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Publication numberUS2238834 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1941
Filing dateMay 16, 1940
Priority dateMay 16, 1940
Publication numberUS 2238834 A, US 2238834A, US-A-2238834, US2238834 A, US2238834A
InventorsTravers Joseph
Original AssigneeRichard Di Pippo
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Electric connector plug
US 2238834 A
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April J. TRAVERS 2,238,834

ELECTRIC CONNECTOR PLUG Filed May 16, 1940 A iiomey In ventar Patented Apr. 15, 19 41 ELECTRIC CONNECTOR PLUG Joseph Travers, Providence, B. I., assignor of onehalf to Richard Di Pippo, Providence, B. I.

Application May 16, 1940, Serial N0. 335,580

2 Claims.

This invention relates broadly to electrical connectors and more particularly to an electric connector plug of the type adapted to be inserted in a companion Jack or socket member with which a sound amplifier and/r electrical musical instrument, such as a guitar or the like, are generally equipped to the end that such amplifier and electrical musical instrument are connected together; and among the objects of the invention are to provide a plug of this character which is adjustable; and also to provide a plug, the parts of vwhich, in combination and arrangement, are such as will permit rapid repair in the event'a break occurs in the electric cord, and whichat the same time will also eliminate the necessity of any bending or twisting of the wire of the cord, or the use of solder; as well as requiring but a single terminal connection.

The invention, together with its objects and advantages, will be best understood from a study of the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing wherein:

Figure 1 is a view mostly in section through the plug and showing the details thereof.

Figure 2 is a view taken substantially onthe line 2-2'of Figure l.

Referring more in detail to the drawingit will .be seen that in the preferred embodiment thereof the electric connector plug comprises a tubular shell, preferably of metal, 5, having integral with one end thereof an enlarged hollow head 8 for which a screw plug or cap 1 is provided.

The shell 5 accommodates an electrical conducting tip 8 that is insulated from the shell 5 through the medium of a sleeve 9 ofinsulating material and equipped at one end with a flange I 0 interposed between the free end of the shell 5 and the shoulder ll of the tip 8, and at an opposite end with a flange I! that fits within the hollow of the head 6 of said shell 5.

The tip 8 is provided with a threaded terminal ii on to which is threaded one end of a terminal block ll that is accommodated within the hollow oi the head 8.

The block I4 has extending transversely thereof which is tapered as at I! and which receives one end of the flexible conductor cord 20.

At the free end thereof the lug II is tapered and split longitudinally so as to be somewhat flexible and compressible, in order to be compressed about the cord 20 incidental to the threading home on the lug it a sleeve nut 2|. .In this connection it will be noted that the sleeve nut 2! hasa portion of its bore threaded as at 22 to complement the threads of the lug i8, while the remaining portion of said bore is tapered as at 23 to receive'the tapered split end of thelug and for compressing said end of the lug into positive Further in accordance with the present invention the flexible conductor 20 has a portion of the flexible body thereof removed so that there are exposed the terminals of strands 24 so that these exposed terminals of the strands will electrically contact the lug l8 thus eliminating the need for I a second terminal connection assembly.

The construction of an electric connector plug as herein illustrated and described provides for the quick repairing and restoration of the plug to working condition in the event of a severance in the connection between the plug 7 and'the conductor cord; requires but the use-of a single tool, such as a penknife, for eflecting the necessary assembling and disassembling of the parts incidental to the repairing and restoration of the plug to working condition; eliminates practically any and all twisting of the conductor cord; and the taking up of all stresses on the conductor by the coupling nut II to prevent such stress from reaching the electrical connection between the conductor wire oi the cord and the terminal block I4. v

It is thought that a complete understanding of the invention will be had from the foregoing 1c is not intended to limit the invention to the precise embodiment illustrated but that I claim all such forms of the invention to which I am entitled in the light of the prior art and the scope of the claims hereunto appended. v

Having thus described the invention what is claimed as new is:

1. In an electric connector, a hollow head having one end' open, a tubular shank extending from the opposite end, a tubular lug extending from one side of the head and said lug having a p 2 bore passing therethrough with one end in comductor tip passing through the hollow shank and having its inner end threaded and located in the chamber of the hollow head, means for insulating the tip from the tubular shank and the head, a block located in the head and having one end threaded to the threaded inner end of the tip and said block having a transverse hole therein in alinement with the bore of the lug and the other end of the block having a threaded hole therein, the inner end of which is in communication with the transverse hole of the block, with said other end of the block exposed through the end of the head, a conductor cord passing through the bore of the lug and having a center conductor therein, the inner end of which is exposed and enters the head and passes through the transverse hole in the block, a screw threaded in the threaded hole of the block and engaging the center conductor for holding the same in the block, a cap detachably connected with the open end of the head cover- .ing the block and the screw therein, a second conductor in the cord having one end in electrical contact with the lug and a sleeve nut threaded on the lug and having a tapered interior part at its outer end for compressing the resilient end of the lug against the cord.

2. In an electric connector, a hollow head having one end open, a tubular shank extending from the other end, a tip passing through the shank and having its inner end threaded and located in the chamber formed by the hollow head, means for insulating the tipfrom the head and from the shank, a block located in the chamber formed by the head and having a threaded socket at one end for receiving the threaded end of the tip, said block having a transverse hole therein for receiving a conductor, and said block having a longitudinally ektending threaded hole in its other end communicating with the transverse hole, a screw in said threaded hole for clamping a conductor to the block, a cap closing the open end of the head, a tubular lug extending from one side of the head and having a bore in communication with the head and means for holding a conductor cord in the lug, the conductor of which is connected with the block.


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U.S. Classification439/461, 439/582, 439/669, 174/88.00C
International ClassificationH01R24/58
Cooperative ClassificationH01R24/58, H01R2103/00
European ClassificationH01R24/58