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Publication numberUS224538 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1880
Publication numberUS 224538 A, US 224538A, US-A-224538, US224538 A, US224538A
InventorsTimothy D. Hotchkiss
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Hanging lamp
US 224538 A
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Hanging Lamp.

N-FETENS, PHOTO-IJTHOGRAPHER, WASHINGTONv D (L IO i ratns. Fig. 3 is a side viewot' the suspending apparatus, from the side opposite to that shown UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



SPECIFICATION formingpart of Letters Patent No. 224,538, dated February 17, 1880.

i Application filed May 9, 1879.

.sex and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in and pertaining to Hanging Lamps, of which the following is a specification,reference being had to the accompanying drawings, wherein- Figure 1 is a side view of the Whole device.

Fig. 2'is a top view of the suspendingappain Fig. 1, with the side plate removed in or- ;der to expose to view the parts under it. Fig. 4= is a view of the suspending apparatus in vertical cross-section on the plane indicated by thedotted line a: m, Fig. 2.

I will first describe the Whole device, and then in the claims specify the parts in which my invention resides.

The letter a denotes a frame, usually an ornamental casting, in which "is hung the lamp or other light, with its chimney or globe.

The letter bdenotes a shade or reflector hung by its neck in the collar 0, which is pivotally connected to the arms d, the upper ends of which are pivoted to the frame a, so that the shade can swing, like a pendulum, in the frame.

This construction, besides its ornamental appearance, has advantages, among which is that of its capability of allowing the shade to be swung to one sidefor convenience in 'rei bearing theintermeshii'iggears it, so that the moving the chimney or globe.

Theletters e 0 denote the two side plates of t the suspendingapparatus, and f fthe two end posts connecting the same. The letters g 9 denote two corresponding stationary shafts (non-rotary) hung in the side plates. On these shafts are hung the rotary drums h h,

drums rotatein opposite directions synchronously.

Within the drums are coiled springs j j, with one end attached to the stationary shafts and the other end to the drums, so that their tendency and effect is to rotate the drums in the directions denoted by the overlying arrows in Fig. 3. y t i On the exterior of the drums are wound the bands k k, with one end attached to the drums, and with the frame a hooked to the opposite ends. t

From this construction it is obvious that the springs are to counterbalance the weight of the frame a and its appurtenances, and to cause the bands k k to wind upon the drums when the frame is raised.

On the shafts g g are hun g somewhat loosely the friction-plates Z Z, which bear against the edge of the drums, being held thereto by the the spring m but the set-screw does not work so 'wellas the spring.

I am made aware of the patents to P. J. Clark, No. 184,506, dated November 21, 1876, which shows a pendant with a shade turning on a fixed bearing, and which does not show my pendulous arms d, for swinging the shade out from the frame, and to J. A. Evarts, No. 186,332, dated January 16, 1877, consisting of two oppositely-acting spring-barrels, which differ from mine, insomuch as they have no intermeshing gears, as mine do, and one may be moved without affecting the other, thus disarranging the lamp below, which fault is obviated by my intermeshing gears.

I claim as my invention- 1. The lamp-frame a, the arms at, pivoted thereto, the collar 0, pivoted to said arms, and the shade I), all combined substantially as described. i

2. The combination, in a light-suspending device, of the springs jj, the drums h h, the intermeshing gears 73 i, and the bands is 70, all

substantially as described, and for the purpose TIMOTHY D. HOTCHKISS.

Witnesses R. F. GAYLORD,


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Cooperative ClassificationB65H75/4431