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Publication numberUS2233725 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1941
Filing dateMar 25, 1940
Priority dateMar 25, 1940
Publication numberUS 2233725 A, US 2233725A, US-A-2233725, US2233725 A, US2233725A
InventorsLucien Begin, Philip Rosenbloom
Original AssigneeLucien Begin, Philip Rosenbloom
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Clothesline bracket
US 2233725 A
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March 4, 1941. L. BEGIN ETAL CLOTHESLINE BRACKET Filed March 25, 1940 j 2162622 565/ Z72 9 P 274$ 05622 00772 INVENTOR S ATTORNEYS Patented Mar. 4, 1941 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,233,725 CLOTHESLINE BRACKET Lucien Begin and Philip Rosenbloom,

, Lewiston, Maine Application March 25: 1940, Serial No. 325,882 7 1 Claim.

This invention relates to' clothesline brackets and has for an object to provide a bracket for detachably securing one end of a clothesline to a support in such manner that ,the clothesline may be removed with the clothes pinned thereto when frozen in severe weather and removed to a warm enclosure for thawing out the clothes and removing the clothespins without tearing the clothes.

A further object is to provide a bracket so constructed that a plurality of clotheslines may be attached at the end thereto so as to economically use the space on a porch or other sheltered enclosure for hanging out clothes to dry.

A further object is to provide a bracket which will be formed of a single metal stamping, which will be inexpensive to'manufacture, and which of this specification:

Figure Us a plan view of a plurality of clotheslines supported at the ends by brackets constructed in accordance with the invention.

Figure 2 is an end elevation of the clothesline/ bracket.

Figure 3 is a. frontelevation of the clothesline bracket.

Figure 4 is a perspective; view of the clothesline bracket.

Referring now to the drawing in which like characters of reference designate similar parts in the various views, the bracket I is formed of a single metal stamping of sheet metal, and is of U-form in plan. The bracket is adapted to be attached to a support, II with its open, or rear, side facing the support. N,

The bracket is provided in its front and lateral sides with vertical slots l2 and I3 respectively, these slots being open at their upper ends.

(0]. all-119.01)

Ears- I I are ,directed outwardly from the rear vertical edges bf the bracket and are provided with openings l5 for the passage ofattaching screws IE, or similar connec tors.

- In applying the device two of the supports ll 6 are equipped with the brackets l0 disposed oppositely each other, as best shown in Figure 1, the attaching screws I6 simply being passed through the openings [5 and screwed into the faces of the supports, which latter'may be wood bars, or the 10 like, disposed horizontally on a porch structure or other enclosure. Each clothesline I1 is of slightly greater length than the distance between the pair of oppositely disposed bracket l0 and is provided at its ends with knots I8. The

knots are so formed that when the ends of the clothesline are passed through oppositely aligned thus permitting of a large number of clotheslines being used ina relatively small room or other space.

From the above descriptionit is thought that the construction and operation of the invention will be fully understood without further explanationf What is-claimed is: I

The combination with a. clothesline having knots at the ends, of a bracket of U-form in plan adapted to be attached to a support with its open, or rear, side facing "the support, the bracket being provided in itsfront and lateral sides with vertical slots open at their upper ends and receiving the clothesline with one of the knots bearing against the inner faceof the bracket, to removably secure the clothesline to 40 the bracket, ears carried by the rear edges of the lateral sides of the bracket and extending outwardly with relation to the lateral sides of the bracket, and means carried by the ears for securing the bracket to the support.


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U.S. Classification211/119.1, 24/128, 248/300
International ClassificationD06F57/00
Cooperative ClassificationD06F57/00
European ClassificationD06F57/00