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Publication numberUS2246714 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1941
Filing dateJun 3, 1940
Priority dateJun 3, 1940
Publication numberUS 2246714 A, US 2246714A, US-A-2246714, US2246714 A, US2246714A
InventorsDavid Blair
Original AssigneeDavid Blair
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Lady's undergarment
US 2246714 A
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June 24, 1941. D. BLAIR LADYS UNDERGARM ENT File d June 3, 1940 David Blair ATTORNEY.

Patented June 24, 1941 I UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE h LADY T David Blair, Chicago, Ill. Application June 3, 1940, Serial N0. 338,487

1 Claim.

This invention relates to improvements in ladies undergarments and more particularly to undergarments of the panty type having a crotch construction.

Such undergarments are worn because of their form fit and body confining qualities and are generally fabricated from elastic materials. In use, the undergarments tend to become insanitary, particularly in the crotch region, even after relatively short periods of wear. The crotch portion of the undergarment is the portion most readily soiled in use and even though the rest of the undergament is in relatively clean condition, the entire article is generally washed by a discriminating wearer. The frequent laundering thus necemitated, aside from the attendant inconvenience, has a deteriorating effect on the elastic fabric and materially shortens the life of the undergarment. I am aware of the fact that undergarments of the girdle type have heretofore been provided with removable crotch members. While undergarments of this type are extensively worn, there are many who prefer a panty type of undergarment because of certain advantages that it has over the other types. The

permits substitution of a clean member so that the undergarment may be maintained in a sanitary condition without the necessity of laundering the entire garment.

Another object of this invention is the provision, in an undergarment of the character described, of a readily attachable and removable crotch member which is shaped to conform to the contour of the crotch portion of the undergarment and which is secured therein in such a manner as to afford maximum comfort to the wearer and without unsightly bulges.

These and other objects and advantages will be apparent from the following description considered with reference to the accompanying drawing forming a part of the present specification in which Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a panty type of undergarment with parts broken away to show the manner in which my invention is applied thereto.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective view of the removable crotch member shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the undergan ment shown in Fig. 1, with parts broken away showing the crotch member removed therefrom.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary cross sectional view taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is a similar cross sectional view taken on line 55 of Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawing wherein is shown a preferred embodiment of my invention, the numeral l0 designates'generally the body portion of the panty type of undergarment having leg receiving portions and being substantially of conventional construction. Preferably, the undergarment is formed of elastic sections although it will be understood that it may be formed of inelastic sections or of a combination of both. Secured to the front and rear top marginal edges of the body portion I 0 are depending elastic straps I2 and I4. Said straps are oppositely positioned and disposed interiorly of the body portion and carry on their free ends female snap fastener elements IS. A pair of similar fastener elements ii are secured interiorly of the body portion Ill proximate to the lower marginal edges of the leg receiving portions.

The detachable crotch member, indicated generally by the numeral 20, forms an important feature of my invention and is made preferably of inelastic readily launderable material. Said crotch member is formed of two suitably shaped sections 22 and 24 stitched together to provide in effect a saddle having sidew-ardly directed wings 26 and 28 and conforming in contour to the crotch region of the body of the undergarment. A pair of converging elastic straps 30 are secured to each of the sections 22 and 24 and carry male snap fastener elements 32. Secured to each wing of the crotch member is a similar fastener element 34. It will be noted that the snap fastener elements of the crotch member 20 are all arranged to engage respective cooperating fastener elements on the body portion ill.

It will be understood that where inelastic sections are used in the construction of the undergarment, the depending straps l2 and It may be omitted and the detachable crotch member may be secured directly to the sections by suitable fastening means.

As will be readily seen in Fig. 1, the crotch member 20 when in position lies contiguous to the crotch region of the body portion l0, conforms in contour thereto and adequately protects the crotch area of the undergarment against soiling. The snap fastener elements are so arranged that no metal portions thereof come in contact with the body of the wearer to irritate the skin. Because of the conformance oi the crotch member 20 to the contour of the crotch region of the body portion ll unsightly bulges and discomfort to the wearer are eliminated.

when a crotch member is soiled it is quickly and easily removed for laundering, after each use, by separating the snap fasteners, and a clean crotch member may be very readily secured in position. Thus, a number 01' crotch members may be interchangeably secured in the undergarment and these may be supplied with the undergarment when same is purchased or they may be purchased separately.

It is to be understood that the form of my invention, herewith shown and described, is to be taken as a preferred example of the same. and that various changes in the shape, size and arrangement oi parts may be resorted to, without departing from the spirit oi my invention or the scope oi the appended claim.

I claim:

In an undergarment having a trunk portion and a crotch portion, a separately formed crotch member arranged when in position to conform substantially to the contour of said crotch portion, said crotch member extending from the front to the rear of said undergarment and having elastic supporting straps at the rear end thereof, said crotch member having an enlarged area intermediate its end portions, means detachably securing said intermediate portion to the undergarment, and cooperating supporting means mounted on the interior oi the undergarment i'or detachably securing the end portions of the crotch member for supporting said crotch member in proper position interiorly oi the undergarment.


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