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Publication numberUS224335 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1880
Filing dateDec 10, 1879
Publication numberUS 224335 A, US 224335A, US-A-224335, US224335 A, US224335A
InventorsSeth L. Horton
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US 224335 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1.

'S'. L.-HORTON. Memorandum-Book.-

N0. 22mm Patented Feb. 10, 1880.

Fig. 2

DHv O T N E. V N

N. Pains, PHOTmLITHOGRAPHER, WASHINGTON. D (L 2Shets-Sheet2. S. L. HORTON. Memorandum-360E.

Patented Feb. 10, 1880.

'- Fig.4.


SETH L. HORTON, or r'novlnnnon, RHonE sL ND.

M EMORAN ru M-eook.

SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 224,335, dated February 10, 1880.

7 Application filed December 10,1879. v

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, SETH L. HoR'roN, of

the city and county of Providence, and State of Rhode Island, have invented a new and use:

ful Improvement in Ready-Reference Memorandums; and I hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of fication.

This invention has reference to'improvements in memorandum-pads; and it consists in the peculiar and novel arrangement,.with a number of pads, each devoted to aspecial day of the week or to a special subject, of an index or guide referring to the several pads.

It further consists in the arrangement,with a fixed calendar or guide,*of detachable pads, all of which will be more fully set-forth hereinafter. V

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a portfolio, showing one of the covers raised. On the inner side of the cover is a perpetual calendar and an erasable slate divided into three 001- umns. Three sets of pads are shown secured by wires, so as to be readily removed. Fig. 2

is a perspective view of the portfolio closed, the outside of the cover having a calendar and words indicating the pads on this side of the: The opposite is arranged in the.

shown raised, the inner side being provided.

with a calendar and anerasableslate divided into as many columns as there are pads, and.

a number of pads secured within theportfolio,

so as to be readily removed. Fig. 5 is a view .of a ready-reference memorandum-pad propads are temporarily secured in a portfolio or to a disk, so that new pads can readily replace the old. b b are calendars or guides, by means of which the pad on which the desired memorandom is to madecan be found. 11 d are erasable tablets divided into as many columns as there are pads, and on which memorandums referring to the'padscan be made. e e are "guides or calendars? placed on'the outside of the cover g, from which the desired pads may be ascertained,and f f f are abbreviations or signs indicating the day or subject to which the pads are devoted. The wholeis usually placed in a portfolio or book but a tablet may be arranged as is shown in Fig. 5.

My improved ready-reference memorandum may be used in various ways, two of which I will now more fully explain. Y

All business men, as well as most men and women, have frequent occasion to make memorandums of things that must be attended to at a certain day. Such memorandums, when placed in an ordinary book with other matter, are liable to be overlooked and the appointment is not kept.

If we consider that a market-man was supplied withmy improved memorandum, and a customer ordered certain meats and vegetables for each day of the week, then he would enter on one leaf for Monday what is ordered for that day on the pad, on Tuesday the order for that day, and so on for all the days of the week, and with all his customers and on each day, by referring to the pad marked with the day, he will find all the orders to be delivered on that day, and as he fills each order he may tear out the sheet on which it is written, and thus reduce the difficulty of finding the others. The search is therefore confined to that day only, and engagements to be filled only are marked on the pad referring to this day.v

Considering this now for general use, we

'wishto make a memorandum that on March 15 a note will be payable.

By referring to the calendar we find that March 15 of that year is on Wednesday. We now enter the fact on, the pad for Wednesday, and so on any other fact. Each morning we look over the pad referring to that day,'and when the act has been done to which the memorandum refers we tear the leaf out, thus saving a great deal in time and preventing mistakes. The calendar thus forms a correct guide by giving the day of the week for any date and reducing the search to this day only.

The other example referred to is when the memorandums are to be used, not specially for particular days, but for particular persons or special divisions.

In large manufacturing establishments the work is usually so divided that each department is under a special foreman or superintendent. It, now, instead of the calendar, we have a list of all the duties of each superintendent, and have a number of pads correspondin g with the number of superintendents, then the order-clerk, when he receives his let,- ters containing orders for a variety of goods, may place the orders, either for each superintendent or for each class of goods, on the pads specially designed for this purpose, and each superintendent has only to examine his own pad to find out what is required of him.

Many other uses will readily suggest themselves to book-keepers and others used to division of labor for which my ready-reference memorandum is useful. A merchant selling a variety of goods can make memorandums on pads marked for these special goods. He

may arrange a guide showing from whom they may be ordered, and in writing his letter need refer to the one pad only. As the pads are only temporarily connected others may be readily substituted.

The erasable tablets are used for temporary memorandums referring to the day on which they are made, or for immediate use in the proper division, and such memorandnms can be easily erased.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent A ready-reference memorandum consisting of a number of pads the leaves of which can be readily detached, each pad provided with a special mark or name and a guide indicating the nature of the memorandums to be made on each pad, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.




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