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Publication numberUS2245779 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1941
Filing dateMay 15, 1939
Priority dateMay 15, 1939
Publication numberUS 2245779 A, US 2245779A, US-A-2245779, US2245779 A, US2245779A
InventorsEdwards Heil Sylvia
Original AssigneeEdwards Heil Sylvia
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Cover for couches and the like
US 2245779 A
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June 17, 1941. s. E. HElL COVER FOR coUcHEs AND THE LIKE Filed May 15, 1959 Ema/whom S lw'n, E- HEI'L Patented June 17, 1941 oovsa FOR COUCHES AND THE LIKE Sylvia Edwards Heil, Chicago, 111. Application May 15, 1939, Serial No. 273,782

' 2 Claims.

This invention relates to a cover for beds or.

couches and more especially to a readily removable cover particularly adapted for use with day beds or couches.

A primary aim of the invention is the provision of a removable cover for daybeds or couches which when in applied position conforms to the marginal surface of the bedmattress with substantially no wrinkles, and which when in nonapplied or removed position is substantially flat thereby greatly facilitating the laundering thereof.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a cover of the above noted character which is reversible, thereby presenting two soiling surfaces and consequently a greater period of use between laundering operations.

A still further purpose of the invention is the provision of a removable cover for couches, which in applied position presents a pleasing appearance and which positively maintains its position on a couch mattress thereby retaining its pleasing appearance.

With the above objects in view as well as others which will present themselves in the course of the following disclosure, reference will now be made to the accompanying drawing, forming part of same, and wherein- Fig. 1 is a plan view of the improved cover in accordance with a preferred embodiment thereof.

Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view as seen on line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a front perspective view of a couch with the improved cover in applied position thereon.

Fig. 4 is a rear perspective view of the couch showing in particular the means for securing the cover in removable position.

Referring in detail to the drawing by reference characters, in designates the main body portion of the cover. The body portion I is of rectangular form and may be dimensioned to suit various sizes of day beds and couches and may also be of any suitable or desirable fabric.

A band H is sitched to one margin of the body portion I0 as indicated at l2, the stitching l2 terminating inwardly of the opposite ends of the body portion l0 providing opposite end portions l3 which are free of the band i I. g

A pleated or ruffled band or strip I4 is stitched to the band II as indicated at l5. The band H and strip l4 provide a border or frill for the cover. The body portion I0 is provided with eyes or similar female fasteners 46 adjacent the edge thereof opposite the band I l and the band H is provided with hooks or similar malefasteners ll. The fasteners, particularly;those designated at H, are preferably supported by adjustable elastic bands [8 for a purpose later described and the fasteners It may becarried by short elastic or inelastic bands or tapes 19, one end of each of which is stitched to the fabric of the body portion H1. I

I As will be appreciated upon inspection of Figs. 1 and 2, the entire cover in non-applied position is substantially fiat thereby greatly facilitating ironing thereof. Further, the cover is capable of quick application to and removal from a day bed or couch and is applied as follows:

The body portion I0 is laid upon the top of the couch with the portion thereof within the dotand-dash rectangle at indicated in Fig. 1 covering the top surface of the couch, the end portions l3 being then tucked under the mattress leaving the margin carrying the fasteners I6 as well as the portion of band H which is secured to the body portion l0 depending at the rear and front edges of the mattress respectively. The free end portions of the band II are then carried around the opposite ends of the mattress whereupon the cooperating fasteners l6 and I! are engaged as is indicated in Fig. 4.

As thus applied the cover will present a very pleasing appearance from the front and ends of the couch as indicated in Fig. 3, the cover smoothly conforming to the shape of the mattress and no wrinkles Will be visible as the free end portions of band II will cover any wrinkles formed upon tucking the end portions l3 under the mattress.

By the provision of the hook carrying adjustable elastic tapes or bands l8 the cover may be adapted to various sizes of mattresses and the tension of the tapes I8 will positively maintain the end portions of band I l in position. The improved cover in accordance with this invention need not be constructed from pre-shrunk material as the adjustable fasteners adapt it to accurately fit even though it should shrink.

The cover is readily adapted for various sizes of studio couches and day-beds and fits perfectly with or without bed clothes on the couch. The improved cover may be constructed to be reversible whereby when one side thereof becomes soiled, the other side may then be exposed. Thus the body portion II] as well as the band ll may be made from a material presenting uniform characteristics from opposite sides thereof and as the pleats in the strip M are formed by folds in the material the opposite sides thereof will present substantially the same appearance.

While the band ll may be constructed from a single strip of material folded where stitched to the body portion I0 when reversibility is not desired, it is preferably formed from two strips as indicated in Fig. 2 with the adjacent edges of the body portion I0 and the strip l4 disposed therebetween. With this construction both sides of the cover will present substantially the same appearance. Of course, fasteners It would have to be attached at both sides of the body portion [0 for a reversible cover, this being true also of the fasteners l1. However, the tapes I8 may be twisted to permit use of the hooks IT with either set of fasteners [6.

While I have disclosed but a single specific em bodiment of my invention, such is to be considered as illustrative only, and not restrictive, the scope of the invention being defined in the sub-joined claims.

What I claim and desire to secure by U. S. Letters Patent is: v

1. A cover for beds or couches comprising a rectangular fabric body portion, a fabric border or frill secured to one edge of the body portion throughout a portion of the length thereof to provide free end portions on the body portion, fasteners secured to the opposite edge of the body portion, fasteners secured to the ends of the border for cooperation with the first fasteners,

said border comprising a double ply of fabric and a pleated strip having one edge thereof secured between the plies of fabric, said free end portions adapted to be folded down over the ends of the bed or couch, and said border adapted to cover said folded-down free end portions.

2. A cover for couches and the like comprising a rectangular fabric portion adapted to cover the top surface of a couch mattress, opposite ends of said fabric portion being adapted to be tucked under the couch mattress, one side edge of said fabric portion having spaced fasteners and adapted to cover a side of the mattress, the other side edge of, said fabric portion having a fabric border secured thereto for a portion of its length, said border being of greater length than said fabric portion and having free ends each equipped with fastening means, the free ends of said border adapted to cover the tucked in ends of said fabric portion, said fastening means cooperating with said spaced fasteners for holding the cover in position on the couch, and said border having a depending pleated strip adapted to cover the front and sides of the couch, the material of the fabric portion and border having finished surfaces on both sides thereof and the border being secured in such a manner as to present finished surfaces on both sides of the cover whereby the cover is reversible.


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International ClassificationA47C31/00, A47C31/10
Cooperative ClassificationA47G9/0292
European ClassificationA47G9/02S