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Publication numberUS2242088 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1941
Filing dateJul 3, 1939
Priority dateJul 3, 1939
Publication numberUS 2242088 A, US 2242088A, US-A-2242088, US2242088 A, US2242088A
InventorsAugustine Rainboth
Original AssigneeAugustine Rainboth
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Bedpan cushion
US 2242088 A
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Filed July 3, 1939 nv VE/V TOR, WM

HTTOPNE )4 LA g%m z Patented May 13, 1941 UNITED STTES Tilt??? HQE 1 Claim.

The invention relates to improvements in bedpan cushions as described in the present specification and shown in the accompanying drawing that forms part of the same.

The invention consists essentially in devisin a self-adjusting cushion formed of crushable material and adapted to engage a bedpan and form a cushioned seat for the person using the same, as pointed out in the claim for novelty following a description containing an explanation in detail of an acceptable form of the invention.

The objects of the invention are to devise a means which will help to mitigate the suffering of patients and effect a comfort for them in using a bedpan while being confined to bed; to construct a bedpan cushion that can easily be applied to the pan and that will self-adjust itself thereon and effect a tight fit; to avoid the unpleasantness of the use of a cold bedpan and when desired, in certain cases, to provide the pan with a cushion warmed to the desired degree and consequently give the necessary warmth for the patient and eliminate the cold or clammy feeling of a bedpan and materially aid the patient in the important functions so necessary in the recovery to health; and generally to provide a bedpan cushion that will be comparatively simple to manufacture and use, washable, capable of being sterilized, and efficient for its purpose.

In the drawing, Figure 1 is a perspective view of the bedpan cushion.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of a bedpan having the cushion applied thereto.

Figure 3 is a cross sectional view as taken on the lines 3-3 in Figure 2.

Figure 4 is a plan view looking at the bottom of a bedpan and having a modified form of cushion applied to the pan.

Figure 5 is a longitudinal sectional view as taken on the lines 5-5 in Figure 4.

Figure 6 is a fragmentary sectional view of the bedpan cushion of the type shown in Figures 4 and 5 partly broken away to disclose the structure thereof.

Like numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in the various figures.

Referring to the drawing, the bedpan cushion consists of an upper and lower section as indicated by the numerals l0 and H, the upper sec tion forming the cushion l3, while the lower section forms the pan gripping member I4. Both the upper and lower sections l0 and H are made of a suitable crushable material, such as cotton, towelling, flannel, jute, or more such material,

and each of these sections are cut out prior to assembly in the form of an oval or oblong shape provided with central apertures, and the sections are formed of one, two, or more plies, as the case may be, and are joined together by means of the seam l5.

The lower section 5 i, which forms the binding member for the pan, is provided with the elastic l6 extending around its circumference and adapted to form the means for engaging with either the side walls H or the bottom l8 of the bedpan H9. The upper section Ill, which is formed of suitable towelling, jute, or other materials, preferably of heavier texture than the lower section, is adapted to engage with the top portion 26 of the bedpan l9, and retains the position thereon by means of the transverse elastic 2|, which is for the purpose of bending the circumferential edge of the upper section drawn towards one another and thereby cooperating with the elastic band or other fastening means formed in the lower section.

The upper section, which forms the cushion, is adapted to contain suitable padding, wadding, or other suitable material for the purpose of completing the cushion, although it is of course understood that in certain cases it may not be necessary to include any stuffing within the upper section, although it may be preferable.

The actual application of the cushion to the pan is quite simple, as it is just simply slipped over the bedpan, the lower section engaging the walls through, while the upper section, forming the cushion, covers the top portion, and is provided with an opening to correspond with the opening of the pan.

In the modified type of bedpan cushion, the only difference is in the lower section 22 of the cushion which is of a wider diameter so that it will actually enclose the walls of the bedpan, and has its circumference 23 actually resting on the bottom to of the pan i9, and in this way the elastic band 24 of this lower section 22 pulls the circumferential edge of the lower section inwardly towards one another; while in the other type, the band actually binds the cushion to the walls of the bedpan. It will therefore be seen that the use of the crushable material effects another method of applying the cushion to the are met, and at the same time the application to the pan is easily accomplished.

It is of course understood that the actual shape of the cushion may be altered in accordance with the shape of the pan to which it is to be applied.

What I claim is:

A self-adjusting bedpan cushion formed of a crushable material and. comprising an approximately oval shaped member. having upper and lower portions provided with corresponding top and bottom apertures and adapted to completely encircle the pan, an elastic band secured around the edge of the bottom aperture of said lower portion and adapted to form the binding means

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U.S. Classification4/456, D24/123
International ClassificationA61G9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61G9/003
European ClassificationA61G9/00P