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Publication numberUS224096 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 3, 1880
Publication numberUS 224096 A, US 224096A, US-A-224096, US224096 A, US224096A
InventorsPierre Lorillard
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Pierre lorillard
US 224096 A
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No. 224,096. Pafgmed Feb. 3, 1880.

IT'G. 3.





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 224,096, dated yFebruary 3, 1880. Application nien Deeember- 23, 1879 To all whom 'it may concern:

Beit known th at I, PIERRE LORILLARD, Jr., of New York city, in the county and State ot' New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements relating to Tobacco-Boxes and analogous boxes for pocket use, of which the following is a specification. l

I form the cover with one or more openings ot' a proper form, and mount close beneath a revolving disk carrying iigures or devices, which, when the box is closed, is perfectly' protected, but when the box is opened may be easily set in any required position.

To facilitate adjustment the `edge of the disk may be notched to engage with the iinger-nail or other object introduced to adjust it.

-I propose to employ the invention to present tin-type pictures or various other devices. One may be an almanac or calendar.

The accompanying drawings form a part'of this specification, and represent what I consider the best means ot' carrying out the invention.

Figure l is a face view of the top of the box in use. FigQZ is a central longitudinal section, and Fig. is an inside view ofthe cover. Fig. 4 is a face view of a modification. 1t represents a box having but a single opening in the cover, adapted to show portraits or other devices, so as to realize some ot' the advantages ot' the invention.

Similar letters ot' reference indicate corresponding parts in all the figures.

A is the body ot' the box. B is the cover, and b the hinge, 'ny which these parts are connected.

Referring to Figs. 1 and 3, b and I)2 are apertures in the cover B, arranged at different distances from a central pivot, c, set in the cover B.

G is a disk of stiff thin metal, as sheet-iron tinned or nickeled to present a polished and tasty appearance, and engraved or otherwise prepared on one side with iigures (not shown) arranged at the same distances from the center as the apertures b b2. rlhis disk is mounted on the inner face of the cover, and may be turned on the pvot c, when the box is open,

by acting on it with pressure on its inner face applied by the linger or thumb.

The parts, being thin, do not appreciably reduce the capacity of the box, which may serve as a box for tobacco, matches, or other uses, as may be required.

Modifications may be made within wide limits in the nature ot' the devices carried on the disk O. Some ot' the advantages may be realized with only one series ot' holes or only one hole. I believe it possible to employ the movable piece O as a slide, not turning on a pivot, but strongly and securely mounted by other means, so as to `turn or otherwise move to change the devices presented to the one or more holcsfin the cover.

The part O may be a rectangular or other shaped slide moved bodily to one side `or the other, and trmly held by friction, with liberty to apply force to adjust it when the box is opened.

I propose in some cases to produce in the cover B another series otl apertures Within the series b', to serve, with suitable figures on the disk, as a gamecounter.

l can, it' preferred, stamp the cover by dies so forinedas to slightly raise that portion of the metal immediately over the disk. C.

I claim as my inventionl. The thin movable disk or plate C, in combination with the perforated cover B1 ot' a box, and arranged to lie close on the inner face ot' the said cover, and to be adjusted relatively thereto by the friction of the finger or thumb, as herein specilied.

2. The box A B, hinged at b, and provided with two series of holes, b b2. arranged at different distances i'rom the central pivot, c, in

combination with a thin metallic disk, C, a-pi.

plied close to the inner face ofthe cover, and adjustable around the pivot c by being turned thereon, as and adapted to serve the purposes herein specitied.


Witnesses: y


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Cooperative ClassificationA24F23/04, B65D85/1081