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Publication numberUS2242357 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 20, 1941
Filing dateJul 21, 1939
Priority dateJul 21, 1939
Publication numberUS 2242357 A, US 2242357A, US-A-2242357, US2242357 A, US2242357A
InventorsKroll Nathan J, Samuel Kroll
Original AssigneeKroll Nathan J, Samuel Kroll
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Combined wardrobe and crib
US 2242357 A
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May 20, 1941. s, KRQLL ETAL COMBINED wARDnoBE AND CRIB Filed July 21, 1939 .anzuel jfraZL am Naf/zam JKzoZ/ INVENTORS Patented May 2o, 1941 S PATENT GFFICE 2,242,351 coMmED wAnDRoBE A'Nm om Application July 3 Claims.

This invention has as its principal object the provision of a combination wardrobe and crib structure. f

Another important object is the provision, in an inants crib of a wardrobe drawer at the bottom of the crib and a drop-side for the crib arranged to fold in a certain manner so as not t'o interfere with the drawer when the drop-side is lowered for access to the cri Other objects, advantages and novel aspects of the invention reside in certain details of construction and the arrangement of the various parts of the illustrative embodiment described hereinafter in view of the annexed drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 -is a perspective and wardrobe structure;

Fig. 2 is a. vertical section and drop-side as seen 2-2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary cross sectional detail through the drawer and mounting rail looking in the direction of line 3-3 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a perspective fragment of one of the improved crib through the drawer inside end wall of the criband drawer mounting means thereon;

Fig. 5 is a perspective fragment of the wardrobe drawer.

The embodiment shown in Fig. 1 includes a crib structure having opposite sides one of whichis a so-called drop-side I5 adapted to be raised and lowered on mounting rods I6.' Two dropsides may be employed if desired.

Mounted beneath the mattress of the crib is a wardrobe drawer I1, provided with opposite faces and handle means I8 (Fig. 2), and mounted to I9 walls of the crib (Figs. 2 and 4). The drawer is provided with a dust panel or top 2l which slides grooves 22 at the top thereof.

One of the features of the invention is the noninterfering drop-side structure which permits the side or sides to be lowered without interference with the drawer. This structure includes the provision of a side wall consisting of hingedly joined sections I5 and I5a, one of which (lower section I5a) is pivotally mounted as at I5b on dowels or pins extending from-the lower rail thereof into the crib posts, and the other of which, that is, the main side section I5, is slidably mounted on the crib by the means or rods I5.

The hinged tions I5 and connection between the side sec- I'5a is preferably eiected by conconnection I5c with the lower in the direction of line secured on the inner side of thel Samuel Kroll and Nathan J. Kroll, Chicago,

21, l1939, Serial No. 285,644

cealed hinges I5c (Fig. 2) on the inner sides of the meeting rails of the sections.

Thus, in manipulating the improved structure, the side or sides of the crib may be dropped from the raised position of Fig. 1 by pressing down on the upper or main drop-side section I5, which will cause the same to slide downwardly on rods IIi and tilt outwardly of the crib. The mounting means I6b is loosely tted to permit this action which occurs by virtue oi the hinged section I5a, the

latter rocking outwardly of the crib on its pivotal mounting I5b. The outward movements of the section I5 and I5a are defined by the dash-dot line of Fig. 2.

As a result of the foregoing arrangement, it is of no concern whether 'the drawer is open or closed at the time the drop side is lowered, the advantage in which is obvious.

The various advantages and objects of the invention may be accomplished by modiiications of the particular embodiment specifically described herein, and it is intended that the appended claims shall include all equivalent arrangements fairly coming within their call.

Havingjthus described our invention, what we claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:

1. In a crib, a drop-side structure comprising a -main upper side member and an auxiliary sideforming member disposed therebelow, means mounting the upper portions of said main member for vertical sliding movement on said crib, means hingedly joining the lower portion of said portion of said auxiliary member and means mounting the lower portion of said auxiliary member for pivotal movement on said crib, said main and auxiliaryy members coacting such thata depressing force and eiect pivotal movement of the lower portions thereof outwardly of the crib by pivotal aotion of said auxiliary member.

2. In a crib,` a drop-side structure including upper and lower side sections and means hingedly joining the same for movement relative to a horizontal axis, coacting bracket and slide rod means on said crib and upper portion of said upper section mounting the latter for vertically sliding movement, means pivotally mounting that part of the lower side-forming section which is opposite its hinged connection with the upper section for pivotal movement on said crib, whereby said upper section may be depressed and said lower section will pivot to swing the lower portion of the upper section outwardly of the crib.

3. In a, crib, a drop-side structure comprising, in combination, upper and lower side sections, means mounting the upper part of said upper section for vertical movement and permitting relative pivotal displacement of the lower portions of said upper section in a direction outwardly of the crib, means mounting the lower portion of said lower section for pivotal movemovement of the upper portions of said upper section will effect pivotal movement of said lower section with a consequent outward movement of ment in a direction outwardly of the crib, and

means operatively linling the lower and upper portions respectively of the upper and lower sections for movement together such Athat downward per and lower sections are aligned ln a substantially vertical plane.

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U.S. Classification5/100, 5/2.1
International ClassificationA47D7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47D7/007
European ClassificationA47D7/00D