9 to form finger mats I. There is a separate mat Ill for each finger. The same structure holds good in regard to the thumb 6, which is provided with a mat l0 arranged on the face or front of the thumb so that when the thumb is swung around in front of the fingers the mat I0" will face the various mats 10', so that a dish grasped by the fingers and thumb will have mats on both sides thereof. By providing separate mats for each of the fingers and the thumb, one or more fingers may be inserted into a glass or other article for cleaning the same whereas the entire hand would be too big to insert. It will be understood, of course, that a suitable washing solution would be used, as for instance water and a detergent.

0n the back of the fingers 2 and 4 there are arranged a number of studs H which are cemented, stitched or otherwise held in place and which coact with the various sockets 12 carried by the abrasive or scouring member l3. The studs II and sockets l2 form an ordinary snap fastener construction whereby the member I 3 may be quickly applied or removed. This member I3 is formed with a base 14 preferably of fabric and to the outer surface is secured any suitable scouring material held in place by adhesive or thread l6, as may be desired. The edges of the base 14 are turned over and stitched as at H to make a pleasing appearance and, at the same time, to prevent a raw edge in respect to the member IS. The member [3 may remain in place at all times or may be merely placed in position when scouring pots, pans and the like.

In use, the glove is placed on one hand or, if desired, two gloves could be used and, therefore, one glove would be placed on each hand. The body of the gloves would prevent the hands from contacting with the washing solution while the dishes, or pots and pans, could be readily handled and cleaned without the use of dish towels except the usual drying towels where the same are desired.

I claim:

A mat structure for the palm side of the fingers of a rubber glove comprising a perforated base of flexible rubber shaped toconform to the shape and size of the palm side of the glove fingers, and a plurality of textile fabric yarns extending through the various perforations in said base, said yarns being arranged sufficiently near to each other to present a mat covering one face of the base.


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