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Publication numberUS223432 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1880
Filing dateMay 27, 1879
Publication numberUS 223432 A, US 223432A, US-A-223432, US223432 A, US223432A
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US 223432 A
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2Sheets+8heet 1. F. W. BROOKS.

Revenue Stamp.

No. 223,432. Patented Jan. '13, 1880.

MW MMQ Series A.

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2 2 Sheets-Sheen 2.

F. W. BROOKS. Revenue Stamp.

No. 223,432. Patented Jan. 13, I880.

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 223,432, dated January 13, 1880.

Application filed May .27, 1879.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, FRANKLIN W. Bnooxs, of New York, in the county and State ofNew York, have invented certain Improvements in Revenue-Stamps for Oigars, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to cigar-stamps which have a series of separately-removable coupons corresponding in number with the cigars in the box; and it consists in confining and protecting the coupons beneath a covering which is secured to the stamp, and designed to be removed only when the box is opened and the detachment of the coupons is to be commenced. 1 The object of the invention is to permit the stamps to be sold, handled, and applied to the boxes, and the boxes to be handled with the stamps thereon without danger of destroying or detaching the coupons, and this although the stamp is applied wholly to the exterior of the box. The protection of the coupons by the covering fixed in place thereon when the stamp is made and before its application to the box constitutes the essential feature of the 2 invention, the peculiar construction of the details being of secondary importance and capable of modification.

igure 1 represents a box provided with my stamp,-the coupon-covering being ruptured at 0 one corner to illustrate the manner in which it is detached. Fig. 2 is a vertical cross-section, showing the manner in which the coupons are confined; Fig. 3, a perspective view, showing the box opened and the coupons released; 3 5 Fig. 4, a face view, showing a modified form of the stamp with the covering removed 5 Fig. 5, a view showing a modificatiol'i of the stamp extended to encircle the box.

In preparing the stamp, as in Figs. 1, 2, and,

40 3, I first provide a backing-sheet, B, designed for application in a permanent manner to the exterior of the box, and to this sheet secure one end of aseries of connected coupons, A, which will be provided with slits or perfora- 5 tions to admit of'their being readily separated from each other, and which will equal in number the number of cigars in the box. These coupons I fold or double down upon the backing-sheet in a close, compact manner, and over them, for the purpose of confining and protectin g them, I place a covering-sheet, O, which will be pasted or otherwise secured or fastened down at the edges to the backing-sheet. The covering-sheet will be perforated or provided with incisions to admit of its being readily removed when it becomes necessary to gain access to the coupons. The covering and backing sheets jointly form a sheath or envelope,

in which the coupons are protected in such manner that the stamp as a whole may be readily handled without injury thereto or in-. convenience to the user.

The backing-sheet will be gummed, as in the case of other stamps, so that upon being moistened and applied to the box it will adhere firmly and secure the entire stamp thereon. When applied the stamp lies smoothly down upon the box, and ispot liable to be torn or injured by accident.

The stamp shown in Fig. dis like the others, except that the coupons, instead of being folded, are in the form of a flat sheet beneath the removable cover.

The stamp illustrated in Fig. 5 is the same as shown in Figs. 1, 2, and 3, with the addition of a sealing-stamp continued therefrom to encircle the exterior of the box. In this instance the front and back sheets are in one piece folded in the middle. This maybe done in all cases; or, if desired. the whole stamp may be made in one piece folded' and pasted to inclose and confine the coupons in the interior.

All the stamps made in accordance with the present invention may have the sealing-stamp 8 5 connected therewith; but I do not claim as part of the present invention the combination of a coupon and sealing-stamp, broadly considered, claim being made thereto in another I application.

The stamp shown in Fig. 5 has the coupons confined beneath a removable covering, as in the other cases, and not by the sealing-stamp, as in my other application. The stamp shown in Fig. 5 is represented in the present case 5 merely to illustrate the different forms of stamp with which the coupon-covering maybe used, and the combination of the sealing-stamp and coupon as shown in said figure constitutes no part of and is not included in the present ,in- 10o vention, which relates solely to the couponeovering arranged to confine the coupons before the stamp is applied to the boX and without assistance from the latter.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is 1. A cigar-stamp having a series of separately-detachable coupons confined and protected beneath a readily-removable coveringsheet, substantially as described and shown.

2. The revenuestamp consisting of a back sheet, a series of folded or doubled coupons connected thereto, and a front sheet perf0rat ed or similarly prepared for removal and secured to the backing over and around the coupons.



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