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Publication numberUS2247299 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1941
Filing dateFeb 3, 1939
Priority dateJan 17, 1938
Publication numberUS 2247299 A, US 2247299A, US-A-2247299, US2247299 A, US2247299A
InventorsMilos Klavik
Original AssigneeMilos Klavik
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Two-cylinder two-stroke engine
US 2247299 A
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Julie 24, 1941. M, KLAVIK 2,247,299

TWO CYLINDER TWO STROKE ENGINE Filed Feb. 3, 1939 Patented June 24, 1941 TWD-CYLINDER TWO-STROKE ENGINE Miloi Klavilr, Prague-Smicho'v, Czechoslovakia Application February 3, 1939, Serial No. 254,461 In Czechoslovakia January 17, 1938 2 Claims.

This invention relates to an arrangement of two-cylinder two-stroke engines for runnin light, particularly engines for aviation purposes. Small two-stroke two-cylinder engines are frequently used in' aviation. When the supply of fuel is diminished for running light, such engines have the unpleasant property that they often miss-fire and brake the propeller or cause it to spring back, which may result in a sudden drop in the flying speed and lead to accidents.

According to the invention, this disadvantage is obviated by rendering one of the cylinders of the engine entirely inoperative on throttling the supply of fuel for running light, so that only the second cylinder works with the full charge for ensuring satisfactory running. For this purpose, the throttle valve of the engine is connected positively to the-operating mechanism of an auxiliary valve mounted in the supply conduit of the cylinder which is to be disconnected, and to the decompressor valve of said cylinder.

This arrangement is shown diagrammatically in the accompanying drawing.

The main throttle valve I of the two-cylinder engine is connected positively with a closure valve 2 in the supply conduit of one of the two cylinders and to the decompressor valve 3 of said cylinder, the connection being effected by connecting said members to a common actuating member, ior example a pull rod 4, by means of a pivoted lever 5 and a flexible cable 6, I, 8. The connection is made so that only from a predetermined position of the main throttle i, the closure valve 2 and the decompressor valve 3 are also simultaneously operated until in the position corresponding to running light, said closure valve is completely closed and the decompressor valve is open. The other cylinder thus receives the full charge of fuel so that it runs without missing.

I claim,

1. In a two-stroke two-cylinder engine, a main throttle, a valve for closing the supply of fuel to one cylinder, at decompression valve for the same cylinder and a push rod and lever operatively connected together, a cable connected to the supply valve and decompression valve and to one end of the lever and a cable connected from the other end of the lever to the throttle,

the action of the push rod and first-mentioned cable on the supply valve and decompression valve only commencing at a predetermined position of the throttle.

2. In a two-stroke two-cylinder engine, a throttle valve for controlling the supply of fuel jointly to both cylinders, a fuel valve for closing the suppy of fuel to one only of the cylinders, a decompression valve for the same cylinder, means for effecting operation of said throttle valve to vary its position through a predetermined range without effecting operation of said second valve, and means cooperative with said throttle valve operating means for closing said second valve and opening said decompression valve when said throttle valve has reached a predetermined position.

mnos KnAviK.

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