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Publication numberUS2233486 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1941
Filing dateDec 13, 1939
Priority dateDec 13, 1939
Publication numberUS 2233486 A, US 2233486A, US-A-2233486, US2233486 A, US2233486A
InventorsMichael P Portnow
Original AssigneeMichael P Portnow
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US 2233486 A
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March 4-; 1941. I M, P, F ow 2,233,486

HEADLIGHT Filed Dec. 13, 1939 VINVENTOR BY M'CAQVC/ 7? Pafi/how agmm iATTORNEY Patented Mar. 4, 1941 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

. a reasonable cost and which after filament burnout may be renewed by merely replacing the burned-out lamp with a similar new lamp which maybe-quickly and easily connected thereto even by an -unskilled person. The headlight of. this invention is of such construction that the assembly and substitution of parts is fool-proof.

These and other advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description and appended drawing, wherein- Figure 1 represents a front view of the headlight embodying the invention, with a portion ofthe lens broken away. I

Figure 2 is a cross sectional view taken on line 2--2 of Figure 1.

Figure-3 is afragmentary rear view showing the reflector, lamp and locking device assembly.

.Figure 4 is a fragmentary rear view showing the construction on the rear of the reflector to which may be connecteda lamp.

Figure 5 is a perspective view of the locking device.

Figure 6 is a plan-view of the lamp flange.

As shown in the drawing. thereis provided areflector. ll] of parabolic or .other desired contour. The reflector ID is preferably of predetermined size and contour and has, a predetermined focalpoint. The interior or reflecting surface. ll

of the reflector I0 is a polished or, mirror surface ofv any desirable composition, such as silver or the like. The body of the reflector I0 may be of: any desired composition and I prefer that it be metallic. Integral with the front edge of the reflector and extending outwardly therefrom is anarrow flange I2 having a plurality of and at least three struck out tabs l3 bent over, with the extreme or outer free ends of the tabs [3 being located in a predetermined plane and at a predetermined distance from the focal point of the reflector.

An annular gasket or packing ring I4 is mounted on the flange l2. The gasket or ring l4 may be composed of any desirable material, such as asbestos, rubber, soft leather and the like, I prefer that it be a weatherproof material adapted to be compressed. The thickness of the gasket I I is preferably a little greater than the distance between the outer face of the flange I2 and the outer limit of stops l3.

A lens [5 terminating in a ring or flange I6 is mounted on the reflector III, with the ring I6 bearing against the compressible gasket I4. The

lens is of predetermined size and contour and has a predetermined focal point. A boss I1 is located. at a predetermined point on the flange IBso that the lens may be mounted in one position. only.

Integral with the flange l2 and extending upwardly therefrom is a narrow ring lawhose' diameter is approximately the same as the external diameter of the gasket l4 and flange l6. Integral with the ring I8 and extending inwardly therefrom is a narrow flange l9 which presses the lens i5 towards the flange l2, compresses the gasket 14 and. presses against the outer extremities of the tabs I 3 so that the lens is located at a predetermined distance from the focal point of the reflector l0 and the locating flange I6 is located in a predetermined plane. The flange l9 has. a small cut out 2i] therein to accommodate the boss I! so that the lens cannot be mounted upside down, but may be mounted in one position only. Mounted on the rear of the flange l2 are a plurality of lugs 2 I for properly positioning the reflector in. an automobile or the like. These lugs 2i are asymmetrically spaced from each. other and bear a predetermined angular relationship to said focal point of said' reflector.

Thev rear end of said reflector. has an opening therein through which may be inserted the bulb of a lamp. Integral with the reflectorv at the open-- ing at the rear thereof is a curved portion 22 terminating in an. outwardly extending flange or shelf 23. The. flange 23' is narrow and has a plurality of and at least three struck out tabs or stops 24. The stops 24 are spaced from each other and the extreme ends or outer faces thereof are located in a predetermined plane and at a predetermined distance from the focal point of reflector l0. Integral with the flange 23is a ring or band 25 of considerable depth or width. I

prefer that the ring 25 be circular over about three-quarters of its periphery, but the remainder thereof be straight or of some other contour at 26 so that alamp may be mounted in one position only.

A compressible weatherproof gasket 21 similar in composition and characteristics to gasket I4 is located on the shelf 23 and between the stops 24 and ring 25. The thickness of the gasket 21 is preferably greater than the distance between the face of the shelf 23 and the outer limit of stops 24.

The ring 25 has a pair of spaced short elliptical opening 28 through the circular portion thereof, and an inverted T slot substantiall diametrically opposite the mid-space between the openings 28. The T slot consists of a short stem 29 extending through the outer free edge of ring 25, with the cross part 30 thereof extending an appreciable distance from either side of stem 29 and communicating therewith.

A three post, two filament incandescent electric lamp 3| may be mounted into the reflector I8 from the rear thereof so that the headlight is weatherproof as well as dust proof and the lamp may be replaced after it has burned out to again provide a weatherproof and dust proof headlight. The lamp 3| may include a filament enclosing bulb 32 and base 33 on which is secured a ring 34 located at a predetermined distance from the filaments and in a predetermined planewith respect to the filament. The ring 34 is circular ex cept for a portion thereof which isstraight as at 35 so that the external perimeter of the ring is only a trifle less in size but of exactly'the same contour as is the interior surface of the ring rear of reflector I8 and the lamp is rotated until? the straight edge 35 of flange 34 is coincident with the straight portion 26 of ring 25 so that the lamp can be mounted in one way only. Then the lamp is pushed forwardly towards the lens and the flange 34 is pressed against gasket 21 to compress the same and pressure is continued until the flange 34 presses against the outer extremiti-es of the stops 24.

Then with the other hand a detachable looking device 31 is mounted on the ring or band 25 to lock the lamp 3| in position and maintain the flange 34 against the stops 24. In this construction there is provided a headlight which is weatherproof, the lamp thereof, when burned out,

maybe replaced in an easy manner toprovide a new unit without the necessity of replacing all of the parts because the characteristics of the new unit will be exactly the same as those of the original unit.

The locking device 31 may be made from a single elongated piece of spring steel or the like. As shown it may be of the contour shown in Figure 5, with a pair of straight ends 38 parallel to and spaced from each other, outwardly curved portions 39 extending from one extreme of each of ends 38 defining a split stem Y, side arms 40 extending from the curved portions 39. The side arms 40 are curved or bowed and are parallel to each other. A portion 4|, in the same horizontal plane as the ends 38 extends from each bowed side arm 48.

The portions 4| extend outwardly, curve around and then extend inwardly to define a U angularly disposed with respect to the length of side arms 40. A cross bar 42 is located in the same plane as the outer parts of the bowed arms 48 and is connected to the inner ends of the U portions 4| by short arms 43.

In operation the lamp 3| is inserted into the It is reflector with flange 34 on the gasket 21. pushed forward to compress the gasket and until the flange 34 presses against stops 24. Then the U portions 4| are located in the openings 28 and the ends 38 are pulled downwardly to spring the bowed arms 48 and the cross arm 42 against the outer face of the flange, The ends 38 are brought together and pushed through the slot 29 w and into slot 38 when they are released and spring outwardly to become engaged in the ends of slot '30. The locking device 31 is anchored in openings 28 and 38 and its cross bar 42 and'side arms 40 press against flange 34 to rigidly maintain the lamp 3| in position and against stops 24 and to compress the gasket 21.

When lamp 3| burns out, the locking deviceis removed by compressing ends 38 towards each other and sliding them upwardly out of slot 29 and then pulling is applied at ends 38 to pull the U portions 4| out of-the elliptical openings 28.

A lamp exactly the same asthe removed lamp is replaced and locked to the reflector with locking device 31 in the manner'heretofore described.

Although the invention has been described in detail, it is not to be limited to the exact construction shown, because such changes may be resorted thereto which are within the-scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed:

A headlight comprising a lamp including a maintaining said lens against'said stops, said re flector having an opening in the rear thereof adapted to accommodate said bulb, a shelf secured to said reflector-adjacent said opening, a collar secured to said shelf, the periphery of said collar being the same as the peripheryjof said asymmetrical flange, a plurality ofstops secured to said shelf, a compressible weatherproof band mounted on said shelf, said lamp mounted in said reflector, with the bulb thereof located in said reflector and the asymmetrical flange adjacent said second band, removable means cooperating with said collar and pressing against said asymmetrical flange to lock said lamp in position, to compress said second band and maintain said asymmetrical flange against said second stops. 3


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U.S. Classification362/549
International ClassificationF21V17/00
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European ClassificationF21S48/12A