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Publication numberUS2241584 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1941
Filing dateJul 2, 1940
Priority dateJul 2, 1940
Publication numberUS 2241584 A, US 2241584A, US-A-2241584, US2241584 A, US2241584A
InventorsCohen Maximilian
Original AssigneeCohen Maximilian
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Toothbrush and dental mirror
US 2241584 A
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May 13, 1941. co 2,241,584




This invention relates to improvements in toothbrushes. I

More particularly, it is an object-of my invention to provide an improved toothbrush which will clean not only the surface of each tooth more thoroughly, but also the interproximal spaces between the teeth.

It is common knowledge in the dental profession that toothbrushes now on sale can reach only certain teeth for proper brushing and that in attempting to reach certain molars and bicuspids on inner and outer surfaces, surrounding tissue is often injured causing bleeding and weakening of the supporting .structures.

It, is, therefore, an object of my invention to provide a toothbrush with bristles set in a circular manner so that a rotary motion can be used without danger of injuring the gums; that the inner and outer surface of each tooth can be thoroughly and properly cleansed; that one or two teeth will be engaged by the brush at a time; that the brush can be applied properly between the cheek and the tooth surface, and that the inner tooth surfaces can be reached with a proper brush movement and thus be cleansed properly.

Another object of my invention is to provide a mirror on the reverse side of the bristles to detect nicotine stains, tartar, decay, cavities and general discolorations. With the aid of a bath room or hand mirror, a person can readily examine nearly all surfaces of the teeth so that, in brushing the teeth, he could concentrate on stains, discolorations and impurities. In the event decay, tartar or cavities are discovered, an early visit to the dentist may save eventual loss of teeth.

For child hygiene, especially, a combination rotary toothbrush and dental mirror should be a great aid to promote dental consciousness at an early age, thus instilling a good habit of examin ing the teeth and keeping them clean.

Another object of my invention is to provide a concave mirror surface on the reverse side of the toothbrush to magnify the gums and teeth and their imperfections. In children, this element of curiosity'creates a useful and beneficial toy which possesses educational and psychological advantages, particularly adaptable for refractory children.

Still another object is to provide a toothbrush having the portion upon which the bristles are embedded at an angle so that all the tooth surfaces can be conveniently reached without inconvenience.

For a fuller understanding of the nature and objects of my invention, reference is had to the following detailed description in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the inside surface of my toothbrush.

Fig. 2 is a side view of my toothbrush shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a front view of the inside surface of my brush.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged view of the reverse side of the upper or bristle portion of rny toothbrush, showing a concave mirror set into the surface, the handle being shown broken away.

, Fig. 5 is a section taken through line 5-5 of Fig. 3.

Fig. Fig. 3.

Fig. 3.

Fig. Fig.4.

Fig. 9 is a section of the reverse side of the upper portion of a toothbrush showing a plain or fiat mirror embedded into the surface.

Referring to the drawing, numeral I 0 represents a toothbrush made of a plastic or other suitable material, having a handle portion II, a bent collar portion l2 and a bristle portion l3. Embedded into holes drilled partly into the inside surface of the bristle portion l3, are a series of bristles l4 set in a circular manner. The bristles I 4 may be natural or artificial bristles and may be of uniform height or graduated as shown in Fig. 2. The degree of hardness or softness in the bristles may also vary to suit the requirements of the public.

In setting the bristles in a circular manner, a rotary motion can be employed by the user without danger of injuring the tissue surrounding the teeth, such a rotary motion is more eflicient and is used by every dentist in prophylaxis; one or two teeth can be engaged at a time for better cleaning.

The upper or bristle portion I3 is bent outwardly at an angle at the collar portion I2 so that certain inner surfaces can be reached more readily and cleansed more thoroughly.

The outside or back of the bristle portion of the toothbrush has a mirror I5 set into a channel l6 in the surface of the toothbrush as shown in Fig, 4. This mirror may be of glass or polished or plated metal. The surface of the mirror may be concave, as shown in Fig. 8, for enlargement of the reflection, or it may be flat, as shown at I8 in Fig. 9, for normal reflection. By having 6 is a section taken through line 6-6 of 7 is a section taken through line 1-1 of 8 is a section taken through line 8-8 of a mirror handy on a toothbrush when brushing the teeth, the user will make constant use of it to detect impurities, stains, etc. As shown in Figure 4, it will be seen that the mirror I! has unequal circumferential end portions and that the mirror is elongated lengthwise of the handle. The mirror I! is thus adapted to magnify an extended section of teeth with varied degrees of magnification.

The handle-ll is tapered to fit conveniently into the hand and has a hole H at the extreme end so that it can be hung on a pin. The hole 11 can also be used to attach a point or scraper (not shown) for removing tartar or the impurities from the teeth.

It is obvious that various changes and modifications may be made in the details of construction without departing from the general spirit of the invention, as set forth in the appended claim.


In a combined toothbrush and dental mirror having a handle and a bristle portion, the back of said bristle portion having a channel opposite said bristles, a concave mirror set within said channel below the outer surface of said handle,

said mirror having unequal circumferential end portions and being elongated lengthwise of said.

handle and adapted to magnify an extended section of teeth with varied degrees of magnification.


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