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Publication numberUS2240094 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1941
Filing dateMay 11, 1939
Priority dateMay 11, 1939
Publication numberUS 2240094 A, US 2240094A, US-A-2240094, US2240094 A, US2240094A
InventorsForeman William H
Original AssigneeForeman William H
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Ventilated toilet bowl
US 2240094 A
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April 1941- w. H. FOREMAN 2,240,094

VENTILATED TOILET BOWL Filed llay 11, 1939 :s Sheets-Sheet 1 I April 29, 1941.

w. H. FOREMAN VENTILATED TOILET BOWL Filed llay 11, 1939 5 Sheets-Sheet 3 Patented A r. 29, 1941 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,240,094 ,vnumsrnn 'ronn'r nown I William H. Foreman, Ahorkle, NBC. Application ma 11, 1939. Serial No. 273,091

4 Claims (01. 4-217) vices have not succeeded in fulfilling the Pu p se l desired and it is understood that the main reason contributing to this failure is the fact that there no effective means within the bowl itself for Accord- Y ingly, it is the purpose of the present invention to prventing the escape of such gases.

provide a toilet bowl which will avoid this difficulty and at the same time not appreciably increase the initial cost of the equip t, and

' which will not in any wis'e add to the stallation thereof.

In addition to the foregoing objectives it is the further purpose of the invention to provide this desired and needed element to bathroom equipment by a novel arrangement wherein the following advantages are also added, to wit:

A. To provide a toilet bowl having means incorporated within the internal structure thereof for carrying oil noxious gases.

B. To provide a device which may be interposed between the bowl and seat of an installed 0 fixture without appreciable expense which will accomplish the purpose intended, and:

C. To further construct the apparatus within the seat proper of the toilet fixture and which may be readily applied to toilet equipment now itself as desirable for adoption by the public in general.

The invention is shown by way of illustration in the accompanying drawings wherein: Figure 1 is a side elevational view thereof.

Figure 2 a horizontal sectional view on a plane through the top of the bowl.

Figure 3 a transverse sectional view on the line 3-3 of Figure 2.

Figure 4 a side elevational view of a modifiedv construction. I

Figure 5 a transverse sectional view of the construction shown in Figure 4.

Figure 6 a horizontal sectional view of a further modified construction. .3

Figure? a transverse sectional view of the construction shown in Figure 6; and, v

Figure 8 is a diagrammatic illustration of the system as applied to a building. Referring to the construction in further detail and wherein like reference characters designate corresponding parts in the different figures shown, 8 represents an ordinary bowl, the top portion III of which has the usual water channelway H for the ordinary flushing system and at its upper rim portion there are located two outer channels l2 that terminate with enlarged or flaring openings l3 located adjacent the front portion of the bowl, and at the rear there is a similar pair of channels ll having enlarged inlet openings I! as shown. Said inner and .outer channels are evenly located on opposite sides of the bowl and their obvious function is to conduct noxious gases therefrom into a common discharge l6 whence they are conducted by pipe H to a blower l8 having discharge flue l9 that communicates with a vent or outlet fiuc 20 that extends through the building and discharges into the atmosphere.

The ordinary seat 2| and cover therefor 22 is provided and to obtain the desired hermetic sealor air-tight closure between the seat proper and the bowl there is a strip of rubber 23, or other suitable material so located that'the desired airtight condition is obtained.

In the construction shown in 4 and 5 the invention is characterized in that the bowl portion 9Ill is not appreciably enlarged beyond its present proportions, but the top or rim surface 24 is substantially horizontal or flat to the end of having mounted thereon the correspondingly shaped part or section, 25 that is formed with pairs of inner and outer channel-ways l2 and I5 substantially after the manner shown and described above with reference to Figures 1 and 2. Said part or portion 25 constitutes a unit in itself that may be fitted or interposed between the bowl portion l0 and the seat 2| and thereby the full advantages of the device may be obtained without the necessity of constructing or modelling the special type of bowl as indicated in Figure 1. In this instance the unit or portion 25 interposed between the bowl rim Ill and the seat 2| is fitted both above and below with pliable strip members 26 and 21 and thereby the requisite seal between the several parts of the bowl construction as a unit are obtained.

Referring to the construction shown in I'igurea 6 and 7 the invention is characterised in that the exit fiues or channel-ways are provided within the seat structure 28 and in this instance said channel-ways 20-40 are designed after the manner shown in Figure 'l but are further characterized in that their respective communications within the bowl proper are by means of a plurality of sma'll vents or ducts 8| which are guillcient in number and communicate within the bowl proper as shown. The seal between said seat proper It and the rim of the bowl top portion it is here also obtained by means of the pliable or strip of insulation I! that is interposed between said parts as indicated.

It will be understood the invention as herein disclosed is not limited to the details of construction shown and described, since these may be varied without departing from the principles of the invention as defined by the claims.

What is claimed as new is:

1. A ventilated toilet fixture comprising a bowl, and a member superimposed upon the bowl and conforming in contour to the rim part of the bowl, said member being constructed with outer and inner channels at each side thereof having outlet ends opening through the rear portion of said member and having inlet ends opening through the inner face of said member respectively at spaced points in front and rear of the transverse center thereof, said member having 8.

rounded, shaped upper surface forming a seat 2. Aventilatedtoiletiixture compriaingabowl, andaaeatthereforeonatructedateaehaidethereofwithapairoiouterandinnerchannelways adaptedtocarryoilnoxiousgaseaaaidchanneb ways having inlet ends respectively conmunicatingwiththefrontandrearportionsofthe opening in the seat and outlet ends opening outwardly atthe rear of the seat.

3. A ventilated toilet fixture comprising a bowl, a seat and a cover therefor, said seat constructed at each side with a plurality of channelways having outlets at their rear ends opening through the rear of the seat and inlets and having their forward ends respectively communicating with the front and rear portions of the bowl, and a hermetic seal interposed between the rim of the bowl and said seat portion.

4. A ventilated toilet fixture comprising a bowl having a level top rim portion, a seatmember having a base portion provided with a plurality of channelways to carry of! noxious gases, said channelways extending vertically between the top and bottom of said basev portion and having outlet ends opening through' the rim of the base portion and inlet ends opening through the inner side of the base portion at the front and rear thereof, and hermetic seals interposed between said rim and the base portion of the seat and between the seat and its base portion.


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U.S. Classification4/217
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