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Publication numberUS2241673 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1941
Filing dateSep 9, 1939
Priority dateSep 9, 1939
Publication numberUS 2241673 A, US 2241673A, US-A-2241673, US2241673 A, US2241673A
InventorsMogabgab Winifred S
Original AssigneeMogabgab Winifred S
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Handkerchief package
US 2241673 A
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ATTORNEY Patented May 13, 1941 *UNITED STATES PATENTv OFFICE HANDKERCHIEF PACKAGE Winifred S. Mogabgab, New Canaan, Conn. Application september 9, 1939, serial N'o. 294,043

(c1. zoe-4c) 1 Claim.

The invention relates to a merchandise containing package of the type designed to be contained in an envelope ready for mailing, and in one embodimentI of the invention it comprises a combined note or letter sheet and han-dkerchief protective holder.

The primary object of the invention is to provide a simple form of merchandise containing package which can be readily inserted in an envelope to facilitate storing with othersimilarpackages in .a small space; in which the merchandise is protected from handling; in which the merchandise is maintained in a neat folded position and in which the parts not covered by the merchandise may be utilized as a writing space, or as a space to contain advertising, printing and the like.

Various other objects :and advantages of the invention will be in part obvious from an inspection of the Iaccompanying drawing and in part will be more fully set forth in the foll-owing particular description of one form of package embodying the invention, and the invention also consists in certain new and novel features of con` struction and combination of parts hereinafter set forth and claimed.

In the :accompanying drawing:

Fig. 1 is a plan View of a sheet of note paper on which is mounted a handkerchief and forming an insert for an associated envelope and forming with the envelope a preferred embodiment of the invention;

Fig. 2 is a plan View of the insert of Fig. 1 in open position; and

Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional View taken through the sealed envelope with the insert contained therein.

Referring to the drawing, there is shown a paper mailing envelope I of conventional str-ucture and into which is designed to be slipped an insert II particularly constituting the novel element of the disclosure. This insert II comprises a single sheet of paper or cardboard I2 folded once upon itself along the score line or hinge line I3 to form a cover sheet III and a mounting sheet I5. The mounting sheet is provided in the part thereof adjacent the midlength of the score line I3 with a small aperture I6. A handkerchief I'I is folded 'lat and dimensioned so that it can be located within the outlines of the mounting sheet. The folded handkerchief is laid flat against the mounting sheet and spaced inwardly from the outlining edges thereof so as to provide marginal edges I8, I9 and 20, projecting outwardlyv beyond the edges of the folded handkerchief so as to protect the same. A ribbon 2I is 'passed through the aperture I6 so as to hold it in place and is crossed over the top of the handkerchief and across the outer side of the mounting sheet. The ends of the ribbon are brough-t together and tied into a bow 22 lying on top of the handkerchief. With the handkerchief so mounted in position, the cover sheet I4 is folded over on top of the handkerchief and on top of the bow 22. In this way the cover sheet overlaps .both the handkerchief and the bowed ends of the ribbon and in presenting a smooth outer side to the insertl prevents vthe handkerchief o-r bowed ends of the ribbon from interfering with the desired easy sliding of the insert into the envelope I0.

It is suggested that the outside of the cover sheet be provided with a :blank space 23 which may contain a note or other writing 24 or may contain :advertising matter or other printing associated with the package. Likewise, the reverse of the cover sheet marked 2 in Fig. 2 may likewise .be provided with a blank space designed to be written or printed upon or otherwise utilized.

While the disclosure specifically illustrates a handkerchief as the article of merchandise mounted in the insert, it is obviously within the scope of the disclosure to utilize the package for containing scarfs, gloves and other small articles which are commonly inserted as gift articles and the like, in envelopes sent through the mail. Where it is desired to give more stiffness to the insert than would usually be found in the note paper, specifically disclosed in the drawing, it is suggested that a heavier grade of paper, even cardboard, may be used.

The packages may be stored in stacked form, one on ltop of the other, until sold and while so stacked both the paper as well as the contained article of merchandise is protected from mussing or becoming soiled by virtue of the fact that the insert is housed within the envelope. In this way the package is maintained fresh in appearance until sold.

While there have been shown, described and pointed out in the annexed claim, certain novel features of the invention, it will be understood that various omissions, substitutions and changes in the form and details of the package illustrated and in its operation may be made by those skilled inthe :art without departing from the spiri-t of the invention.

I claim:

A flat merchandise containing package fashioned to be fitted into a mailing envelope, cornprising a single, rectangular sheet of paper or cardboard, with one-half thereof folded along a transverse scored line to overlap each other and form .a hingedly connected mounting sheet and cover sheet and free of fastening means, an article located in ilatwise engagement with the mounting sheet and spaced inwardly from all edges of the same to form marginal edge pertions -to protect the edges of the article, the Inarginal portion of the mounting sheet between the score line and the .adjacent edge of the article having a small circular opening Ilocated `approxi-- mately mid-length of said marginal portion and said rectangular sheet being otherwise free of openings therethrough and said cover sheet providing a writing surface continuous between its outlining edges, -a flat ribbon for securing the article approximately centered in position on the `mounting sheet, said ribbon passed through the opening, extending crosswise of both the rear side of the mounting sheet and the article, lappin-g the three exposed edges of the mounting sheet substantially at ytheir respective mid-lengths and having its ends tied together to form a, flat `bow exposed Aon top of the article, said ribbon 10 passed through the circular opening without material reduction in the width of the ribbon to avoid puckering of the ribbon at this place and said opening acting to resist shifting of the ribbon in any direction in the plane of the mounting l5 sheet.


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