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Publication numberUS2233366 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1941
Filing dateMar 13, 1940
Priority dateMar 13, 1940
Publication numberUS 2233366 A, US 2233366A, US-A-2233366, US2233366 A, US2233366A
InventorsAgnes Macgregor
Original AssigneeAgnes Macgregor
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Rouge or paint refill container
US 2233366 A
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Feb. 25, 1941. A. MaCGREG 2,233,366

ROUGE OR PAINT REFILL CONTAINER Filed March 13. 1940 ==lllllllllllllilllla\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Patented Feb. 25, 1941 9 UNITED STATES 2 Claims.

My invention relates to improvements in rouge or paint containers, which to my knowledge is new, forming a construction which makes it possible to incorporate any number of specially made pockets, or berths, arranged preferably around a complete circle, equidistant from a common axis, and adapted to receive rouge or paint receptacles of arched concavity or any form that will serve the use. The said receptacles being locked within the said berths by special means of invention, which when empty are removed by means involving invention and refilled by the same inventive act reversed. A further object of this creation is to provide an inventive convenience thru adoption of this plurality of rouge or paint receptacles filled with various colors of rouge and eye shadow or paints, enabling the user to blend colors to match dress apparel designs or for other purposes. Means being provided for simultaneous covering of the plurality of receptacles holding the rouge or paint.

I attain these objects by manufacture illustrated by the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a top plan view of the manutacure;

Figure 2 is a bottom plan of same with the bottom disc cut away to show the central disc; Figure 3 is a vertical and complete section showing the working manufacture; Figure 4 is a section of the characteristic, arched, concave rouge or paint 39 receptacle adapted for insertion into the manufactures berth; Figure 5 is a plan view of the receptacle.

Like reference numerals refer to like parts thruout the several views.

35 Discs 3, 4 and 5 are independent parts movable about the common axis I, and which axis consists of a metallic screw which is unthreaded over a distance equal to the thickness of disc 3 and is I threaded the remainder of its length occupied by 40 the thickness of discs 4 and 5. Discs 4 and 5 are threaded in order to receive threads 2 on screw I.

A key slot I5 is made an essential part of disc 4 so that when any key It is passed thru a hole,

previously drilled thru screw I, it serves to lock 4 against 3 when 4 has been screwed up against 3 to the required tension for rotation of said disc 3,

a detail which will follow under operative specifications. Following the proper placing of disc 4,

50 adjacent to disc 3, comes the placing of disc 5 by screwing it upon the screw 2 thread until it reaches a position against disc 4 that is normally tight, but at a position where I9 aligns itself at a position midway between any two holes 9. When u this position is ascertained lock screw I 8 isscrewed into recess I1, spotted upon disc 4. It is to be noted that screw I is provided with a screwdrive recess at its bottom (Fig. 2) and is for the purpose of backing out the said screw, after removing key I6, in case that the unit must be taken apart 5 for any reason.

The concave, are shaped, receptacle I2 fits into counterbored holes 9 and against shoulders I3. The counterbored shoulders I3 serve to prevent the receptacle I2 from passing out thru the top, 10 and as a result are held permanently in place by the bottom disc 5 when the hole I0 takes a position between any two holes 9. The receptacle I2 is designed to hold its contents of rouge or paint within the arched concavity I4 and has acquired 15 this shape by reason of necessity and is due to the convenience it affords in the removal of the contents either by a finger or a brush. It is also clear that there are no corners for making difiicult the removal of all of its contents and consti- 2o tutes invention. In order that the contents of a plurality of rouge or paint receptacles I2 may be protected against physical damage in any way, the top disc 3 is moved in any direction to a position where the tongues I9 overlap all of the holes 25 9 simultaneously. Reference I denotes a passage way out into hole 8 to make provision for free movement of a finger or brush in removing the contents of I2.

In the manufacture and operation of my rouge and paint refill container I proceed to screw disc 4 upon I until it contacts disc 3 and provides a condition or tension that requires some force to turn said disc 3 about its axis I. A hole is then drilled in I in alignment with slot I5 and key I6 is inserted. This moves disc 4 against disc 3 and makes it possible to move disc 3 about the axis I without either tightening or loosening disc 4 upon thread 2. Following this I screw disc 5 upon thread 2 until it will reach disc 4 and be fairly tight when loading hole In is spotted between any two holes 9 and is then followed by tightening set screw I8 against 4 at recess I'I. When I load or fill all of the berths 9 with receptacles I2 and its contents, I unloosen set screw I8 and turn disc 5, usually to the left, as a right hand thread is recommended, and when it reaches the first berth 9 a receptacle is dropped in, and so on to the second berth 9 etc., until the bottom 5 has passed thru the arc of a complete circle, when all of the berths 9 are filled. Having thus been filled disc 5 is turned back again to the right until it reaches its original locked position in recess I'I upon disc 4. The plurality of rouge or paint receptacles are now locked within their berths and the top disc 3 is turned so that tongues l9 overlap and simultaneously cover all of the receptacles within 9. It will be understood that the bottom disc 5 is provided with but one filling hole It! thru which all receptacles must pass in order to fill all of the berths 9 with receptacles [2. At II is a slot cut in disc 5 for the sake of convenience of placing and removing any receptacle i2 thru common hole In.

I claim:

1. In a refillable rouge or paint container, the combination of a common concave, or other, rouge or paint receptacle, and a plurality of holding berths designed to hold said receptacles and arranged around an equidistant common axis, with provision for discharging and refilling said berths through a common bottom hole with the said rouge or paint receptacles, said common bottom hole being movable about a common axis so as to permit alignment of holding berths and the common bottom hole and for overlapping same to prevent bottom escape of said rouge or paint receptacles, and means for locking same with a set screw, substantially as described.

2. A refillable rouge or paint container, the combination of a concave rouge or paint receptacle, held within a plurality of berths with counterbored shoulders to prevent escape at the top, arranged equidistant from a common axis, provided with a cover having corresponding holes specially slotted out on their outer side providing free access to the rouge or paint and means for rotating said cover about a common axis for simultaneous opening and closing of said rouge or paint receptacles, in the manner described.


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