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Publication numberUS2228355 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1941
Filing dateMay 19, 1936
Priority dateMay 19, 1936
Publication numberUS 2228355 A, US 2228355A, US-A-2228355, US2228355 A, US2228355A
InventorsFrancis Key James
Original AssigneeAthalie R Irvine
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Loose-leaf spiral notebook
US 2228355 A
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Jan. 14. 194-1. KEY 2,228,355




Application May 19, 1936, Serial No. 80,537

1 Claim.

This invention relates to a loose-leaf notebook, and refers particularly to a loose-leaf notebook in which the individual pages are held in position by a, spiral or coil of wire.

Heretofore, notebooks have been formed in which the individual pages of the book have been held together by a spiral or coil of wire threaded through openings in the paper, but the individual leaves of such book were not removable, as no means were provided by which the leaves of such notebook could be removed and replaced.

It is the primary purpose of the present invention to provide a loose-leaf notebook held together by a spiral or coil of wire, including suitable means by which the coil of wire may be held stationary in the normal use of the book but which permit the ready removal of the coil for replacement of the leaves of the book.

The present invention, together with various further objects and advantages thereof, will best be understood from a description of a notebook embodying the invention. For this purpose, I shall hereinafter describe the preferred form of notebook embodying the invention, the descriptions being given with reference to the accompanying drawing, in which- Figure 1 is a view of a notebook such as may be used with the after described means for attaching and detaching the spiral or coil of wire.

Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary view showing the means for attaching and detaching the spiral or coil of wire.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary view at right angles to Figure 2.

Referring, first, to Figure 1 of the drawing, the notebook includes a plurality of sheets of note paper 2, the top and bottom of which sheets may, if desired, be of heavy paper for forming a pair of covers 6. Sheets of paper at the top are provided with a row of perforations 3 through which may be spirally threaded a coil of wire 4. As heretofore constructed, the coil of wire has been locked in position, so that the individual sheets may not be removed and replaced. In the present invention, suitable means are provided for holding the coil of wire in fixed position when desired and such means are also releasable to permit the coil of wire to be removed for replacement of the sheets 2 of the book. I

Now, referring more particularly to Figures 2 and 3, in the form of the invention there illustrated, the coil of wire 4 is shown as preferably 5 provided with one or more of its ends bent inwardly towards the leaves of the notebook, as illustrated at ll, and one or both cover sheets of the notebook provided with pins l8 for pivotally mounting latches [9, each latch being provided 10 with a flange 20 adapted to engage the extended end ll of the coil for holding the same in position. By pivoting the latches l9 clockwise, as viewed in Figure 3, the end I! of the coil is released to permit the same tobe removed from the book.

With the form of the coil of wire and latch illustrated a notebook is provide-d so constructed that with the end I! held by the latch the coil holds the sheets of the book properly together. When it is desired to remove one or more sheets from the book, or add one or more sheets thereto, the extension H is removed from the latch and the coil may then be unwound from the sheets of the book and any number of sheets removed or any number of new sheets added and the coil of wire then re-inserted. I thereby dispense with the difficulties experienced when it is desired to remove or add sheets to the book.

While the particular form of the invention herein described is well adapted to carry out the objects of the invention, it is to be understood that various modifications and changes may be made and the invention includes such modifications and changes as come within the scope of the appended claim.

I claim:

A loose-leaf notebook comprising a plurality of leaves each having a series of aligned perforations near one edge, a coil of wire spirally wound through said perforations for holding the leaves together, said coil being provided with an extended arm to facilitate latching and unlatching of the coil from the leaf holding position, and a latch pivoted to'one of the sheets of the notebook and movable into engagement with said arm to retain the coil in leaf holding position.


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U.S. Classification402/26
International ClassificationB42B5/12, B42B5/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42B5/12
European ClassificationB42B5/12