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Publication numberUS2232300 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1941
Filing dateJun 7, 1940
Priority dateJun 12, 1939
Publication numberUS 2232300 A, US 2232300A, US-A-2232300, US2232300 A, US2232300A
InventorsPaul Arbey
Original AssigneeFirm Rolex Watch Co Ltd
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US 2232300 A
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Feb. 18, 1941. p, ARBEY 2,232,300

WATCH Filed June 7, 1940 mmmlllml f/ Patented Feb. 18, 1941 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE WATCH land Application June 7, 1940, Serial No. 339,396 In Switzerland June 12, 1939 2 Claims.

The present invention relates to a watch or wrist watch and has reference more particularly to improvements in the construction and arrangement of dials used in such watches.

It is an object of the invention to provide two dial plates disposed one above the other in overlying relation to the movement, the upper of said plates having a suitable aperture through which the lower dial plate may be viewed.

With the object in view, the invention resides in those novel features of construction, combination and arrangements of parts which will be hereinafter first fully described, and then be specically pointed out in the appended claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, 'illustrating a preferred and practical but obviously not the only embodiment of the invention.

Figures 1 and 3 are, respectively, a front and rear face view of a wrist watch embodying the invention; Figure 2 is a sectional view taken substantially on line 2-2 of Figure 1.

The improved watch shown includes a. casing formed of an annular main body I the upper part of which affords a bezel I. for the glass 3, while the lower part thereof is internally threaded as at Ib to receive an externally threaded back or bottom 2 which can be screwed into said main body. This case is shown bearing a cylindrical 30' space 4 in which a similarly shaped movement 5 ts. A first or lower dial plate 6 is xed to the movement 5, and the latter is also provided with the usual time indicating means or hands 1.

The aperture of the bezel I. has, as seen from the top, a rectangular shape, yand its four corners extend beyond the circular circumference of the space 4 so as to form seats 8 disposed on about the same level `as the lower dial plate 6 and adapted to support a second or upper dial plate 9 conforming to said aperture and disposed to smaller hands indicating the hours and minutes are disposed to turn within the central aperture ID of said upper dial. Obviously, the minute hand could also be disposed similarly to the second hand toy turn above the upper dial 9.

The described watch is assembled in the following way:

First, the upper dial 9 is introduced with a press fit into the bezel la; however, if desired, the said upper dial may be iitted loosely into said bezel and held therein by means of any convenient tool; then the glass is fixed to the bezel la. Afterwards, the movement having xed thereon the lower dial 6 and the hands 'I is introduced from the bottom of the case into the space 4 of the annular main body I, the second hand, and eventually the minute hand, having first been directed towards a corner of the aperture I0 of the dial 9. Finally, the back 2 is screwed into the said main body.

It should be understood that it is not intended to limit the invention to the exact details of construction herein shown and described, for various modifications Within the scope of the claims may occur to persons skilled in the art.

What is claimed yand desired to be secured by Letters Patent is:

1. Watch having in combination, a casing bearing a cylindrical space, a movement removably received in said space, .a iirst or lower dial carried by said movement, a bezel on said casing, said bezel having an aperture extending at least in part beyond the circumference of said space so as to form seats disposed on about the same level as said lower dial, a second or upper dial conforming to said aperture and resting on said seats of thebezel in overlying relation to the lower dial, said upper dial having a central aperture through which said lower dial may be viewed, a glass xed to said bezel, and time indicating means on said movement.

2. Watch as claimed in claim l, said time indicating means comprising at least two hands of large and small size, respectively, the large hand being disposed above the upper dial, and the small hand being disposed within the central aperture of said dial.


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